Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Barbie with built-in camera

A new version of the most famous doll of the world is surprised by it us again. There happened more than fifty years of his invention, but for beautiful and young Barbie the time does not happen and it is always reinvented in accordance with the modern times.

If you were so fanatical of this doll as I it could be in my infancy, we will remind to Barbie siren, Barbe ballerina, veterinary Barbie and up to Barbie who changes the color hair to him. If the blonde was lacking something in the full XXIst century it was to adapt itself to the new technologies.

For it, they throw new Barbie with camera and breeding animal of video incorporated. Without doubts, all the girls will die for having it.

As you observe in the image, the doll is provided with small camera of filming behind his rural hoar-frost. Perhaps imagine that it is a toy camerawoman and that it is of adornment, but it is not like that: it has aptitude to record thirty minutes and can reproduce the engraved thing.

Also, it is provided with a device hidden USB so that the girls could unload the videos in his computer. The truth they give desire of being a girl again to play with her.

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