Monday, November 30, 2009

Gymnastics for the baby: spine, hips, legs and feet


Not long ago we begin to speak about the gymnastics for babies and we proposed some exercises to them. Today we go for more cunasparabebe exercises. This time we will speak about exercises for the spine, the legs, the hips and the feet. Also, we will teach them an exercise to stimulate the crawling.
Exercise for the spine:

This exercise is necessary to practise it with a lot of care, and not before 6 months, not during more than 3 seconds. It serves to strengthen his spine. You take your baby firmly of the ankles, and you it leave 2 to 3 seconds of head, then, carefully place it again in the mat.

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Short stories of Christmas for children


End of year approaches, and along with this one, the celebration of one of the most important holidays of the year: The Christmas. For the Christians it is the date in which there is commemorated the birth of the child Jesus. Reason for which one thinks about how to educate more children about everything what is written in the Bible and that, often, turns out to be very difficult to understand the children to them.

It is for it that there turns a very effective tool, the reading of infantile short stories of Christmas. They talk each other of histories that think about how to infect the Christmas spirit simultaneously that they educate and leave educations in the smallest.

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Advices to face a dental emergency


To be able to act in an emergency is fundamental to support the calmness, and to transmit this calmness to smaller that they are scared usually very much.

Yesterday we saw some of the most common mouth emergencies, Toothache, Divided Tooth and Loose Permanent Tooth, today I propose to them to see some emergencies more so that they could face this type of situations without becoming nervous.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belt for babies


So anxious what is his child? If it is unable to remain calm in the chair, this gadget will come to them very well. It is a question of a safety belt, so that the child does not fall down of the chair.

Hence, if they go to some place and there is no trona (special chair for children) they can remain calm and use the belt.

With the belt they can support the sure child to feed him. The covering does that the child stays in seated position and stays sure.

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Gymnastics for the babies: arms and legs


A few days ago we speak about the gymnastics for babies. What do they think?: do they cheer up to practise it? If it is like that, let's begin now. I am going to teach them some gymnastics exercises for cunasparabebe babies.
Exercise for the bracitos:

Put your baby on a clean mat or on toallones, mouth arrives. It takes your baby as the dolls and leaves that it fights of your thumbs. Cross his bracitos gently on his breast and keep them like that in a few seconds. Next, it stretches his bracitos towards out.

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The classical music and his effect in the babies

The classical music and his effect in the babies

Does to make them listen to classical music to the babies do the difference? He asks about the article about the BBC, and his answer is that the opinions are divided. But the true thing is that many experts believe that to stimulate the brain with this type of music helps to his emotional and educational development.

Mozart is met the called “Effect”. The theory that establishes that those who have listened to his compositions are provided with a major IQ, improves his health, and it even is capable of generating them cause children prodigy.

But what is there of true in all this?

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Original office design for children

Original office design for children

Every child has right to have his own office. This phrase will not be included in the Declaration of the Rights of the child, but undoubtedly it should of it being. The office is much more than a simple table, it is the space in which the child draws, studies, plays and creates, and therefore this way he remains an associate in his mind.

When he wants to do some of these activities he will know that it will have to go to his office. Also one associates it with his own place, which is extremely important for learning and the behavior of the boys. And since this furniture is so important in your hearth, I recommend to you this incredible design of the shop Ninetonine.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drawings of Christmas to color

Drawings of Christmas to color

Do the streets and shops of your city already shine with red ribbons, silver garlands and you cover with stars everywhere? This is a symptom of that the Christmas is already close. This date of such a special year for all, in whom the family meets, shares the lunch and the presents are delivered, does not leave carelessly anybody in this planet.

It is for it that it is already a moment of that you begin to prepare for yourself and to be to tone with the celebration of the Christmas. Red and green sound the traditional colors that cover everything. The figure of Santa Claus, the chimney where does this panzón go down with his big bag of gifts, the stars, the bells of Bethlehem, the Christmas averages, the manger and the typical snowmen shape all this holiday. Nothing can be missing.

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Tips to achieve that your son does 'popó' in the bath


The transition between the nappies and the bath can be a real torture for parents and children. For the parents because they have to be all the time behind his children so that these do not forget that they are not already using nappies and for the children because they have to assume a new routine foreign to those that they already have established.

Following some councils of insurance we will be able to facilitate the arduous task. So that they could assume that they have to go to the bath whenever they want to do his needs it is fundamental to insure itself from that constipation should not suffer, if it is not like that you can increase his fibre consumption to be able to improve his digestion.

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How to act opposite to a dental emergency


I believe that nobody is free to suffer a dental emergency. Along our life the type of emergency can change from a tooth fallen or broken up to a caries that does not allow us to sleep.

The children also endure this type of emergencies and to be able to relieve the pain or solve the problem quickly we must know how to act without entering panic.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Gymnastics for the babies


The physical exercise is good for all the ages. Even for the babies. Of course, it is necessary to adapt the challenges to the ages and his capacities. And also, it is necessary to try to develop the potentialities of each one.

During the first months of life, the baby experiences his body as only one unit. It realizes neither his parts, nor his movements. He does not know that it can move his arms, his hands and his legs in independent form.

The physical exercise stimulates the muscles and the joints of the baby. That helps it to acquire major safety and to take conscience of his corporal scheme.

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The first words of the baby


From the birth, the baby tries to communicate. And for that it cries. It cries when something scares it, cries when something it bothers and cries when his mami or his papi do not attend to it.

As they count in drrondonpediatra, when to the child they console this one he learns to talk. Slowly it begins to understand that his expressions receive answer. And that is important.

Initially, his language is gestual. He communicates what he wants with signs. For example, it will lift his bracitos to indicate what he wants, to ask us to lift it, to reach something to him, etc. Y meanwhile he will be acquiring basic capacities for his linguistic development.

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Tips to breed bicultural children


To achieve that the children could live together with two different cultures is not easy, but not for facilitating the task to us we have to leave aside our culture and customs.

Following some targets, challenges and strategies that he proposes we can manage to transmit our culture and language to the smallest without it being a torture for both.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to do a Christmas tree with the origami skill

How to do a Christmas tree with the origami skill

We are already in the middle of November, and begin breathing the typical air of the closeness of the holidays. The year is still to finish and the most important celebrations of the year come closer in the entire world: Christmas and New Year.

Undoubtedly the Christmas is an event of big relevancy for the family and for the smallest, who wait with avidity for the arrival of Santa Claus and his gifts. But so that the holiday receives sense and the children her enjoy more that never, the best thing is to do them participants of everything.

It is for it that he invited you to create along with your diverse children adornments, very easy to do, to decorate your hearth or to hang in your arbolito. And speaking of arbolito about Christmas, today we will teach you of doing one with role, under the origami skill.

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The importance of the breast feeding with humor

importance of the breast feeding

Often we have done emphasis on the importance that has the breast feeding, especially in the first year of life of the baby. To nurse our son is much more that to feed it with the best nutrients that it can receive. It is also to stimulate them emotionally and to generate a tie with the mother who of no other way manages to be created.

But in the days that run every time it is more unusual that the moms nurse his children in a lot of time. The work, a little time and the quantity of activities that the current mom develops, leads that it happens to be more common to feed to the creature with a feeding-bottle than to give him the nipple. It is for it that the Argentine organization Nutrired, he has proposed from the middle of the year to carry out a campaign to promote the breast feeding in the first months of life.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Decoration for Baby Shower


We got directly in the celebration of Baby Shower and our advices have to of including everything. Invitations, games, gifts, memories and since it cannot be otherwise: all your house also must be decorated for the occasion.

It is for it that next I will leave some advices to you for the decoration of a Baby Shower in your hearth. Although everything will depend on your creativity and dedication, we will leave some ideas to you so that it is you who could create yourself, and several images of hearths decorated for the occasion so that you are inspired by them.

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Benefits of bicultural children breed


At present it is not strange that the parents of a child are of different cultures or that the children grow up in another country that is not that of origin of the parents.

Logar the balance between a culture and other one is fundamental so that they know both and could keep alive the cultural heritage that will allow that to be reinforced in them the sense of the identity and his self-esteem.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Benefits of the swimming for babies


The water is a very special way for the babies since he reminds to them his first instance of life in which they were moving comfortably in a liquid way, the amniotic liquid.

Between the benefits of the water for the babies that we saw yesterday they are: I develop psicomotriz, Encourage of the socialization, Better activity cardiorespiratoria, intellectual Stimulus and Safety, but there are still some of them more that I happen to tell them next.

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The best toys: Dumb socks and


The world of the toys has become complicated. It is so many offer that one suffocates between the possibilities. Now well … quantity and quality, not always there are the same. And although there are many options, to find entertaining, challenging and educational toys not always is an easy thing.

What toy can we buy to child from 0 to 5 years? If the child is our son, insurance we want to give him the best. But since we know which is the best?

Basically there are two possibilities: to prove all of them or to accept some advices. The first one does not seem very trustworthy, hence …: How if we choose for the second one? I invite them to know the best toys for children from 0 to 5 years, according to Parenting.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hygiene of the ears


The hygiene of the baby is very important and very delicate. Especially, the hygiene of the hate. Do you know how to clean the ears of the baby? Well, all right ….no worry, if you do not know now we teach you.

For the cleanliness of the ears of the baby a very deep cleanliness is not needed. It is enough to spend the piquito of a towel or a humid gauze for the auditory pavilion. It is not necessary to rub too much not anything. Of course, it is not possible to forget to spend the pañito for the creases behind the ears.

Never use cotton buds in the ears of the baby. The rods can hurt them. Also, they do not do any more that to push the wax inwards and being able to injure the eardrum. It is not necessary to extract the wax, this one is leaving herself.

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Descongestionar the nose of the baby

To clean the nose of the baby is not very entertaining. The babies usually cry while we do it and that the parents do not like anything. Nevertheless … it is necessary to do it.

The newborn baby must breathe for the nose and only for the nose, that's why it is so important to support his free mucus nostrils. Hence, you must learn to descongestionar his naricita perfectly.

But do not worry, here we teach you along with At first your baby will prove to be very opposed to this cleanliness and will prevent from touching him the nose. But if you have patience, he will be getting accustomed.

The best moment to clean the nose, is after the bath. In this moment the child is more relaxed and also, the steam slackens the moquitos.

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iPhone now he translates the crying of your baby


Every day I am amazed by more applications thought for this phone, which is much more than a simple device that it serves to speak. We saw that could be used to read stories or to count the pataditas that your baby gives and now also it serves to interpret the crying of the babies.

The called application “Translator of Crying“, it works in such a way that it identifies the reasons of the crying of the baby differentiated between five emotions.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ovulation calendar

ovulation calendar

If you are thinking about how to remain a pregnant woman, if you have taken the decision to be a mom and want that the miracle of the conception of, the first thing that you must do is to know your body and your menstrual cycle.

He remembers that the menstrual cycle determines the fertile periods of the women. It is for it that only knowing when every stage happens in your period, you will be able to know what it is the moment in which you are fertile, that is to say, you are ovulating.

The skills to manage to know in what it is the moment indicated to stay pregnant sound several. Today we will recommend to you the ovulation calendar. That will serve for every woman, but especially for that one that uses his computer, since it is a program that settles in your PC. It is very practical of using, with him you will organize yourself and you will be able to know when you are in your fertile period.

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The best toys: Dumb socks and Paintings for fingers and role


The world of the toys has become complicated. It is so many offer that one suffocates between the possibilities. Now well … quantity and quality, not always there are the same. And although there are many options, to find entertaining, challenging and educational toys not always is an easy thing.

What toy can we buy to child from 0 to 5 years? If the child is our son, insurance we want to give him the best. But since we know which is the best?

Basically there are two possibilities: to prove all of them or to accept some advices. The first one does not seem very trustworthy, hence …: How if we choose for the second one? I invite them to know the best toys for children from 0 to 5 years, according to Parenting.

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To sleep with the baby: is it sure?


It does a time we speak about the benefits that he has to sleep with the baby, according to his defenders. Now well … the "cobed" is a polemic topic. Some of them approve it and others not. But what is it true?: whom must we believe?

Those who do not share the practice of sleeping with the baby, support that the "colcheo" is dangerous. You who think?

Well, all right … in spite of the apparent advantages that he has to sleep with the baby, the Commission for the Safety of the Products of Consumption of the USA (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission-CPSC) recommends the parents not to sleep with his babies in the same bed.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Memories for Baby Shower

Memories for Baby Shower

This week we submerge directly in this meeting in which the future arrival of the baby is celebrated: Baby Shower. Friendly, familiar and future parents organize this event, which has the end of supplying the future family of everything necessary to take care of his baby, and simultaneously of celebrating the good news about the pregnancy and next life that will come to the world.

We already facilitate to you designs of cards of invitation so that nobody is missing, and any original gifts to take Baby Shower. Today we will center on the memories that the guests take as soon as the celebration was finished.

Next some ideas of memories for Baby Shower.

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Benefits of the water in the babies


The water brings relaxation and well-being both to the adults and to the smallest, also it is an agreeable way for the baby since he reminds him to the amniotic l íquido and therefore it transmits a well-being sensation.

The benefits that the water has in the babies are changed and they depend on every child, some of them adore the water and others prefer to be well far from her, usually do not enjoy at all the hour of the bath and less still if we put them in a swimming pool. Before taking your baby to swimming, consult it with the pediatrician, he or she will say to you if your baby is in conditions to practise this sport.

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Original gifts for Baby Shower

Gifts for Baby Shower

Yesterday we were presenting more designs to you for cards of invitation of Baby Shower, today we keep on advising you so that nothing should fail in your celebration of the arrival of the future baby. But if it is not a question of your pregnancy, but of the pregnancy of a sister, a cousin or a friend, of course it is you who are the guest to the meeting and the manager of taking a gift to the honored one: the future mom.

It already does a time I was presenting some typical gifts to them for this type of celebration and that you can see following this linkage. Today I bring to them a new and original idea of gifts for Baby Shower, which you can buy or do yourself. It is a question of a ropitas branch for the baby.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

The food of the 9 to 12 months


We already saw some advices and food for the babies from 9 until 12 months: what seems to them if we complement the nutritional pyramid so that the smallest could have a feeding balanced?

Vegetables and fruits: This type of food is fundamental in the feeding of the children since it contributes vitamins and very important minerals for his development. You can give him well cooked vegetables cut in little cubes both in the lunch and in the dinner, he remembers not to add salt.

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To sleep with the baby


To sleep with the baby or not … this is the quandary. In some countries, the "cobed" is a polemic topic. Some of them approve to share the bed with a nursing son and others not. The defenders think that the bed of the parents is the best place so that a baby sleeps in the nights.

Some studies support the defenders of the colcheo. As kidshealth, these are the benefits:

He encourages the breast feeding on having made the night captures more comfortable.

It facilitates the synchronization between the cycles of sleep of the mother and the nursing one.

He helps the babies to fall asleep with more facility, especially during the first months and when they wake up at midnight.

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Cards of Baby shower: more designs

Cards of Baby shower

If you have received the good piece of news that you are going to be a mom, it is a moment to celebrate. But he tries that this so special moment in your life is not celebrated anyway. He organizes a Baby Shower, as we have advised it to you more than once.

A Baby Shower is this meeting in which friends and relatives meet to celebrate the news about that the family will enlarge and in a few months a new life will be part of this world.

Games, gifts and many laughs are generated during this meeting in which there is not missing like principal topic the maternity, the lactation, the change of nappies and how much the mom knows on how raising his future child.

But the first thing with what you must be provided to begin to plan a meeting of this type they are with the cards of Baby Shower. Already in some occasion we have presented some examples to you. Today I leave them moreover, so that you should only print the model and it be sent to all your dear beings.
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The best toys: funky corral and the first pops


The toys for more children are a difficult thing. There is great offer and not always we have good idea of which to choose. What will the best thing be for a child 0 to 5 years?

If they are looking for some option entertaining and stimulant, capable of teaching and of defying the child, this article is going to be interested in them. We want to share with you the best toys for small children as Parenting.

In fact, already we have shared several. We speak about Blocks to accumulate and to discover, the Citiblocs, the divided Mouse, Gumball Sweetie Belle's House, the Truck Robot and the Blocks Blocksters Bloc.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

To prepare the nipples for the lactation?


A few years ago, it usually answer this question with yes and several recommendations. There were several suggestions to diminish the risk of enduring pain in the nipples. For example, it was recommended to "harden" the nipples touching them or rubbing them with a towel, or that was saying that it was good to use a toothbrush on the same ones (what fear!).

Today, like account lactanciahoy, it is known that these old suggestions probably were causing more pain. Since the prime mover of the pain in the nipples owes to the bad laying of the baby in the breast. When the position is corrected, the pain disappears. If you are giving the breast well, it should not hurt you.

Thanks to special oil secreted by the glands of Montgomery, "puntillos" about the areola, the nipples stay clean. There is no need to use soap to wash them. Moreover, the soap might I will cause redryness in the skin.

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Is it very small?

My son is much more under that most of the children of his age. Might it be slightly bad? Well, that depends. There is a very wide scale inside what it is "normal", when we speak about height.

To be very low does not mean necessary that his son has any problem of health. As it counts babycenter, can have inherited his low height of some of the parents or can be that it is lower and then it stretches after spending the puberty.

If you worry why the height of your son is significantly minor to that of his partners or because his growth seems to have slowed down or stopped suddenly, do an appointment with his doctor. To consult never comes badly.

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More food for babies from 9 until 12 months


Yesterday we saw some advices and food adapted for babies from 9 until 12 months, stage on which the children begin to experiment and to want to feed themselves.

To take a balanced diet is fundamental for the correct development of the baby, for it it must consume: milk, meats and substitutes, fruits and vegetables and grains. I propose to you to see the quantities that it establishes zonadiet.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exercise in family: it creates an entertaining stations circuit


The exercise is an indispensable prop to reach a healthy life. And not only it includes young persons, but it must be an activity that is incorporated into the daily life since one is a child. It is for it that all activity that develops in family and demands that some type of physical exercise must be welcome. Since it is the case that Rafaela proposes to us of Living through Health: to create a training circuit to play in family.

Of what does this circuit consist? In a series of stations with predetermined exercises, in that those who take part will have to go from one station to other one, realizing the activity that touches him then to happen to the following one. This way children they will be able to create competitions between, or simply play with the papis.

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It calms the crying of the baby


Does your baby cry and you do not know how to calm it? If you are an inexperienced mother insurance you will have many doubts on this matter. That's why these advices will come to you very well.

The best way to calm the crying of the baby, is to understand why they cry. That's why we will announce to you the most common reasons for which the children cry.

The first reason and the most well-known is that it is possible that the baby is hungry, for it you will have to of verifying it offering him your breast, this one will look for it if it is that really it is the motive.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He teaches the child to sleep only


You must teach him to your baby to sleep only. It is very important that you do it. If the moment has come do not postpone it. Now well … it takes into consideration these councils of vivirdiario, this way the separation will be easier to confront.
That does not fall asleep eating:

• If the baby, before falling asleep, remains with the memory of the feeding-bottle or the bosom of the mother, it will create the habit of not falling asleep until they feed it. To avoid it, feed him one hour before going to sleep and if he falls asleep while he eats, try to wake up him. That the last memory of the baby, on having been awake, is his cradle and his Hamitic one, not the feeding-bottle or the breast. If it takes the child to the bed of his dads to eat, before putting the problem to bed, it worsens.

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The feeding from 9 until 12 months

Generally in this stage the baby is already consuming solid food and is the moment in which it expands his horizon and begins to experience the way of eating if the same since slowly it is becoming more independent.

To give him the meal in pedacitos is a good idea to encourage that he eats only, he remembers that you must always watch it so that it is not obstructed or a lot of meal puts itself simultaneously in the mouth.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Decoration of infantile cakes

decoration of infantile cakes

When it approaches the day in which your child is still to fulfill years, there is a big anxiety that attacks every mom: what cake to do for the celebration? The fact is that undoubtedly the cake is the golden brooch of any birthday. All the children and big they wait to this special moment in which the velitas blow, the Happy Birthday is sung and the cake portions are distributed.

It is something like ritual that recurs year after year from the infancy up to the adulthood. So many expectation has set in the cake of birthday, which this one cannot disappoint. It is for it that next you mostraré a gallery of different ways of doing the decoration of infantile cakes. So that you are inspired to yourself and motivate yourself to create the most incredible and entertaining cake of all.

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The best toys: blocks and truck robot


The toys for children are the whole topic … because today there are so many people, of all the colors, all the variants, marks and topics, that one does not know that to buy.

Also, once we spend in them we want that they are good, entertaining and educational. After all, our child is important and we want to spoil it and educate. Quite of one. Nevertheless, before so many options it is difficult.

That's why it has looked like to me a big idea to share the list of the best toys for children from 0 to 5 years, of Parenting. Yha we have shared several toys: the Blocks to accumulate and to discover, the Citiblocs, divided Mouse and Gumball Sweetie Belle's House.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

More tips to relieve the stress in the children


At present it is difficult not to endure stress, even the smallest of the house endure it. A few days ago we saw some advices to relieve this so intangible but annoying problem, today I propose to them to see some more than insurance they will help them to help them.

A way of relieving the moments in which one is more stressed is to try to concentrate and forget the exterior. It tries to teach him ways of concentrating so that he does not suffer in the epochs of examinations.

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Music of Mozart for babies

The music is an extremely important instrument for the development of the baby and of the child. When you reach the week 30 of pregnancy in which the baby already has his developed senses and is capable of listening to what happens in the exterior of the pancita, it is very positive that becomes musical in the hearth so that he receives something from his rhythm and harmonic sound.

It is important that already from his fetal development, the creature listens to these sounds and begins to to stimulate his cerebral activity. The style of more advisable music and científicamente verified by studies the important benefits that it generates is the classical music. For it next I present you to an excellent page to be able to make to listen to your child since it is in the pancita until it is grandecito, to one of the biggest composers and classic musicians: Mozart.

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The sleep of the baby: he programmes your hours of sleep


Some babies are good sleepyheads, but they always much wake up early. And, that the child wakes up every day at 5 a.m., it him can turn out to the papis a disadvantage.

What would they do if that was happening to them? Insurance they are thinking about the logical formula: to take the baby to the bed later. Theoretically, if he was falling asleep later, he would wake up later.

But in any cases, that does not work. There are very early rising babies, who only leave an option: to programme our sleep schedule.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Positive discipline: how to apply it


Not long ago we speak about the positive discipline. A form of discipline that thinks about how to create communication bridges between parents and children, to the advantage of creating an ambience benevolente and simultaneously strictly. Since a father must never be afraid of the need to mark limits.

If they have children either the aben: the children can do many that we do not like and irritate us tremendously. Now well … remember that the children are children and that this "misbehavior" is a part of his good development.

For example, when the child plays with the meal and the strip, he is learning to eat for himself. And as it counts, this is a part of the process.

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Baby and me, to play with the console Wii


Every person who has a console of Nintendo Wii knows how entertaining it is to play with her. To we allow to cook, do sports and even play with the whole family simultaneously.

Baby walks me "or" Baby and I”, in accordance with his translation to Spanish, one of the last games is the company that allows the smallest of the house to be able to play with his dolls simultaneously that learn to take care of them as if they were real babies since the game consists of taking care of it and of educating it.

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Shops of clothes of maternity


To find out that she goes to be a mom, it must be one of the best news that a woman can receive in all his life. But logically when the months of pregnancy they begin to pass and the pancita is becoming more and more voluminous, many mothers-to-be feel slightly sensual and cannot what underwear use for his new measurements.

It is for it that I want to let know about you that there exist pledges of underwear especially thought for the pregnant woman. So that they him are comfortable and so that it does not stop seeming sensual and attractive for the future dad. Next it knows some of the shops of clothes of maternity that exists for the web.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ways of helping your son to desestresarse


If, it sounds rarely, generally we are the adults that we endure stress, but in the times through that we live nobody is free to endure it, not the children, less still the adolescents.

At present the children have many obligations and tasks to fulfill that they can generate theirs stress. Following a few simple tips you will be able to help it to relax and face his obligations of a more healthy form.

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Modern cradle design for the best sleep of the baby


It is known by all, that the babies reconcile the sleep more easily if they are rocked. This va-y-ven movement calms them and they are generated by a constant rhythm that lulls them. That's why from the remote times, the babies were sleeping on cradles done with a cloth that was hung on his two tops. This way the child was staying hanging and it was easy to rock it.

The same effect and skill, it was the one that developed the shop of all kinds of furniture for the hearth Hammock, creating the sophisticated and modernized cradle Hushamok dream. It is a question of a cradle especially designed to provide your baby of the most pacific sleep and hence, to you also.

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The best toys: mouse party and Gumball Sweetie Bellés House


Not long ago we begin to share some good suggestions for all those with children from 0 to 5 years. The best toys as Parenting. Educational and entertaining, ideal ideas for the smallest of the house.

In that occasion we speak about the Blocks to accumulate and to discover and about the Citiblocs. Today we will go for more, two new and good suggestions:

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The positive discipline


You also were a child. Hence, you know it: the children do many escapades and it is necessary to apply discipline. The parents must praise the exploits of his children and also they must be strict when clubs get about.

The positive discipline is very useful in the development. It serves to correct the misbehavior and to prosecute healthy habits in the child. Now then, he remembers that you are the example. The children learn for imitation. If you do not want that they are aggressive, you do not leave that they see you in aggressive conducts.

What is the positive discipline? Well, all right … According to, he consists of constructing communication bridges: to write in dialogue form and to listen to your son, to be benevolente and simultaneously to be very strict with the limits. A father must never be afraid about marking them.

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The best toys: blocks and citiblocs


Do not you know that toy to give him to your small child? Well, let's begin with some good suggestions. How if we share the list of the best toys for children from 0 to 5 years of

Today we will give you two good ideas. Two educational and entertaining toys. Perfect for the small children.
1 - Blocks to accumulate and to discover

These block are babies' imams. They do not weigh almost anything and they are covered with images of real animals, entertaining and showy textures.

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Happy Halloween! Do you have everything prompt to celebrate?


Happy Halloween! It is already October 31 and is the day in which the Night of Bruges is celebrated internationally, this holiday in which the children and his papis amuse themselves disguising itself, arming games, and going door for door to ask for sweets and caramels. Otherwise, the children have free route to do all kinds of escapades.

Do you already have everything prepared? Have you continued our advices to create disguises and to propose games? If newly now you propose to do something owing to Halloween: you are still on time! You will be able to make him spend to your creature the best Halloween holiday with a little of creativity and of desire.

Next a compilation of the best post of Halloween, with all the advices, tips, games and disguises so that the celebration is only.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

How are the babies born?: tips to overcome difficult questions


Undoubtedly the moment in which a son rises this question to his father it is one of the circumstances most difficult of overcoming for this poor father who has to, of a simple form and without lying to answer to such a complex question.

The best thing is to answer only about what the child asks and not to avoid the answer. It is important to face the situation for it the Dra. Maria Rosa Rivero of recommends:

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