Sunday, February 21, 2010

Set to create animals with balloons

I am entertained by the clowns who do animal with balloons, it turns out to be very interesting to see like a gum piece to me it is coming alive and it transforms in an animalcule.

I would like to have the skill of creating something beautiful with a balloon, little air and imagination, but the truth is that that thing about to walk doing animalcules is not mine … the times that I tried it I ended with tremendous fright after which the balloon was exploiting between my hands.

If to you and to you I sinned it entertains them to create figures with balloons, or they are thinking of giving a thematic holiday, of that time this set can serles of utility.

His name is Balloon Animals and Pump.y is a set that teaches how to 'arm' the balloons animals. The set is constituted by 24 balloons of different colors, a sheet with variety of adhesive eyes, a guide with step by step to give form to ten different animals and inflador.

They can find it clicking here.

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