Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is the humanized childbearing

Do I need really a Cesarean section? Is an episiotomía avoidable? Can I give birth in the position that he wishes? Do they put my son on my breast scarcely be born? Is it possible to have my son in my house?

You can that you have many of these questions and do not find the suitable answer. It is possible also that, like form part of our lives the childbearing in the institution and under medical orders, you do not even know that options exist. It was the experience of my first childbearing. He did not even know that it could choose a humanized childbearing.

The medicine and the technology have done wonderful things for the man. But on having put the medical practice over the rules of the nature, problems appear. Great and serious. The idea is not to be against of the advances, because they have been conceived to save lives, but to apply them when they are really necessary.

The women always had his children in his hearths, assisted by other women, following instinctively what his bodies were asking them. Someone were doing the childbearing work walking, others were stooping to give birth and to receive themselves his children. According to the cultures, there are the ways of doing the childbearing work and of giving birth. Perhaps the most important thing of all this is that the woman has to bring his son to the world in the place that she chooses, where she feels comfortable, and that it could choose in spite of whom being and how to give birth. If it is necessary to do interventions, which there has conscience and opinion about what is going to happen in his body.

And the most important thing of everything: the newborn baby. Many interventions that are done on his tiny cuerpitos are of routine, requirements are of the institutions. If the baby is born in the perfect state: why not to put it on his mom, who feels embraced, received, after the work that he has suffered? The weight and the measurements can stay for a little bit, the medical tests also.

Because after all, what looks for the humanized childbearing is that our teeny-weeny one is well received, that his birth is an experience as natural as possible, with the minimal aggressions quantity. That does not remember the rest of his life, does not mean that he has not suffered it.

Sometimes it is necessary to take time to do the things a little better, a little more … you humanize.

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