Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The youngest mothers of the world

the youngest mothers of the world image The youngest mothers of the world

Today we will speak to you about these impressive cases and that seem unreal, but that for our surprise it are not. A few days ago, a girl of only 9 years gave birth to a baby in the Changchun hospital, China, after eight months and a half of pregnancy. The child was born for Cesarean section and it is completely healthy.

Since it is a question of a very delicate situation, a lot of information remains secret: the name of the girl - mother has not been announced, as well as nothing is known about the father of the creature either. The parents of the kidling have not wanted to speak about the pregnancy, although yes they admitted that they brought it to the police.

In the people of Songyuan, from which the 9-year-old girl is native, the sexual relations with 14-year-old minors are considered to be automatically a violation and therefore, it involves a long condemnation in prison. Also, since the minor of this age even have not sexual rights, it does not also serve the argument that it would have been with its own assent.

But this has not been the mothers' only case in full infancy. In 1939, Lina Perdina, a girl of: 5 years! it gave birth to a baby called Gerardo, who also was born for Cesarean section completely healthily. And the situation has not been less delicate: the father of the girl was the principal suspect of a possible abuse towards his daughter.

Both maternities are exceptional cases, since normally the girls have his first menstruation from 12 years, and it is newly there when they are biologically suitable to conceive. Anyway, the maternity at very early age is something that is always going to do noise to us: the girls must not lose the right to the infancy as it corresponds, playing the dolls or looking dibujitos cheered up, and not with the enormous responsibility of breeding a son.

After all, to be mothers goes much further of a biological fact.

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