Thursday, February 18, 2010

The corporal image in the pregnant women

To be a mother is one of the desires more important of almost all the women. There must be nothing in the world that could be compared with the magic moment in which a mom gives birth to his son. Nevertheless, and we must say it, the pregnancy not necessary is the state in which the women spend it completely well, especially during the first months.

Of course, this is not a fault of the baby who goes in his belly, but of the hormonal revolution through that the woman lives when it is pregnant. Pains, inconveniences, sudden changes in his frame of mind and up to problems of self-esteem there are some of the negative symptoms through that there can live a woman who is in the sweet waiting.

Perhaps the change in his physical aspect is one of the causes of the insecurity and the extreme sensibility in the pregnant women. Someone really suffer on having seen that his body is modified so much, so they imagine that they will not turn out to be already attractive before his husbands.

It is natural that you do not feel much in accordance with the image that returns you the mirror. Nevertheless, you will notice that with the time you will stop thinking about it and will wish your paunch to grow every day to be feeling your baby increasingly close.

If you feel insecure of your corporal image during the pregnancy remember the following thing:

It continues a balanced feeding. Not only for yourself, but also for the health of new being that it is developing in your belly.

Exercise. It is ideal to support you in form and relaxed, with more energies. If you want to inform yourself about physical activity for pregnant women bundle clic here.

He takes pictures. You can have feelings found with regard to your corporal image when you are pregnant, but some day you will feel nostalgia of what will have been one of the most important moments of your life. Take photos of yourself and keep them: when you look at them in the future you even will want to be pregnant again.

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