Thursday, February 25, 2010

Infantile furniture for several uses

Are you looking for an office so that your child does the tasks of the school? Also do you need a cradle or shelves to keep his toys? If you look for all these furniture and simultaneously you want to save money and space, today I present the solution to you.

It is a question of the infantile furniture of Car-Moebel, a German shop that devotes itself to the interior decoration. And between his creative ideas there is that of the multifunctional furniture for children that, without doubts, it simplifies very much at the time of choosing between a furniture or other.

His pieces retrain and adapt themselves easily so that the children offer to them the use that they wish according to the moment. Also, there are very pretty furniture to decorate the bedroom of the smallest, both for babies and for males.

You have the dollhouse that is a lectern, office, slate and a closet to keep plush at the same time. Also the chair was created to rest that it transforms into office with his banquito. Since you will see, really they are very practical.

If you want to see more infantile furniture of this shop, bundle clic here.

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