Monday, February 8, 2010

More rock and metal for your child

clothes rocker for babies Más rock and metal for your child

For time since we are showing them and presenting different and entertaining ways of turning your baby or child into the whole rocker. The fact is that for those papis those who like the metal and the rock, there is nothing like being able to transmit all his passion to his children, infect them with his musical tastes and lookearlos with the same style.

Also, we must admit that every time they are more and more the clothing shops rocker for children, that they offer designs not only with the style, colors and proper icons of the lovers of the rock, but also with the logos of the most famous bands.

Today a reader has recommended to us to visit the shop online, so I have decided to share them with all and to discover what designs it has to offer.

If you are a fanatic of Ozzy Osborne, of Kiss, of The Beatles, of Rolling Stone, of Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC or Metallica, you will be able to dress your child in garments in honor to each of these recognized bands in rock and metal.

T-shirts, puppets, socks, pants, pacifiers, and even garments for girls, you will find in “You drink more that alternative”, this way it says the slogan of this web portal, which curiously was born of the worry of a mother of finding for his slightly different daughter and alternative. It satiates of having to dress his children in the conventional pledges that they all take, it created this place to offer mothers and parents like her, something different for his children.
clothes rocker for bebes2 More rock and metal for your child clothes rocker for bebes4 More rock and metal for your child

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