Monday, February 15, 2010

Pikavu, clock locator for sin

pikavu2 Pikavu, clock locator for sin To go out to go for a walk or to go to the park is one of the activities most entertained for sin, but for the parents it can be very stressful, especially when there are many persons in the place and are difficult to support more children at sight.

To facilitate to us the arduous task of taking care of more children when we are outdoors or in a shopping center Pikavu it has thrown to the market a clock thought for the smallest.

Across the clock the children are to the 'sight' of the parents thanks to the system that GPS which the device has.

The locator Pikavú, it is formed by a clock GPS that the child takes, and a portable recipient that there has the father, who allows to see the place of the child with facility, 7 seconds after touching the button appears the exact position of the child on the screen of the recipient.

And if you have more children you can acquire up to 10 clocks and them control from him the same recipient.

The clock also is provided with a SOS button so that the child could ask for help if something happens, also the recipient indicates the position of the father and of the child, what allows the search to be easier.

And that is not quite, also it allows to activate a safety radio so that, on having overcome this distance, the alarm is activated in the recipient.

If they want to have more information about this product they can visit the information Pikavu web site.

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