Saturday, February 13, 2010

The engagements in the infancy

the engagements in the infancy The engagements in the infancy

For ages, the children are exposed to the couple model: from observing it in your own parents and relatives up to seeing it time and again in the classic infantile stories in which the princesses marry his princes and live in love and happy forever. It is inevitable and natural that adopt this model and imitate what they see.

How attentive must you be about the situation? First of all, you must not worry: that your child has fiancée in his infancy it is not anything necessary well or badly, but yes it is normal and it is part of his growth and socialization.

And for especially, bear in mind that everything happens in the frame of the innocence: of course for your daughter, his fiancé is that amiguito with whom it plays more or to who gives an extra cooky during the lunch. But what yes is important that you bear in mind is the emotional development and the nature of the relations of the boys.

The best thing is that you begin to talk with the children as they are growing about what they mean for them his noviecitos or noviecitas. And do not forget of mentioning the topic of the physical contact.

These conversations with the children will serve to you to know them more and to encourage his confidence, and for especially it will sit the bases for the future chats on sexuality that you will share with them when they turn into adolescents.

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