Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese calendar of the pregnancy

There is known the value that a son has for the Chinese families male. After the limitations of the birth control imposed in the seventies, this importance became major. Therefore, if not of the Chinese culture: where from could go out a calendar that could predict the sex of the baby according to the moment in which it is conceived, and therefore be able to choose it?

If it is true or mere superstition, prove it yourself. The Chinese calendar of the pregnancy, also called lunar calendar, indicates you the sex of your future baby with 93 % of wise move. This is what they say. Let's go on to the practice.

The only thing that you need your lunar age is at the moment of conceiving. How is your lunar age calculated? Since you add him nine months at your real age. Then, concentrate the month that you gestated to your baby, or in that you think to do it. He looks where they cross in the table and: I list! there you meet the sex of your next son.

Personally, with my two children it has not been right. Do you know what the best method was to predict the sex of my children? My own sleep. Yes, perhaps because the desire coincided with the reality, but the true thing is that during my first pregnancy I dreamed a girl, during the second one a child: and this way it was!

The same way, only it exists 50 % of probabilities of wise move … let's Be grateful that today there exist the ultrasound scans, for which our mothers and grandmothers had to wait until the last day.

And more important, already we know that it is not the sex, but: that is born sanito!

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