Thursday, February 25, 2010

To calculate the weeks of gestation

When it was pregnant and they were asking me: “of how long are you?” I was answering doing calculations quickly “11 weeks … three months! good, I wait for December”. The truth that it was a foul-up. Then I understood wherefore the pregnancy is counted in weeks of gestation.

A normal pregnancy and it has a duration of 280 days to term, ó 40 weeks, ó 9 months calendar, ó 10 lunar months. To do the pursuit of our baby, it is necessary to tell the age gestacional in weeks.

Why? So because his growth and evolution are very rapid, especially in the first months. From one week to other one it has eyelids, can do grimaces or flexionar his piernitas. Moreover, up to the week 9 it is an embryo, from 10 it is a fetus. This is because it has completed his general structure.

And why are they counted the weeks from the date of the last menstruation? Although some women do not remember exactly the day in which they had his last rule, there are many other those who have no idea what day they conceived. Therefore, the doctors calculate the pregnancy from this last menstruation.

As reference takes it also firstly ultrasound scan, which will help the doctor to confirm the age gestacional of the embryo for his development.


Then, from this day, the fetus will be growing for 40 weeks - or 38 if we were taking the date of conception. If you want to calculate the weeks of gestation, you can use this calculator. But, count the days from your last menstruation and divide them by 7, there you will have the weeks.

A practical advice: it marks the weeks in a calendar. For the ultrasound scans, the medical checkups, the important thing there is not the month in which you are, but the week. And due to the rapid growth of your baby, more important it is still to do the examinations to you in the stated week.

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