Monday, March 1, 2010

A motorbike for peques of simple and original design

If you want that your child achieves to move only, be able to amuse and develop his senses of the balance, the coordination and the psychomotor activity, an excellent invention exists for it. It is a question of the motorbike BIT.

Of course you are wondering: a motorbike for my child? And the answer is yes. Only that it is not a question of a motorbike like the one that you imagine, dangerous and for adults. It is a question of a machine designed by two Catalans Marc and Sergi, which thinking about the needs and typical of the children they re-formulated the motorbike concept, to take it to a futurist and ideal design for children.

This motorbike BIT since they can see it in the image, it has clean lines and soft volumes. The simplicity was prioritized to give elegance and to turn it into an organic and natural product.

The wide wheels help to support the balance and the stability. The handlebar, with an innovative design, is integrated in the proper chas√≠s and conceived ergonomic and antropom√©tricamente to favor the position of the conduction. As their own creators express it, in this motorbike you will find “the whole dichotomy between the well finished handmade toy and the technical toy of avant-garde, proper of the epoch through that we live”.

The best thing of everything, the fact is that what serves as handlebar when the child travels in his motorbike, then serves as transport handle so that the papis could load it easily, as well as also it serves so that the motorbike is hung if it must occupy a limited space.

You can buy it in his web portal

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