Saturday, October 31, 2009

To use pacifier per years might transport disorders in the speech


There is no more typical act of a baby that introducing the thumb in your mouth, or to suck the pacifier. It is a very common habit, and it collaborates to the sucking that the baby does whenever it is nursed. When it is not a moment to feed, equal he needs to take a little to the mouth and do the same is already with your finger or with the pacifier.

Since it turns out that this habit might go so far as to affect in the development of the speech of the creature, of being carried out for many years. This way it is informed by the medical magazine BBC Pediatrics, being based on the conclusions to which a study carried out in Chile came. As they read it, the children who use pacifier or suck your very followed thumb, have more risks of transporting with disorders in the speech.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Track of career ‘echo - friendly‘


The children love the cars of toy, the careers and power playing for hours with your careers tracks, but, the parents often are worried by the expense of energy that they produce this toys font.

This track of careers of F1 that we see in the fotogragía is ‘Race In A Case’, a toy echo - friendly that can be used in any place since it does not need of too much assembly.

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Farm of ants, pet for limited spaces


The children like to have pets, I believe that it does not matter so much if it is an animal of the biggest or one of the smallest insects, it goes beyond that. They like having ‘something‘ or to ‘someone‘ of whom to take care and in spite of whom spending the moment.

When we live in small apartments and have no space to have a domestic animal to be a pleasure for them to the smallest of having a pet it can be difficult, but not impossible, but look at this charming Farm of Ants.

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He learns to do a simple bogey disguise for Halloween


If you did not think yet what to do in Halloween and your children insist you in that they want a disguise to scare to the whole local community, let's view the brilliant answer that Rafaela de Las Manualidades presents to us. Did you believe that to take the best disguise it was necessary to spend a lot of money in some shop specializing in all kinds of products for Halloween? Bug. With a little of creativity, dedication and weather, you will be able to convert your child into the whole bogey with materials that you already have in your house.

The boys will be pleased and they even even can help you while you create it with your own hands. Simply you will have to continue step by step a few brief instructions and I list, your child will be able to go of door in door scaring all such one if he was a child fantasmita.

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Original garments for girls to the fashion


One of the most entertaining and special activities of being a mom, especially of those that have girls, it is that of dressing your kidling in different styles and combinations of garments.

They seem so beautiful always, that when they are dressed in clothes to the fashion, shine in addition to beautiful, brilliant. The fact is that the girls of now do not dress already to the fashion of earlier: garments, skirts, shirts with embroideries in pink colors and target. Flowers, hearts and soft and delicate patterns were decorating the pledges of earlier. Now the fashion for girls changed and it has become much more entertaining and original. Different styles to choose, all kinds of colors, patterns and combinations. The alternatives are so wide as the one that the young people has, only that while they are small the decisions also happen for the taste of the mom.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The sleep of the baby: to allow it to cry


As account Parents, all the experts agree in a thing: during the first three months, the baby must be fed to demand, processing of satisfying all your needs. If you cry in the daytime you go with him, if you cry at night you go with him …

Now well … these three months they do not last forever. In the course of time, you need to take a new course. He must put it to bed, and go away. If it is necessary, it must leave that your son cries up to the weariness.

It will be horrible, you will suffer very much and he will die of desire it for going to gather and to satisfy it. Nevertheless, it has not to. The torture lasts a few days.

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When is the sex dangerous during the pregnancy?


Not long ago we speak about the sex during the pregnancy, your myths and your truths. Since many couples feel uncomfortable making love during the pregnancy and even think that there can be contraindications.

Nevertheless, already we have knocked down the myths with the council of nacersano. Now then, also it is true that in certain circumstances the sex can be dangerous during the pregnancy. And today we are going to speak about them:

In some circumstances the sex can be insecure during the pregnancy. The women who endure some of these complications of health, must speak with your doctor before having sexual relations:

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The sleep of the baby: routine.


When the baby is from 6 to 8 weeks old, he can benefit if he adopts a schedule of sleep related to the feeding. This way, your "official" synchronizes with the bedtime, although he does not sleep during the whole night. This way they explain it in Parents and they are right.

When he is between 3 and 4 months old, the baby must sleep approximately six hours. Hence, the whole night can remain slept. If the baby sleeps better, you also will sleep better.

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Ways of encouraging the contact with the plants in the children


When I was small I was amusing myself very much to plant small plants segments on the ground, or to put them in water to view if roots were exiting to him and were growing in the course of time.

To discover the form in which the nature works can be very entertaining and allows the children of the house to realize a different activity in which they have to deposit very much love and fondness.

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An ideal virtual world so that the children amuse themselves


The children every time dedicate more weather to the use of your computer. They prefer it to any other game font, and the fact is that the computer science and Internet offer them dynamism, diversion and alternatives that are incomparable. It is the case of this web: World Pocoyó, especially designed and created so that the children virtual it is "me" who could be created and be part of the whole world of games, adventures along with the personages animated by the famous Spanish series.

With this game the children not only will amuse themselves, also your skills and reflexes will stimulate them. It will have to make your creativity free, take decisions and to create its own personage who represents it, with which one helps to forge the identity of the child.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The sleep of the baby: to put it to bed I wake up

If you set your baby to sleep, that is when he is still awake. This way Parents advises it. This way, although you do not believe it, you are going to facilitate very much the task to yourself.

Do you know why? If you teach him to fall asleep I wake up and despabila in the way of the night, the child will be able to fall asleep again himself.

If you hope that your baby should fall asleep to put it in the cradle, give for the following thing made: if the child wakes up again it will shout and shout up to having you face.

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The Sex During the Pregnancy


Some persons usually coincide with this phrase: the sex is not the principal aspect of a couple, nevertheless, when flaw turns 90 %. And the truth, it is a very accurate phrase.

For it it is so important to knock down the myths that steam up the sex of a couple. For example, there are many myths on the sex and the pregnancy.

Many couples feel uncomfortable having relations during the pregnancy, or think that there can be contraindications, etc.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The sleep of the baby: great but small


When you are an inexperienced mother, there are many things that you must learn. Several of them have to do with the sleep. That's why in zonabebes we want to speak to them about the thread, tackle 10 aspects that you must know.

Do we go for the first one? The newborn babies a heap can sleep, but in long weather. Did you know? This way they affirm it in Parents.

This happens because your internal clock is not working yet. It does not have any rhythm or reason to sleep until the baby expires from 6 until 10 weeks.

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SnowShorts, so that to play in the snow is even more entertaining


The children like to play in the snow: to whom not?. But the direct contact with the snow does that I cooled your body and in some cases that fall ill.

Fortunately this winter is going to be more pleasant with Orvis Pull-on SnowShorts, a few very original shorts, which must be placed on the winter clothes and have an ideal accessory to slide for the snow without spending cold.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home-made recipes to fight to the louses


Every mom knows that the louses are an enemy difficult to fight. Especially when the children of the house are different and it infects one to other. But not to lose hope, that the louses are a hard bone of gnawing but not impossible to eliminate. We have already given you some advices to prepare the contagion. Today I will present answers and alternatives to you for when it is already too much late and you verify, after having inspected carefully the hair of your son, who really has been invaded by this parasite tiny and as annoying as is the louse.

It is true that in the drugstore you can obtain several lotions piojicidas to exterminate this insect. But you must know that they exist another font of home-made alternatives that are equal of effectively and perhaps even even less harmful to the skin of your child.

After the hop it discovers the home-made remedies against the louse century.

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Pompas of soap of color that they do not stain


The soap pompas undoubtedly are one of the simplest and more fantastic games for the children of all the ages. There is nothing simpler than to create a soap pomp and nevertheless it shuts up in your beauty and great fragility fantasy and astonishment that are the delight of any creature.

But the big defect of these pompas is to be all equal ones, to be all transparent ones. This was taking grace and emotion from him until there arose the pompas of soap of colors. An invention of the chemist Tim Kehoe, of the American company Arcadia, who after 10 years of investigations and tests, managed to fulfill your sleep: to do pompas of soap of colors that they do not stain.

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How to prepare that your child is contagious of louses


A few days ago we were speaking to them about this evil that all the children and all the mothers suffer when the children begin to be appended by friends and to go to the school: the contagion of the undesirable louses. This small animalcule that lives in the head of your creature and feeds on your blood often can turn out to be difficult to fight. It is for it that today we will gather to offer to you some advices to prepare the transmission of louses.

To simple sight it is very difficult to realize if your child has louses or not. A clear symptom is to view if the head scratches very often. But to be secure the best thing is to inspect meticulously the hair of your son at least once a week. He observes with elegance if your scalp presents injuries, and hopes that I hope you see some bishush walking over there.

Other advices to be born in mind to prevent your child from infecting the louse s trying is that it does not append your heads with those of other children. It is precisely this moment in which the louses are scrolled from hair to hair and from child to child.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My first clock


To learn the hour is necessary and some children it costs them more than to others. If you want to facilitate the area to them, you can offer to them some toys that they teach them to learn.

We have already seen some toys. And today we will see one more, Parents suggestion. This toy will help very much your son and will make learning much easier to him.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fruit and milk of soybean for the pregnant women


Do they remember our list of rapid food for pregnant women? Did they read it? I recommend them to him: 11 rapid food that the pregnant women yes can eat.

But … beyond the list, it is necessary that we enter a little. Let's view because some of this food are suitable, as babycenter.

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Toys that they teach the hour


Do they want to motivate your children so that they learn the hour? They must stimulate them, make them enjoy the challenge. And a good way of doing it, is with entertaining toys.

All the children must learn the hour, but it costs them to some more than to others. If you want to facilitate the area to your children, you can buy to him some of the toys that Parents suggests.

We have already seen some toys and today we will see one more. For example the following one: the Clock Owl.

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Original umbrellas to walk with your child under the rain


When he thinks of leaving to walk with children, the rain can be a seizure as a misfortune or as something entertaining. It is true, nobody wants to walk along the streets getting wet, treading on puddles and with cold. But these disadvantages must be converted into the agreeable and only situation. To view to rain, and feeling the rain falling down is an experience that the smallest love. Especially playing under the rain.

So that the diversion is finished and they could exit to walk both rainy days with the best of the fortitudes of a most entertaining way the fact is that I recommend to you these brilliant umbrellas, colorings and ideals for the smallest.

It is necessary to give a color touch to the gray city of the rainy days. Nothing better than to do it of the hand of a child. For it you can choose for some of these original designs of umbrella. Or if you prefer moreover, to choose for the whole kit of rain that merges umbrella, jacket of rain, boots and rucksack, any raincoat and with a particular subject-matter.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vroom Sound-Effect Bowl, to have lunch is very entertaining


This beautiful ‘car of toy‘ that we see in the photo in fact is a nice plate so that to feed your baby is very entertaining.

To attract the attention of the children at the time of eating can be quite difficult, generally they want to do any other thing instead of feeding. This coloring plate counts with ‘special effects’ that they will encourage insurance in your baby the desire of feeding.

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Template to cut away and to disguise of Halloween to the doll


After a few days of Halloween we cannot allow presenting small advices to them to convert this day in a special holiday than to share with the smallest. We all know that they are they those who more enjoy this celebration, since in addition to disguising themselves, they can commit escapades if they do not give them sweets.

So that you are preparing your children with everything propitious for the occasion I recommend to you this template with diverse Halloween suits to print and to cut away and him to give to your children so that they play with them.

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An evil that attacks all the children: the louses


An evil that all the mothers suffer when your children begin to go to the school and to spend the weather with other amiguitos, it is the big problem of the well-known louses. This is a gray insect of between 2,5 and 4 mm long, which one lodges in the hair of the persons and feeds on small quantities of blood, which it obtains on having keyed in the scalp time and again.

Explained this way it can look like something atrocious the fact that ours you sin have these horrible, tiny and slippery bichitos in your hair, but the true thing is that a big percentage of children suffers it in some moment of your life and does not mean anything for which getting alarmed. Simply it is necessary to know that of what it processes and to take collection scarcely you should see your child scratching more of common your head.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It converts your baby into a small rocker


There is nothing as giving personality to our teeny-weeny ones from the clothes that we buy to him and how we dress it. It is not a question of putting them in ridiculous, but let's recognize that it is necessary to make use of these years of life in which the dads can still choose the combinations of clothes of your children and give him a special and original touch without complaints or reproaches.

If you are of the type of dad or mom that metal likes the rock, the heavy and all your musical and esthetic style. You will not be able to control yourself with these diverse garments models for babies and not so babies. Patterns, motives and proper colors of the style of music that identifies you to be obstinate your children since they are teeny-weeny.
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Habits for a good mouth health


The care of the mouth health during the pregnancy is much importantepara to be able to avoid that one he said popular saying that he says ‘A tooth for every son’, it is that the women of earlier did not have the same possibilities of controlling your pregnancy and often they were losing dental pieces in the gestation process.

Fortunately at present we can avoid the loss of dental pieces, and also take care of the mouth health of the baby before he is born.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Advices to take care of your teeth


Yesterday we process the importance that takes care of the mouth health in the pregnant women, the hormonal changes do that the board and the bacteria zoom in, that the gums weaken (gingivitis) or that a salivation excess is endured.

These problems can affect not only the health of the mom, but also that of the baby who is growing. To avoid these problems it is very important to consume calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and proteins, for it it is necessary to continue a balanced diet. I propose to you to view some advices to take care of your mouth health.

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Walls imantadas so that you them sin decorate with drawings


Mothers, not to lose hope. A brilliant answer exists so that your children decorate all your walls with your drawings and that these do not get dirty. Every creation of your child is processed as walls imantadas, in that you will be able to crash every drawing, decorating absolutely the whole room with them, without the problems of the plaster of the tape and the oversight of the painting.

These walls imantadas are a product of Pinturalmán, a system of painting that does of every wall a magnetic display board.

How do they do it? By means of a background latex painting by means of water premixed with very thin and antirust metallic particles. This painting then will be able to be covered with any painting of finished in any color. The painting is applied easily with a foam roller that then is debugged simply with water. Once be quite dry, you will see as the magnets remain pasted to the wall, as do it in the ice-cream maker. Simply brilliant.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stories and advices to educate to ours sin


Till some time ago back the children were falling asleep with stories invented by your dads or with the classic infantile book that was reported in the night to night and that was converted in preferred of the child at the time of conciliating the sleep. Now the alternatives are major and varied. Thanks to the tool and the possibilities that Internet offers, to educate and to entertain our children were converted into a simpler task and more disfrutable.

For today I bring to them a new web portal dedicated entirely to facilitating the task of the dads in the education of the smallest, with advices and many, many stories to read to him or to teach him to read. Stories are processed as the page to sleep in the one that you will find not alone an extensive stories collection, that you can choose to read them to your child or do them to him to listen.

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Toys that they help with the hour


Do you want that your son learns the hour easily? Well, a good idea is to stimulate it with special toys. If it was difficult to you to learn the hour, do not lose any more weather. Facilitate the area to your son.

If your children are curious, the toys to learn the hour are going to love him. Why do not they try with this Parents proposal?:

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

11 food for the pregnant woman


One of the virtues of the modern life is to buy already made meal. Today we can spend zero minute in the kitchen and he will buy something ready and tasty, prepared to enjoy.

The bad of the history, the fact is that this meal prepared not always is very healthy. It is usually full of preservatives and other ingredients to be avoided during the pregnancy. But skylight, not everything is white or black … there are "rapid" and healthy, ideal several for the pregnant woman.

Here we will give you a list of 11 rapid food that according to babycenter yes you can eat of being pregnant. Pay attention! Because it is going to be very useful to you.

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Toys to learn the hour


To learn the hour can turn out to be a complex for some children. For example, it found it hard to me enough to seize the hand. When I was small, I learned to read the most rapid, learned to tell the most rapid, but the hour was costing me …

If your children are in age of learning the hour, they can stimulate them with some toys. For example, they can buy to him some of these possibilities of Parents:

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It takes care of your teeth to take care of those of your baby


In the last months I have gone to the dentist several times, and in every opportunity that I was I met some future mom, the truth is that we usually take importance from him to the care of our mouths and teeth and many of us we do not go to the dentist so followed as we should.

During the pregnancy it is very important that you receive a control odontológico adapted to prepare complications that can appear due to the hormonal changes that take place in the gestation.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

To educate the children on the care of the environment


Undoubtedly the world realizes the effects that generate in the care of the environment every act of the men. From be transporting in a car, without recycling the garbage, wasting plastic bags, up to the contamination and the garbage that generate the big industrial factories. Every time we take more conscience and little by little we change our habits into a search of a better world. But those who will have to live in this Planet and will have to have full conscience of the damage that we do to him to the nature that will not go any more that to a later damage to the humanity, they are those that now less he blames have and into whom more there will relapse the responsibility of constructing a better world: the most teeny-weeny.

It is for it that it is indispensable to educate them from children in the importance that takes care of the Earth and in beginning to apply from boys this environmental conscience that will do that of big it seems natural to them to search the way of not contaminating. Searching this target the fact is that ANIA was created, the “Association for the Childhood and your Ambience” with head office in Peru.

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Tender dolls to give the baby or the future mom


Who did not want to adopt to one of this plush? Can it exist a little so sweetly and tenderly that enclosed I stopped seeming artificial to happen to be something that could have perfectly life and feelings, like these incredible and original dolls of plush?

So much so the proposal is not to buy them but to adopt them. The fact is that really to a bunny with this look, it is not possible to think of buying it, but in wanting to take care.

It is processed as the creation of an Australian couple: Jenny and Benny who had the passion for collecting teddy bears until one day it was they who decided to create themselves theirs with their own hands. First they began to create them to give friends like gifts for the children who were born. Little by little they were learning the skill and every time the creations were more needed by more persons. It was as well as they created the shop Jenny Loves Benny in whom they sell only these beautiful and tender plush dolls.

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The crying of the new-born baby


The crying is the form that the babies have to communicate your needs, be already to eat, that change them, who lull to sleep them or also it can indicate that they do not feel good, and when the babies cry per hours and hours, the most probable thing is that it has a colic.

The babies generally endure colics from 3 a.m. or 4 weeks up to three months of life because your organism is very sensitive to the changes, for example, it can be that the mom eats something that produces to him gas as cabbage or beans, but in fact it does not exist causes only one for the colics.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Advices to avoid the allergy to the pets

Every child longs to have a pet. And really it is beneficial for the children to have the company of a domestic animal in spite of whom playing, of whom to take care and that he always accompanies them. Often the limited space of the hearth is one of the determinants at the time of accepting to bring to a pup the family, but other times the problems are different, as it is the case of the children allergic to the pets, especially to the dogs.

Not to lose heart and to believe that the allergy can be an impediment to fulfill the desires of the children. There is a series of recommendations that they will have to bear in mind so that the child and the pet could live together in harmony and without allergies. The first one of them is to prevent the pet from inputting in the bedroom of the child. Perhaps it is difficult to achieve it, but it is key to guarantee the health of the child.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The most famous children of Internet and your videos in YouTube


There does not exist anything that causes any more healthy laugh than the occurrences of the smallest. They have this miscellany of innocence, unconsciousness and genius that can do descostillar of the laugh and simultaneously die of tenderness to any adult, without at least queriéndolo to manage.

The fact is that exactly this is what more makes laugh. These small geniuses that only the children can do and generate laugh crying. If you are a mom, of course often this has happened to you with your children, and often habrás wished to share this moment with others. Thanks to the advance of the technology and the incredible tool that is Internet, the dads not only could film your children in these moments of absolute genius, but also they it could upload Internet and share with all.

It was the case of the dads of Charlie and Harry. Does it they sound these names? If the answer is yes, the fact is that you are one of the persons' 125.640.856 who saw the video that your parents uploaded to YouTube in 2007. Visits record about the world, reason for the what one these children, without knowing it were converted into the most famous children of Internet. And only for bitting the finger to your little brother!

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Games of Halloween: the dance of the montruos


If you are bad dancing and are afraid to stay like an idiot in the Halloween holiday, do not worry. I bring to you a saving game, which will come to you like ring to the finger. You will be able to hide your bad movements, dancing like a zombie.

Can you believe it? More it costs that this way it is. It prepares the music and plays the dance of the monsters. This game of this cyberpadres good re.

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Memories of the ultrasound


When you do an ultrasound to yourself, it is very probable that the technician delivers to you a printout of the same one. That is very pretty. You can support it of memory, as if it was a photo and to show it to your child when it is big.

The best thing that you can do is to extract photocopies immediately, because sometimes the printout that the technician gives you can become discolored. And you will not want to lose such valuable I remember.

With the ultrasound you can find out about the sex of the baby, if it is that this way you wish it (because some couples prefer to support the mystery).

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Games of Halloween: It foresees the bogey


The best of Halloween the disguises are, the second the meal and third the games. This way in this order. Nevertheless, if some of these elements is incomplete. If some of them is missing … Halloween is not finished.

But today we will only speak about one of the elements: the third one. I bring to them the most entertaining cyberparents game: it foresees the bogey.

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The bicycle that fulfills the sleep of every father


It seems that it is real. Although for me it is only a fantasy exited of some infantile movie. What father and what child did not dream ever of having a bicycle with a basket of this font. Nothing of small baskets in front of the bicycle in the one that they input only a bag of the buys. This bicycle is the whole tow, but with much, very much style.

It is processed as a design of the company of bicycles Madsen Bikes, which found the effective answer to fight two evil: the contamination that generates the motorcar and the power to move the children of secure and entertaining form. (I resided …)

Tips to take care of a new-born baby


When the inexperienced parents come to your hearth with your newborn baby in arms there is many anxiety, fears and questions that patrol for your heads, it is normal, let's remember that this kidling personita will depend on the care and love that they drink to them.

So that the anxiety of be converting into dad or mom is not so big I present some advices to them that insurance will make them feel calmer.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to do a Halloween bat with the skill of the Origami


The holiday that incites children and big, to disguise itself, to play and to amuse itself making pass for witches, bogeys and pumpkins, is increasingly close. But the holiday is not restricted only to the night of October 31. Halloween and your colors flood everything during every October. Do not remain out of the celebration, you can decorate your house, create disguises and think games for this date without need to put yourself in expenses.

Today I bring to you a new alternative to prepare with your children and that also serves to you to decorate your house for this so special night. It is processed as a few curious bats that black color and creativity are created simply with role. Quite thanks to the incredible skill of origami, of which we have already spoken them and also showed how to do the figure of a tender kitten.

He learns step by step how to make origami skill a múrciélago with está, and fills your bats house crashing of all sides.

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