Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Childbearings histories: do not allow to scare you

pregnant paunch childbearings Histories: do not allow to scare you When we remain pregnant, the whole world has something that to say. Round paunch insurance is a male, do not raise stairs, you have to eat for two, do not put yourself in squatting, what is that thing about to do exercise, have no relations that you hurt the baby …

What pregnant woman has not listened to thousand and advices that, sometimes, rub the superstition. With good intentions, clearly, the multitude of relatives and friends who surround the pregnant woman thinks about how to transmit his experience with the intention of helping or of preparing of the evil that they spent.

The fact is that, like few topics, the pregnancy brings with it a heap of myths and beliefs. Although it will not hurt us that they predict the sex of the baby with a monedita, there are other things that yes can bother us: I refer to the histories of childbearings worthy of the gallery of the terror. With our hormones revolutionizing the frame of mind and the sensibility flush with skin, we can scare some histories free, generating fear of the childbearing, but few ones have to do with the reality.

Every woman keeps the experience of his childbearing of different way. For someone, the childbearing was a marvel in which they did not feel almost pain, and if there was pain “it was the most wonderful pain of the world, because I brought to you you”. It is the case of most of our mothers, I support that mine was saying that to me for fear to which it should leave it without grandchildren.

For others, the experience was frightening. So much, that I have no uncles. “I was three days with the head of your father to way to go out, that does not spend the same to you”. The worst thing is that the grandma is sure that everything happened this way. Class of childbearing by means of, I know that there were no possibilities that similar figure happened, but she keeps on insisting. It is clear, this was his experience, this was the way in which she registered his childbearing, his process and his pain.

For that reason, if you scare some history, he asks. Your instructor, your doctor, your midwife: the whole medical personnel ready to help you will be capable of removing your fears and of appearing what is of reality and what of fantasy in every history of a woman giving birth. Do not keep fears, in his place receive good experiences.

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