Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to calm the children after a bad sleep


To wake up very scared and worried after a bad sleep is an unpleasant experience for all, especially for the smallest. Like they are still small and they do not understand what happens to them when they are sleeping, the nightmares can turn into a serious problem if they take place regularly.

The nightmares happen during the phase REM of the sleep, which means “rapid movement of the eye” (rapid eye movement), moment in which our organism has not entered the deepest sleep yet. Also, the children have facility to remember his sleep, and even more if it is a question of something that has disturbed them.

If you notice that your child suffers nightmares, do not lose heart, since there are several forms to prevent this bad sleep from keeping on chasing it, some of them have already commented to you on them in ZonaBebés. Ready attention from the moment in which he is on the point of sleeping up to the moment in which he gets up and applies these new advices.

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