Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thematic infantile birthdays: under the sea

The holidays of birthday of the smallest are always an excellent occasion so that they happen his day happy and amusing itself along with his friends. But also it can turn into a worry for the parents when the date approaches and they have not decided yet how to celebrate it …

Why not a thematic holiday? The thematic holidays never fail in the children because in them there feel personages of an imaginary world.

For example, if to your child it intrigues the marine world, nothing better than a holiday down the sea. Like the one that invited you to know next.

The images belong to a real holiday, that of Paula, who decided to celebrate his birthday number 4 as a real sirenita. Since it could not be otherwise, the color that the decoration reigns is the blue and there are missing neither the fish, the stars nor the marine snails on the table.

This fiestita has been organized by the Spanish company Nice Party, but perfectly you can do it yourself with the collaboration of the cumpleañero. Your child or girl knows in what world he will like celebrating his birthday.

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