Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Princess's chariot for girls

princess's chariot princess's Carroza for girls

What girl has not ever dreamed of the magic chariot of The Dogsbody? Without doubts, it is not a transport way any more for the girls: it is the pleased car that has been created by the Fairy godmother so that Dogsbody goes so far as to the palace to meet his prince.

So that the smallest feel as real princesses, the luxurious beds have been created La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach, of design similar to that of the chariot that we have seen in the movie of Walt Disney. They are really very pretty and feminine, such as if they had been taken of a fairy tale.

chariot 1 princess's Chariot for girls

chariot 2 princess's Chariot for girls

chariot 3 princess's Chariot for girls

In addition to his delicate design done in wood and the roof that simulates the petals of a flower, the chariots - beds are provided with cushions in the shape of heart, carpets and cortintas of silk in his interior. And although you do not believe it, many of his pieces have been decorated to hand.

chariot 4 princess's Chariot for girls

chariot 6 princess's Chariot for girls

With this chariot to sleep, the girls will feel the Dogsbody and the Beautiful Sleeping one at the same time.

princess's chariot for girls 2 princess's Chariot for girls

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