Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Original animalcules to give him to your child

When one thinks about a toy for a baby, one thinks about the typical plush with form of bear, although no bear of the reality should obey the aspect of any of these bears of plush.

It seems that someone has noticed this difference, original being has looked and bad it him has not gone. I am speaking about the shop Zuny, which devotes itself entirely to the design, dressmaking and sale of a few nice and curious dolls for children who represent to diverse animals.

The most interesting thing, the fact is that these toys are done to hand using the leather as a material. With which it becomes ideal for allergic children and for mothers whom they detest to clean the plush dolls.

The “spirit Zune” is inspired in the natural environment, for what they think about how to differ of the toys made industrially, and create each of these animalcules to hand, with natural products and being based on the imagination and the personification of the animal that they represent.

You can be contagious of his spirit joining his web portal, and do with one of them to give your child. There you will see the different options, dimensions and colors to be chosen.

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