Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breast Feelsgood, T-shirts of lactation

clactancia1 Breast Feelsgood, T-shirts of lactation

For any modern mothers often it is not simple to adapt itself to the maternity clothes and once they recover his ‘normal body’ they want to use again his clothes or clothes that has his style.

Today I propose to them to see a few designed T-shirts thinking about the youngest moms so that they should not have to resign from his urban and juvenile style at the moment of nursing his babies.

clactancia Breast Feelsgood, T-shirts of lactation There are called a Breast Feelsgood, they are Englishwomen and very practical at the time of.

There are two T-shirts in one, exterior is like a normal T-shirt, and the interior account with a few gaps in the sides that, at the moment of giving the breast, are opened by facility. Therefore you will be able to feed your baby without having to undress your torso or show your stomach.

The exterior T-shirt is of 100 % a cotton and the interior of 95 % cotton and 5 % spandex.

In Spain there can obtain in the shop Dikido to approximately 28 euros the T-shirt of short sleeve and 29 theirs that of long sleeve.

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