Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Barbie with built-in camera

A new version of the most famous doll of the world is surprised by it us again. There happened more than fifty years of his invention, but for beautiful and young Barbie the time does not happen and it is always reinvented in accordance with the modern times.

If you were so fanatical of this doll as I it could be in my infancy, we will remind to Barbie siren, Barbe ballerina, veterinary Barbie and up to Barbie who changes the color hair to him. If the blonde was lacking something in the full XXIst century it was to adapt itself to the new technologies.

For it, they throw new Barbie with camera and breeding animal of video incorporated. Without doubts, all the girls will die for having it.

As you observe in the image, the doll is provided with small camera of filming behind his rural hoar-frost. Perhaps imagine that it is a toy camerawoman and that it is of adornment, but it is not like that: it has aptitude to record thirty minutes and can reproduce the engraved thing.

Also, it is provided with a device hidden USB so that the girls could unload the videos in his computer. The truth they give desire of being a girl again to play with her.

Stages of the pregnancy with images

Whenever my son was moving inside my paunch, I was wondering: what will be doing? and he was feeling me finding sometimes a knee, a foot, a codito. It was trying to foresee in what position it was.

The ultrasound scans or ultrasounds were a contact with him: to discover that it had the big mouth like his dad, to see how it was stretching and clinging to his piernitas: or it was yawning!. He was born and the unknowns were finished. It was of big mouth only, but rest of age very similarly to me.

Since there were no ultrasound scans every day, it was following the pregnancy learning what age the new thing that today it had or my son was doing. In this waiting, the only thing that we were lacking it was to know his carita.

It is of a big help to continue the stages of the pregnancy with images. This way, the tie with our baby is already taking form, we can feel it, can feel it and also we can imagine that it walks doing there inside based on what we have learned.

In this guide of virtual gestation you can see how your baby is in this moment. Since it is a small point installed in our womb, until it is prompt to go out, it does a long trip.

Every stage presents a heap of curiosities. For example, I did not know that four months after gestation our baby can already hear and this way know our voice and that of those who should speak to him close to the paunch. Or that at the age of seven months already have his uñitas and the hair begins them to grow.

The desire of know it or to know it can make us eager, especially if we are already to term. But patience, our baby needs his time to grow and to be born in good conditions. Meanwhile, you can amuse yourself with this video that shows the different stages of the pregnancy with images.

Puncture here to see the video

Depression post I set off: symptoms

The arrival of a baby generates a finished change in your life. There are modified your priorities, your schedules, your sleep. Up to your daily bath it stays for the last thing, or sometimes you remember to do it.

It is clear that all this avalanche of new experiences brings with it changes in your frames of mind. But if this change settles and you do not improve, be careful, childbearing can talk each other as a depression post.

In contrast to the depression puerperal, the depression post childbearing is more serious, it does not go away in a few days. He settles. There needs medical, fond attention your health and that of your baby. If you have had depression episodes in some moment of your life, you have a major risk of suffering again this illness.

Ready attention to these symptoms:

  • Changes of appetite
  • Make difficult to concentrate
  • Feeling of fault or uselessness
  • Lacking in interest or pleasure in most of the activities, still in those that earlier you were interested in.
  • Loss of energy
  • Make difficult to sleep or to sleep too much
  • Fear of hurting you or of damaging the baby
  • Negative thoughts towards the baby

The intensity of the feelings of anxiety and desperation is such, that it is not possible to expire with the daily tasks. The clothes battery to turn is a mountain, the sadness has neither break nor end, you see the life as if you had black glasses.

The good news is that effective treatments exist, there is medication that can take even during the lactation. The psychotherapy is also an excellent tool, together with the medication they work very well.

If you present these symptoms, do not stay on consulting your doctor. You are not a bad mother, but you are suffering an illness that affects one of the ten women and, like most of the illnesses, you cannot recover alone. You need help and the best thing is to ask for it. Your baby needs fierceness to you, you need to feel good.

Like any other depression, something that it helps is to get connected with the people who spent the same to him and could overcome it. It is a basic tool, she is sick to the reality, to you allow to separate what there are your fears generated by the frame of mind of what really is happening.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thematic infantile birthdays: under the sea

The holidays of birthday of the smallest are always an excellent occasion so that they happen his day happy and amusing itself along with his friends. But also it can turn into a worry for the parents when the date approaches and they have not decided yet how to celebrate it …

Why not a thematic holiday? The thematic holidays never fail in the children because in them there feel personages of an imaginary world.

For example, if to your child it intrigues the marine world, nothing better than a holiday down the sea. Like the one that invited you to know next.

The images belong to a real holiday, that of Paula, who decided to celebrate his birthday number 4 as a real sirenita. Since it could not be otherwise, the color that the decoration reigns is the blue and there are missing neither the fish, the stars nor the marine snails on the table.

This fiestita has been organized by the Spanish company Nice Party, but perfectly you can do it yourself with the collaboration of the cumpleañero. Your child or girl knows in what world he will like celebrating his birthday.

Edict, for the tirpa of the future mom

The pregnancy is one of the prettiest things that can happen to a woman, and simultaneously it can be quite uncomfortable that your body changes so much into a little time and that the clothes that you already used last week you do not go comfortably.

More than once I have seen future moms who modify his clothes of unimaginable forms so that it keeps on serving to them for something more as time, other times I have seen women who leave behind his days of glamor and packaging and choose to use sports clothes all the time.

If you belong to those that his style does not want to change for being pregnant, of that time I recommend to you the flexible band for future moms Bando de Fertil Mind.

This flexible band can be used of diverse forms, and the best thing of everything is that it will allow to fit the clothes to your body, to feel commode and to be able to move you with freedom.

On having been flexible, it allows to begin to use when your intestine begins to grow and you have not left the clothes comfortable, until the end of pregnancy, and after giving birth you can use it to fit your stomach or like top.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Advices to teach to read at home

The moment in which the children begin to read is an extremely important stage and his correct development will depend not only on the capacity and proper determination of the child, or on the teacher of his preschool, but more than anything of the dedication and patience of his parents on having taught him.

The fact is that most of the children learn to read in his house, and although in the garden also it does it, the help of his parents is essential, and practising it during the whole day. It is for it that next I will leave 5 tips for parents who want to teach him to his children to be read and do not know how to do it.

To teach the children to read is not a task so simple as to teach him a little to an adult, it needs of concentration and of attractive activities that motivate it to learn and entertain them to do it and to excel itself.

To teach how it is read

So natural things for an adult since it it is the direction of the reading: of above to below, from left to right, there are things that the children still have not assimilated and need to learn. As well as the fact that the books begin to be read from his front forward. This can learn it with picture books, in which the sequence of the images should collaborate to the words sequence.

It labels your house

A very practical way of beginning to associate letters and words with objects, is to assign a tag written to every object of the hearth. This way the child of so much seeing the word written on the object, will begin to associate the name of the object with what it sees on the role.

It creates games using to letters

He thinks about how to organize simple games in which the subject-matter is to learn the letters of the ABC. The idea is that there does not sit this task as one more obligation inside the tasks for the garden. A game can be: before sleeping, the child owes deletrar the name of the person who wants that it takes it to the house, or at least to say the letter by which his name starts.

The letter of the day

If something made the personages of The street famous Sesame was the use of the letters of the street to create games and to teach the ABC. When you are walking along the street with your child, it uses the signs of transit, the names of the street, the patents so that he recognizes a letter per day in different ambiences.

To teach the sound of the letters

It is not the same to teach the phonetics of every letter, after which they recognize his sound in speaking daily. It is good that practise not only every letter separately with his sound, but in his union to form words.

Entertaining purses with form of puppies

To simple and rapid sight there can look like dogs really, but they it are not. It is a question of the new purses of Funny Nation that of course there him will love the smallest and all the lovers of the dogs.

To what child do not they catch the animalcules? These purses that look like puppies turn into a very good option so that the smallest load his toys and plush. And why not also can it be an accessory for adolescents those who like the originality.

The most entertaining thing is that you have them available of all the races. But "real" dogs represent not all: many are coloring and shaggy dolls.

It knows more models of the purses of puppies clicking here.
Will there be equal anyone to your pet?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Organic clothes and ideal native for the soft skin of the baby

When we speak about clothing for the baby and for the child, we think of giving him the ropita of better quality, softer and more healthy that could exist. If you look for ideal garments for children with delicate skin or allergic, as well as for dads who prefer the natural and organic thing to the artificial thing, I recommend to you the designs of the shop Frugi.

Now in his web portal We love Frugi it offers the whole spring collection, so that your child is comfortable and with the best cloth covering it. After chemists do not use in the making of every pledge, he makes sure that the skin of the baby will not get angry.

The fact is that in the times that run every time one thinks about how to use more products and ecological, organic, natural pledges. Every time one appeals to the search of garments that are thought for and for the children, with his needs and requisites. It is in it that there arise these shops dedicated entirely to the dressmaking of exclusive pledges for be too the hearth.

You will find clothes for babies from 0 until 24 months or for more grandecitos, for children and girls. And also pledges for the future mom. Any cocktail with a fresh, modern, sports but very sweet and tender style.

Infantile furniture for several uses

Are you looking for an office so that your child does the tasks of the school? Also do you need a cradle or shelves to keep his toys? If you look for all these furniture and simultaneously you want to save money and space, today I present the solution to you.

It is a question of the infantile furniture of Car-Moebel, a German shop that devotes itself to the interior decoration. And between his creative ideas there is that of the multifunctional furniture for children that, without doubts, it simplifies very much at the time of choosing between a furniture or other.

His pieces retrain and adapt themselves easily so that the children offer to them the use that they wish according to the moment. Also, there are very pretty furniture to decorate the bedroom of the smallest, both for babies and for males.

You have the dollhouse that is a lectern, office, slate and a closet to keep plush at the same time. Also the chair was created to rest that it transforms into office with his banquito. Since you will see, really they are very practical.

If you want to see more infantile furniture of this shop, bundle clic here.

To calculate the weeks of gestation

When it was pregnant and they were asking me: “of how long are you?” I was answering doing calculations quickly “11 weeks … three months! good, I wait for December”. The truth that it was a foul-up. Then I understood wherefore the pregnancy is counted in weeks of gestation.

A normal pregnancy and it has a duration of 280 days to term, ó 40 weeks, ó 9 months calendar, ó 10 lunar months. To do the pursuit of our baby, it is necessary to tell the age gestacional in weeks.

Why? So because his growth and evolution are very rapid, especially in the first months. From one week to other one it has eyelids, can do grimaces or flexionar his piernitas. Moreover, up to the week 9 it is an embryo, from 10 it is a fetus. This is because it has completed his general structure.

And why are they counted the weeks from the date of the last menstruation? Although some women do not remember exactly the day in which they had his last rule, there are many other those who have no idea what day they conceived. Therefore, the doctors calculate the pregnancy from this last menstruation.

As reference takes it also firstly ultrasound scan, which will help the doctor to confirm the age gestacional of the embryo for his development.


Then, from this day, the fetus will be growing for 40 weeks - or 38 if we were taking the date of conception. If you want to calculate the weeks of gestation, you can use this calculator. But, count the days from your last menstruation and divide them by 7, there you will have the weeks.

A practical advice: it marks the weeks in a calendar. For the ultrasound scans, the medical checkups, the important thing there is not the month in which you are, but the week. And due to the rapid growth of your baby, more important it is still to do the examinations to you in the stated week.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the symptoms of the childbearing are

A childbearing in way is something too clear like so that one continues for the life and suddenly it meets his baby between the legs. Very well, since to happen has happened, but it is something very rare. Anyhow, the best thing is to calm the anxiety knowing what the symptoms of the childbearing are, what we will have time to act calmly.

Generally a word collaborates: pain. This is the only one of the signs, and at first it is only how a colic of those that we feel when we are badly of the stomach.

Initially, it appears in the low part of the abdomen, under the bellybutton. It is a pain that comes and goes. Then it becomes more intense and the low part of the back begins to hurt also, as if it was a lumbago. The pain is generated by the contractions that are preparing your womb for the expulsion of the baby. If you touch yourself the paunch in this moment, you will feel how it hardens.

It is important to control the duration of the contractions, his regularity and his permanence. It is not necessary to go out running with the purse scarcely we feel a retwist, but neither to allow to be. Your course of prechildbearing or your doctor will indicate you when exactly you must leave for the institution or call your matron or midwife.

Another symptom is the loss of mucous stopper. Although it can happen up to two weeks earlier, when it comes the moment of the childbearing can that you meet a bloody snot, a species of red jelly. That indicates that the neck of your womb is opened. If it is a liquid blood that runs, urgent flame to your doctor.

Finally, although sometimes it turns out to be first, it is the preferred one by all the movies and soap operas: the membrane break, called also r omper source or bag. It is a sudden loss of liquid for the vagina, which wets the bed or the clothes. It is of clear color, with a smell similar to the semen. If it was red or greenish, it calls immediately your doctor.

He remembers that we are considering a pregnancy to term, that is to say with more than 37 weeks and a mature baby, ready for his birth. If they present some of these symptoms to themselves before the week 37, it calls immediately your doctor.

Tips for busy breasts

At present the breasts do not have enough hands, time and energy to find the perfect balance between work and diversion with his children.

According to Parentguide the important thing is the organization and not the perfection, it will be this the one that will allow to have the perfect balance, and to achieve it there are seven essential 'ingredients' that will allow the moms to be able to organize his time.

  • Do a time to yourself ‘to nourish you’, physics and psychically.

When we are very busy and stressed our adrenaline level grows, and possibly our body says to us that we are in problems. The most common illnesses that are endured on having continued a very rough life rhythm are psychological in addition to the anxiety and the depression.

Doing a time to you for you you will be able to avoid this type of problems and will manage to have a more healthy life.

  • It creates a style or philosophy of education, of this form you will be able to support a line of ‘work‘ with your children.
  • Put into practice creative solutions, every mother is a creative being, often I am astonished at the practices that can be the women at the time of solving a problem
  • Support the organized house, thus you will not have to spend hours and hours treating that everything seems perfect
  • It requests help, it is never of more asking for a hand.
  • It tries to gain time not to have that gait running.

Sure that with these steps your days will begin to give good results more and you will be able to enjoy more time with your sin.

The test of Denver

“The comparisons are odious” it says a popular judgment. And it is clear that they it are. But of course, more than once we have felt touched of comparing the development of our shoot with other children of his age. That if the height, that the weight, that if it walks or it left the nappies. The fact is that his health, his normal development reveals us.

Every child is a different individual from the others, with his own times. The important thing is to think if it is healthy, his evolution, that is to say the grade of ripeness with which it does a set of things.

To appreciate a child without the subjectivity that we load all the parents, the pediatricians use a test called Test of Denver or Scale of Denver. Developed by two pediatricians in the sixties, the test of Denver proposes to evaluate científicamente the development psicomotriz of the children from his birth up to six years. It is not an intelligence test, only it indicates if the development of a child is inside the normal limits.

What evaluates this test? It has four principal categories:

  • social contact
  • language
  • skills motorboats
  • skills thin motorboats

With this test, the pediatrician controls the child according to his age. For example, three months after age: does he smile? does the head support? At the age of twelve months: does it walk resting on the furniture? does “dad“ and “mom“ say knowing to whom does it speak?

As we said earlier, the important thing only one aspect is not, but a set. A child can take a long time to walk solito, but if it is a talkative parrot of course do not have big difficulties.

It is necessary to bear in mind that a test is created to detect quickly important problems, is used like a tool to study a big number of children and to decide who must keep on being studied and who not.

If you have some doubt about the development of your son, without doubting ask the doctor. Perhaps do not be at all, but if there is any problem it is better to detect it as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is the humanized childbearing

Do I need really a Cesarean section? Is an episiotomía avoidable? Can I give birth in the position that he wishes? Do they put my son on my breast scarcely be born? Is it possible to have my son in my house?

You can that you have many of these questions and do not find the suitable answer. It is possible also that, like form part of our lives the childbearing in the institution and under medical orders, you do not even know that options exist. It was the experience of my first childbearing. He did not even know that it could choose a humanized childbearing.

The medicine and the technology have done wonderful things for the man. But on having put the medical practice over the rules of the nature, problems appear. Great and serious. The idea is not to be against of the advances, because they have been conceived to save lives, but to apply them when they are really necessary.

The women always had his children in his hearths, assisted by other women, following instinctively what his bodies were asking them. Someone were doing the childbearing work walking, others were stooping to give birth and to receive themselves his children. According to the cultures, there are the ways of doing the childbearing work and of giving birth. Perhaps the most important thing of all this is that the woman has to bring his son to the world in the place that she chooses, where she feels comfortable, and that it could choose in spite of whom being and how to give birth. If it is necessary to do interventions, which there has conscience and opinion about what is going to happen in his body.

And the most important thing of everything: the newborn baby. Many interventions that are done on his tiny cuerpitos are of routine, requirements are of the institutions. If the baby is born in the perfect state: why not to put it on his mom, who feels embraced, received, after the work that he has suffered? The weight and the measurements can stay for a little bit, the medical tests also.

Because after all, what looks for the humanized childbearing is that our teeny-weeny one is well received, that his birth is an experience as natural as possible, with the minimal aggressions quantity. That does not remember the rest of his life, does not mean that he has not suffered it.

Sometimes it is necessary to take time to do the things a little better, a little more … you humanize.

How can I remain a pregnant woman

At the time of a baby considers to bring to the world many doubts arise, especially for the inexperienced ones. How can I remain a pregnant woman? will I have to look for the long time?. Although some things can help us, like calculating the fertility period, there is something much more important that we must not lose of sight: our health.

To bring a healthy baby, we must have a body and a healthy way of life. The tobacco, the alcohol, some medicines must be eliminated to make sure that our baby should grow normally. We need a balanced diet and a little of exercise. In addition to avoiding what hurts, nowadays there exist ways of preparing certain congenital evil that only need from us incorporating into our diet some supplement vitamínico and mineral.

It is so there is suggested the called “pregnancy of 12 months” that consists of beginning to take acid fólico and multivitamínicos three months before the date thought to conceive.

Obviously a visit to your doctor is indispensable, doing a general checkup it can determine that your body is prompt. Also he will inform you that how long you must wait from the moment in which you suspend the contraceptive method that you were using. Except the barrier methods, the contraceptive others - oral, patches, injections - need a rest time so that the cycle is regularized.

If you have expired with all these steps, now yes you can devote yourself to the calculations and pay attention to the days of major fertility, when there increase significantly the possibilities of conceiving successfully. It finds out the date of your ovulation and considers that one and the previous days like the stated ones.

Beyond our desire to be mothers, let's not lose of sight that the sex is not an only one way for the reproduction, but also a form of communication and of demonstration of affection towards other. To make love with the calendar in the head of the bed can be little desestimulante, or worse still, can become stressful. Let's leave then that the nature does his work.

Original animalcules to give him to your child

When one thinks about a toy for a baby, one thinks about the typical plush with form of bear, although no bear of the reality should obey the aspect of any of these bears of plush.

It seems that someone has noticed this difference, original being has looked and bad it him has not gone. I am speaking about the shop Zuny, which devotes itself entirely to the design, dressmaking and sale of a few nice and curious dolls for children who represent to diverse animals.

The most interesting thing, the fact is that these toys are done to hand using the leather as a material. With which it becomes ideal for allergic children and for mothers whom they detest to clean the plush dolls.

The “spirit Zune” is inspired in the natural environment, for what they think about how to differ of the toys made industrially, and create each of these animalcules to hand, with natural products and being based on the imagination and the personification of the animal that they represent.

You can be contagious of his spirit joining his web portal, and do with one of them to give your child. There you will see the different options, dimensions and colors to be chosen.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love to the first bite

Sunday is the day of San Valentín, I already proposed some activities to them to realize with sin. But if in his family they belong to those who think that the love expresses itself with something rich, that is to say preparing something with the whole love of the world and giving it to a dear being, today of that time I bring to them a few very simple and ideal gastronomic proposals to do with the tiniest.

The first alternative there are these beautiful strawberries that we see in the photo, they are bathed in chocolate and present before themselves on a role for fairy cakes or cup cakes. They can prepare a few, place them inside a box, or them wrap in role cellophane, place to them a pretty bun, a card, and they are already ready to be given.

To the left we see a few richest brownies decorated with sugar glass or impalpable. They can do this cake that they like so much, cut a hollow heart away in a role, place the role on the cake and dust with the sugar.

These are small details that demonstrate fondness, and you: what do they think to do the day of San Valentín?

Give to your child the clock of his sleep

If the birthday of your child approaches and you do not know what to give him, I will present an original idea to you. What child did not see the movie Transformers? What child has not got enthusiastic with these enormous cars and tractors that walk along the city? If your son is one of those, I recommend to you to give him one of these clocks of edition limited owing to Transformers.

All the children will envy this clock, which was designed by Tony Simonetta, and which there preserves the colors, the logo and the format that they identify to the movie. For those mamis who still do not know it, this movie is based on the history of cómics of Marvel, written on 1984.

These clocks are provided with all the toys that every child wants to have. Three discs that they inform on the seconds, minutes and hours, chronometer, it is resistant to the water, and you can choose the logo of the Decepticons or of the Autobots. Also there is the option to choose digital clocks and interchangeable pieces.

A clock that will mark your child, if he is a Transformes fanatic.

If your child is bigger, or you think about how to complete the collection, can choose for these incredible sneakers also with the esthetics and design of the cómic and movie Transformers.

The children and the habit of the finger being absorbed

To take the thumb to the mouth is one of the practices that more identifies the babies and comes from before being born, when it is developing in the paunch of his mother. And this custom has one why: the child absorbs his thumb because it offers to him a sensation of comfort and calmness.

If a boy wakes up in the middle of the night because it is afraid, the finger is absorbed to turn his attention away and to turn to sleep. It is a natural habit of every child who must not worry his parents.

Nevertheless, it is not suitable that it spreads for the long time: the child must allow absorbing his thumb as maximum at the age of 6, so if it will not bring to him complications in the birth of his definitive teeth.

In these cases, the parents must be close and to watch his activity. In addition to that they are already big for this habit, his presence perhaps also indicates that the child is disturbed or worriedly for something, although it is unconsciously.

What must you do so that your child stops absorbing the thumb? Although all the children are only and each of them has his times, bear in mind the following advices to help it to leave this custom little by little:

First of all, nothing of punishments or scourges, since they never serve for anything and less in case of a habit that to the child arises himself naturally.

You must find some special toy so that the child amuses himself or to sing a lullaby to him before sleeping to offer to him this sensation of calmness for that he looks.

If you notice that your child absorbs his thumb when it is tired, offer him more time so that he sleeps. If it does it while it looks at his favorite television program, offer some doll or toy so that it supports his busy hands.

He prevents from absorbing his thumb in public places or in front of many people. Say to him that that must not do it and reward it when you notice that of to little it has managed to become alienated from the habit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese calendar of the pregnancy

There is known the value that a son has for the Chinese families male. After the limitations of the birth control imposed in the seventies, this importance became major. Therefore, if not of the Chinese culture: where from could go out a calendar that could predict the sex of the baby according to the moment in which it is conceived, and therefore be able to choose it?

If it is true or mere superstition, prove it yourself. The Chinese calendar of the pregnancy, also called lunar calendar, indicates you the sex of your future baby with 93 % of wise move. This is what they say. Let's go on to the practice.

The only thing that you need your lunar age is at the moment of conceiving. How is your lunar age calculated? Since you add him nine months at your real age. Then, concentrate the month that you gestated to your baby, or in that you think to do it. He looks where they cross in the table and: I list! there you meet the sex of your next son.

Personally, with my two children it has not been right. Do you know what the best method was to predict the sex of my children? My own sleep. Yes, perhaps because the desire coincided with the reality, but the true thing is that during my first pregnancy I dreamed a girl, during the second one a child: and this way it was!

The same way, only it exists 50 % of probabilities of wise move … let's Be grateful that today there exist the ultrasound scans, for which our mothers and grandmothers had to wait until the last day.

And more important, already we know that it is not the sex, but: that is born sanito!

Set to create animals with balloons

I am entertained by the clowns who do animal with balloons, it turns out to be very interesting to see like a gum piece to me it is coming alive and it transforms in an animalcule.

I would like to have the skill of creating something beautiful with a balloon, little air and imagination, but the truth is that that thing about to walk doing animalcules is not mine … the times that I tried it I ended with tremendous fright after which the balloon was exploiting between my hands.

If to you and to you I sinned it entertains them to create figures with balloons, or they are thinking of giving a thematic holiday, of that time this set can serles of utility.

His name is Balloon Animals and Pump.y is a set that teaches how to 'arm' the balloons animals. The set is constituted by 24 balloons of different colors, a sheet with variety of adhesive eyes, a guide with step by step to give form to ten different animals and inflador.

They can find it clicking here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To calculate the date of childbearing

Newborn baby Calcular the date of childbearing When I had me firstly daughter, the entire family did a big bet. They all marked in the almanac the day in which they were thinking that he would be born. They filled in March in the calendar with crucecitas and names, all thinking about how to calculate the date of the childbearing. Those who were losing, had to give him a nappies bundle. The one that was right: it was not giving anything!! An uncle was right. The rest, he went to buy the blessed nappies. I had to arrange the top part of a clothes closet to keep the bundles … the fact is that I have a big family.

Bets, prognoses, riddles: the whole family, friends, even the neighbors give his opinion on the date in which finally the new member will come. Because although the doctor marks a date in the gestograma, it is a tentative date. Our wished baby will come when it is prompt. Let's see how the probable date of childbearing is calculated.

The gestogramas or calculators of childbearing are usually stage or wheels. There interferes the date of your last menstruation and they are counted 40 weeks. Your baby will be born to term if it is between the week 38 and 42 of gestation. If you are not sure of the date, with the first ultrasound scans it will be possible to determine with enough accuracy the age of the fetus and therefore, to add the moment of the childbearing.

A way easy to calculate it mentally is to add up seven days to the date of your last menstruation and to reduce him three months. For example, if the first day of your last rule was April 15, the probable date of childbearing will be January 22.

In turn, the gestogramas indicate you in what week of gestation you are. This is very important, as the weeks happen the development of your baby must be controlled to see if everything is fine.

If you wonder why they are counted the weeks from the last menstruation, being that you remained pregnant approximately two or three weeks later, you will surprise to know that it is only a medical convention.

To do accounts, then!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sexy linen for pregnant women

2009 chocchip center sexy Linen for pregnant women

That your body has modified very much because you are waiting a baby does not mean that you should give up feeling attractive. And that you are pregnant it does not mean either that you have to conceal your beauty behind enormous and boring clothes.

In this special moment of your life, in which of course you feel vulnerable and with feelings found with regard to your corporal image, nothing better than to liberate the sensuality that you believed hidden across sexy linen for pregnant women. And this is exactly the target of Cake Lingerie.

sexy linen pregnant women 1 sexy Linen for pregnant women

This line of Australian underwear allows to the future moms to celebrate his maternity across his luxurious designs, so comfortable as sexy. Also, it presents a wide scale of models for every style and figure of all the women.

sexy linen pregnant women 2 sexy Linen for pregnant women

Cake Lingerie offers from supports and panties in delicate and feminine designs up to underwear with portaligas for the most daring mothers. Which do you like more?

sexy linen pregnant women 3 sexy Linen for pregnant women

How to stimulate the creativity of the child

to exploit the creativity of the child How to stimulate the creativity of the child

Every child likes playing, doing, singing, acting and realizing any recreational activity. But the true thing is that every time they are more the children who spend hours and hours of his day sat opposite to a computer, playing some computer game, or chatting with amiguitos.

Perhaps the parents find in this a sure and simple form of which the children are entertained in the evening. If it is like that, they must find out about how important the creative tasks are and what these help to the development of the smallest.

According to Charlotte Reznik, educational psychologist of children, he affirms that to exploit the imagination of the child produces many benefits. Some of them, Charlotte describes, they are: parents and children press the ties hard between; it removes them from the boredom; it gives skills to fight fears, low self-esteem, losses and other emotions that do not know how to express otherwise.

Now then, many parents will wonder: what creative activities can my son do? Next some proposals go.

- He invites your child to live through a few imaginary holidays. Do that it closes his eyes and instruct aloud that imagines a beautiful place that he would like visiting. At the end of the trip, he tries that it tells you on his sleep, his worries, what he liked to do, etc.

- It creates a dialogue between hands. This is a brilliant activity for children of 4th grade from now on. It helps to have access to the thoughts of the child and to make work both sides of the brain, the logician and the intuitive one. He tries that a hand rises his questions to other one and other one answers. You will impress yourself with what you discover about your child.

- Offer him crayolas, pencils and chalks of colors and a big quantity of sheets of blank paper. That your child feels free to create.

- A CD of appropriate music can make the child discover his body, his movement and the rhythm running for him.
Activities out of the hearth, in parks and open places allow the child to explore the nature and his relation with the world.

- Finally, it is always good that the child has to hand a box with old clothes, and jewels in desuetude, so that it could recreate histories, disguise itself and acquire new personalities.

Since they can see, without spending a lot of money, they will be able to promote the imagination and creativity of the children, removing from the video games, from the tv and the games of plastic and to remote control.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Positions to remain a pregnant woman

sperm óvulo2 Positions to remain a pregnant woman Will it be true that there are positions that favor the conception of a baby? Are there better positions to remain a pregnant woman? Or is it an only one myth of so many people that make a detour to the pregnancy? The specialists do not agree.

Some of them think that yes it is possible to help to the work of the sperms in way towards the ovum, others indicate that there is nothing that affects the work of the nature.

It seems that the key is in the gravity law. To big features, any position in which the sperms do a descending or horizontal way towards the interior of the womb, would be beneficial.

On the contrary, it is necessary to avoid any vertical position, because the semen is expelled more quickly towards out from the vagina.

As not slope nothing to do the test, let's see which the different positions are to remain a pregnant woman.

Basically, what they recommend the experts are the positions where a major penetration is achieved, therefore the semen stays the closer possible of the neck of the womb.

  • the traditional position of the missionary
  • sideways, with the man behind
  • put to bed, raising the pelvis with a pillow.

Also there recommend to remain reclining approximately fifteen minutes (contra-indicated if you are inclined to the urinal infections), or to pedal in the air during a few minutes.

Has the orgasm to do? It seems that yes. The contractions that the womb realizes at the moment of the orgasm can help to the sperms to move.

He remembers that the sperms have to enter for the neck of the womb and continue trip up to the horns of Falopio, where finally they will meet the ovum. From three hundred to four hundred million sperms that settle in the vagina, four or five millions will come to the womb, between three hundred and five hundred they will reach the Falopio horns and finally, the only one will penetrate the ovum.

Of this only combination your baby will be born.

The corporal image in the pregnant women

To be a mother is one of the desires more important of almost all the women. There must be nothing in the world that could be compared with the magic moment in which a mom gives birth to his son. Nevertheless, and we must say it, the pregnancy not necessary is the state in which the women spend it completely well, especially during the first months.

Of course, this is not a fault of the baby who goes in his belly, but of the hormonal revolution through that the woman lives when it is pregnant. Pains, inconveniences, sudden changes in his frame of mind and up to problems of self-esteem there are some of the negative symptoms through that there can live a woman who is in the sweet waiting.

Perhaps the change in his physical aspect is one of the causes of the insecurity and the extreme sensibility in the pregnant women. Someone really suffer on having seen that his body is modified so much, so they imagine that they will not turn out to be already attractive before his husbands.

It is natural that you do not feel much in accordance with the image that returns you the mirror. Nevertheless, you will notice that with the time you will stop thinking about it and will wish your paunch to grow every day to be feeling your baby increasingly close.

If you feel insecure of your corporal image during the pregnancy remember the following thing:

It continues a balanced feeding. Not only for yourself, but also for the health of new being that it is developing in your belly.

Exercise. It is ideal to support you in form and relaxed, with more energies. If you want to inform yourself about physical activity for pregnant women bundle clic here.

He takes pictures. You can have feelings found with regard to your corporal image when you are pregnant, but some day you will feel nostalgia of what will have been one of the most important moments of your life. Take photos of yourself and keep them: when you look at them in the future you even will want to be pregnant again.

How to achieve that the children help in the tasks of the hearth

cleanliness of the hearth How to achieve that the children help in the tasks of the hearth

To be a mom commits an outrage, to worry for the buys, the kitchen, the cleanliness of the hearth, the tasks of the children, to work out of house and above to attend to the husband, it is really an arduous task of every day. It is for it essentially that from the moment in which the children are small one teaches them to cooperate in the tasks of cleanliness and order of the hearth, so that between all they could coexist in a harmonious space before the mom of the house gets into a crisis.

How to achieve that the children collaborate with the tasks of the hearth? To achieve it the fact is that next you will find a series of advices and tips that Rafaela of Entire Hearth has brought over to us so that they all in the family cooperate to reach a hearth in order and I clean.

The first advice, it is to give to the children tool cleanliness tools entertaining and adapted for them. Do not give them the enormous broom that you always use or a feather duster bigger than they. Whenever they have a size adapted for his height, it will facilitate his handling and the use on the part of the children.

Another advice is to do of the cleanliness work a game, in which the children want to take part and amuse themselves doing. It uses music, and creates competitions to join the toys in a certain time, or who joins more with only one I run, for example.

It implements a system of rewards that encourages them to order, knowing what they will obtain once they have finished the task. For example, to be able to choose what to have for dinner, or to receive tidbits.

Do not arrange them what tasks to do. It leaves that they choose by which to start and which to end.

Finally, and to my way of seeing, the biggest advice that can happen is: do the tasks along with your child. This way they will see in you the example to be continued, in addition to being an excellent opportunity to spend a good moment together, to converse and to be known moreover.

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Childbearings histories: do not allow to scare you

pregnant paunch childbearings Histories: do not allow to scare you When we remain pregnant, the whole world has something that to say. Round paunch insurance is a male, do not raise stairs, you have to eat for two, do not put yourself in squatting, what is that thing about to do exercise, have no relations that you hurt the baby …

What pregnant woman has not listened to thousand and advices that, sometimes, rub the superstition. With good intentions, clearly, the multitude of relatives and friends who surround the pregnant woman thinks about how to transmit his experience with the intention of helping or of preparing of the evil that they spent.

The fact is that, like few topics, the pregnancy brings with it a heap of myths and beliefs. Although it will not hurt us that they predict the sex of the baby with a monedita, there are other things that yes can bother us: I refer to the histories of childbearings worthy of the gallery of the terror. With our hormones revolutionizing the frame of mind and the sensibility flush with skin, we can scare some histories free, generating fear of the childbearing, but few ones have to do with the reality.

Every woman keeps the experience of his childbearing of different way. For someone, the childbearing was a marvel in which they did not feel almost pain, and if there was pain “it was the most wonderful pain of the world, because I brought to you you”. It is the case of most of our mothers, I support that mine was saying that to me for fear to which it should leave it without grandchildren.

For others, the experience was frightening. So much, that I have no uncles. “I was three days with the head of your father to way to go out, that does not spend the same to you”. The worst thing is that the grandma is sure that everything happened this way. Class of childbearing by means of, I know that there were no possibilities that similar figure happened, but she keeps on insisting. It is clear, this was his experience, this was the way in which she registered his childbearing, his process and his pain.

For that reason, if you scare some history, he asks. Your instructor, your doctor, your midwife: the whole medical personnel ready to help you will be capable of removing your fears and of appearing what is of reality and what of fantasy in every history of a woman giving birth. Do not keep fears, in his place receive good experiences.

Tips to choose the name of your baby

name Tips to choose the name of your baby
The name of your baby will be a little that it marks it for the rest of his life, therefore to choose the perfect name is very important and we must think it well.

The ancient Greeks were thinking that the name that is given to a child was defining his destination, so to assure a good future to him I propose to you to see some tips to choose his name.

If for what they look is a pretty name then they will have to look for one that has tone, is easy to write, to pronounce and to remember.

Remember that the most important thing the well-being of the child is, not to satisfy a whim of the parents or relatives. This new being has to feel comfortable with his name.

To do the test if it is the correct one or they cannot write it, pronounce it aloud, combine them with the familiar surnames and imagine different situations.

Some parents choose to meet the baby before naming it, it is a way of putting a name that goes with his appearance or with his character.

On the other hand to investigate before the election can help with the final decision.

If they choose for names of foreign origin make sure that should be still written likewise in his original language.

Princess's chariot for girls

princess's chariot princess's Carroza for girls

What girl has not ever dreamed of the magic chariot of The Dogsbody? Without doubts, it is not a transport way any more for the girls: it is the pleased car that has been created by the Fairy godmother so that Dogsbody goes so far as to the palace to meet his prince.

So that the smallest feel as real princesses, the luxurious beds have been created La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach, of design similar to that of the chariot that we have seen in the movie of Walt Disney. They are really very pretty and feminine, such as if they had been taken of a fairy tale.

chariot 1 princess's Chariot for girls

chariot 2 princess's Chariot for girls

chariot 3 princess's Chariot for girls

In addition to his delicate design done in wood and the roof that simulates the petals of a flower, the chariots - beds are provided with cushions in the shape of heart, carpets and cortintas of silk in his interior. And although you do not believe it, many of his pieces have been decorated to hand.

chariot 4 princess's Chariot for girls

chariot 6 princess's Chariot for girls

With this chariot to sleep, the girls will feel the Dogsbody and the Beautiful Sleeping one at the same time.

princess's chariot for girls 2 princess's Chariot for girls

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The overcoat 3 in 1 ideal for every mom

abrigo3en1 The overcoat 3 in 1 ideal for every mom

Every future mom, mom and woman must be sheltered and to the fashion in winter. It is for it that they must not be satisfied with the same jacket, rural or everlasting overcoat. There exist alternatives and designs especially thought for the woman about each of his stages. Since there are the designs of The Mcoat, a shop specializing in the dressmaking and design of a special overcoat for the mom.

What has this overcoat that turns it into the ideal buy for every woman? That allows three different uses depending on the state for which the mom is. When it is pregnant the overcoat will be able to cover his pancita, when it has had the baby will serve also as overcoat for him, and further on, when the child has already grown, there will have left the mom as a woman's perfect overcoat.

Created and designed in Canada, this overcoat done in pens 3 in 1 is of of high quality and they do mailing for way from his web portal towards several countries of the world.

Next you will see three different uses that you can give him to this incredible overcoat, and then begin a glance for his place and know a little more of The Mcoat.

instruction The overcoat 3 in 1 ideal for every mom abrigo3 The overcoat 3 in 1 ideal for every mom abrigo2 The overcoat 3 in 1 ideal for every mom 3 sheltered The overcoat in 1 ideal for every mom

The best decoration for the quarter of the baby

to decorate the quarter of the baby The best decoration for the quarter of the baby

I fell in love with the shop Pottery Barn Kids. I believe that I will never find a place that overcomes the decoration proposals for the quarter of the baby that this one offers. A thin and delicate style, classic combinations but to the fashion,
along with a quality first is what you will find next.

Pottery Barn Kids offers furniture and textile pledges grounds, designed cautiously to inspire the imagination. Each of his collections is thought for the comfort of the baby, the practicality of his use and the beauty of his style. Designed by experts and made with material dry sherries he assures the biggest care of the children and babies in each of his items.

His first catalog was thrown in January, 1999, and nowadays they already managed to take more than 90 shops as the whole United States and Canada. Years of experience and a business in expansion endorse these products that you can know and admire in his web site.

Anyway I want to do a special mention to different decoration for the quarter of the baby who offers. They combine the objects: cradle, sheet, toys, cushions and more, in order to generate a harmonious decoration.

to decorate the quarter of bebe6 The best decoration for the quarter of the baby to decorate the quarter of bebe7 The best decoration for the quarter of the baby to decorate the quarter of bebe8 122x150 The best decoration for the quarter of the baby to decorate the quarter of bebe5 122x150 The best decoration for the quarter of the baby to decorate the quarter of bebe4 122x150 The best decoration for the quarter of the baby to decorate the quarter of bebe2 122x150 The best decoration for the quarter of the baby

Fertility periods in the woman

almanac fertility Periods in the woman

A curious fact: the women we are born with four hundred thousand ova, which after the puberty we will be liberating in every cycle of 28 days. In contrast to the men who produce new sperms during the whole life, our ova fulfill years together with us. When we are thirty years old, they also have thirty, hence the importance in the age of the woman who is going to conceive.

These cycles of 28 days – with some changes according to the woman - regulate all our activity, our physical yield and up to psychological. And the key days are those that we ovulate: there are the days of fertility, in which there is a mature ovum ready to be fertilized by the sperm of a man. How do we know cúales there are these days?

There exist several ways of knowing if we are in a fertility period. In principle, the ovulation takes place on the 14th before the bled next one and your fertility period spreads from the 12th 16. For that reason, the doctors indicate those who want to conceive that they have relations between the 7th and 20th of the feminine menstrual cycle.

It can sound confused, but a fertility calculator does the simple task to you, if you are a woman with the regular cycles. But, you can help yourself with these other methods to determine the fertility period:

Cervical snot: during the fertile days the vaginal flow changes texture, becomes more slippery, being alike the egg white. This provides a propitious ambience for the trip of the sperms to the meeting with the ovum.

Corporal basal temperature: it is the temperature of our body at the moment of waking up us, a rest of eight hours. After ovulating, the corporal temperature rises and it is supported in this level during the whole cycle ovulatorio. At the end of the cycle it descends again.

These two methods of identification of the period of fertility are used like natural methods of contraception, which generally are not advised for demanding a big planning and care.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pikavu, clock locator for sin

pikavu2 Pikavu, clock locator for sin To go out to go for a walk or to go to the park is one of the activities most entertained for sin, but for the parents it can be very stressful, especially when there are many persons in the place and are difficult to support more children at sight.

To facilitate to us the arduous task of taking care of more children when we are outdoors or in a shopping center Pikavu it has thrown to the market a clock thought for the smallest.

Across the clock the children are to the 'sight' of the parents thanks to the system that GPS which the device has.

The locator Pikavú, it is formed by a clock GPS that the child takes, and a portable recipient that there has the father, who allows to see the place of the child with facility, 7 seconds after touching the button appears the exact position of the child on the screen of the recipient.

And if you have more children you can acquire up to 10 clocks and them control from him the same recipient.

The clock also is provided with a SOS button so that the child could ask for help if something happens, also the recipient indicates the position of the father and of the child, what allows the search to be easier.

And that is not quite, also it allows to activate a safety radio so that, on having overcome this distance, the alarm is activated in the recipient.

If they want to have more information about this product they can visit the information Pikavu web site.

Fertility calculator

fertilicalendario fertility Calculator Image: Flickr

Are you gliding to remain a pregnant woman? Nothing better of that time that to report you what it is the date in which your fertile period appears. This happens when the ovary liberates an ovum ready to be fertilized, or, the ovulation takes place. To have relations in these key days increases the possibilities of a successful fertilization.

Although any women are capable of realizing of the day in which they ovulate for changes or sensations in his body, others simply have no idea. If you belong to the last group, here we give you a small contribution: a fertility calculator.

This calculator is not not any more not less than an application to determine the approximate date in which you will ovulate, therefore, what there are your days fertility peak. It is not an exact calculation, but orientativo, because like everything related to the cycle, it can change before the environmental and psychological conditions.

To do the calculation we have to know with certainty the first day of our last menstruation and, if it is possible, of two previous ones in addition to the duration of your cycle. The date of your ovulation will be about 14 days before the end of the cycle and your fertility period spreads from the 12th 16.

Let's see an example: if the first day of your last menstruation was January 1 and your cycle is 28 days, the date is of your next ovulation it will be January 15 and your fertile period will be comprised between January 12 and 16.

Test this calculator of fertility that turns out to be very practical.

Regrettably, if your cycles are irregular it will not be possible to calculate your fertile period this way. But not everything is lost: they exist test of ovulation that is used in a way similar to the home-made test of pregnancy and can inform you exactly if you are ovulating or not.

But: it is not convenient to get obsessed with the dates! The best thing at the time of the sex the spontaneity is, so nothing of chases your couple with the calendar in the hand.

A lot of luck!

Method of the basal temperature

thermometer Method of the basal temperature

If we are looking for contraceptive methods that include neither hormones nor devices, we must think about the called natural contraceptive methods.

Polemic, they doubt more than one woman. The specialists opposed to his use argue that they are of low effectiveness because they need of a regular feminine cycle and of a big attention and planning. For another side, there are those who prefer them for not interfering in the relations nor to make use of substances or strange devices to the human body, in addition to the usual religious motives.

After all, it is necessary to find out to be able to decide. Therefore here we present to them the called method of the basal temperature or basal corporal temperature.

The basal corporal temperature is the temperature of our body to the awakening, after a rest of eight hours. This temperature rises lightly after the ovulation and it is supported over the normal thing in what it remains of the cycle ovulatorio.

To take the record of the temperature, you can use a table or graph.

The temperature must be taken by a special thermometer that you obtain in the drugstore. It must mark up to a grade tenth. The first day of the cycle begins. When you wake up in the morning, before going out of the bed, you take the temperature of yourself in five minutes, without moving nor to speak, because this can modify the record. It is better to do it at the same hour every morning. You note down the record in the table and I list, when it finishes the cycle you will be able to see the finished graph of your temperature.

As the measurements can be affected for example, if you have fever, there is convenient to take this control together with the method Billings (called also method of the cervical snot) to increase the precision.

Speak it with your couple and decide together what the best way is to look after. He remembers that these methods do not prepare of the sexually transmitted diseases, there are an only one way of avoiding to remain a pregnant woman.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manualidades for San Valentín

san valentin Manualidades for San Valentín
A few days are missing for the day of the lovers, and as I mentioned already to them that this one does not have because to be an occasion that there celebrate only those persons who have couple. We can celebrate all!, even the smallest, I believe that they will like to do something with love and their own hands to give a dear being.

Today I propose two very simple crafts to them so that you them are too the house be able to realize solitos.

To the left we see a few beautiful cubes that are only drawings given in a cardboard with form of heart, circle or the form that more they like.

To the right there can be appreciated a few beautiful flowers that like center have a chupetín, chupachús or lolly pop.

To realize the flowers they have to cut four hearts that then they will join for the tops and finally they will place the chupetín in the center.

They can write the name of the person whom they will give this obsequiousness of San Valentín in one of the petals.

Mothers of the world assembled in Twitter

Nowadays the technologies have invaded everything and to all. It is not strange that each of us is part of any social network. And neither it is strange that the moms are updated and surf the internet to be related and to learn some of others.

It was for this that I did not surprise, but if it made me happy that the moms of the entire world have used of one of this Internet hardware for their own benefit. I am speaking precisely about Twitter and about the most influential moms of this social network.

As well as they read it, the mothers of different points of the planet have met in a portal TwitterMoms where they can be related, communicate and share advices, comments and more.

Thousands of mothers are registered and raise his message by means of Twitter and there wait for the answer of others thousands of mothers ready to help or simply to comment.

Every mother can enter, register and arm your own page. Also it can raise advices, links of interesting places, can share photos or invite to visit your own blog. It is the whole mothers' community with instantaneous answers.

A pity is that the place is completely in English, and who take part mostly handle this language. Anyhow if one speaks Spanish it is possible to take part, because every mom is welcome.

Anyhow it looks like to me a project more than interesting, to create a community of this type for the Spanish-speaking population. Proposals?

An infantile furniture was never so entertaining

furniture facebox an infantile furniture was never so entertaining

How many times have we thought that the cars have “expensive“? How many times have we discovered diverse forms in the clouds? Carlos Tíscar discovered them also in the furniture. He did not want that they had life only in his imagination and proposed to take them to the practice.

It was as well as it created Facebox (Boxes with faces), a shop of infantile furniture described by his creator as “a family of small furniture that in addition to very useful will accompany you on his nice presence”. The fact is that each of them for his colors and disposition of buttons and handles create nice faces that seemed to smile, shout or express diverse emotions.

It gives life to your furniture and that your child amuses himself and finds in them a company.

I discovered them in DecoPeques and did not want to allow sharing them with you. The fact is that to my way of seeing it is a question of an idea as simple as brilliant, that does the difference in infantile furniture. Nothing complex, not searched, but 100 % cash.

This is a new project of the company BM, which used of the designer Carlos Tíscar to create a new collection of furniture of sale online. The most interesting thing the words of the designer are, at the time of there explains the porqué of these entertaining designs. He has always thought that the cajoneras with wheels were a personages' species. In his imagination him anyojan like small robots. One day decided to try to humanize these containers and the result was the family Facebox. Furniture that in addition to being useful, serve as company.

You can do with one of them following this linkage. To choose the size and color that you wish or one does to you personalized. 

furniture facebox2 an infantile furniture was never so entertaining furniture facebox3 an infantile furniture was never so entertaining

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The engagements in the infancy

the engagements in the infancy The engagements in the infancy

For ages, the children are exposed to the couple model: from observing it in your own parents and relatives up to seeing it time and again in the classic infantile stories in which the princesses marry his princes and live in love and happy forever. It is inevitable and natural that adopt this model and imitate what they see.

How attentive must you be about the situation? First of all, you must not worry: that your child has fiancée in his infancy it is not anything necessary well or badly, but yes it is normal and it is part of his growth and socialization.

And for especially, bear in mind that everything happens in the frame of the innocence: of course for your daughter, his fiancé is that amiguito with whom it plays more or to who gives an extra cooky during the lunch. But what yes is important that you bear in mind is the emotional development and the nature of the relations of the boys.

The best thing is that you begin to talk with the children as they are growing about what they mean for them his noviecitos or noviecitas. And do not forget of mentioning the topic of the physical contact.

These conversations with the children will serve to you to know them more and to encourage his confidence, and for especially it will sit the bases for the future chats on sexuality that you will share with them when they turn into adolescents.

An automatic cradles swing

cradles swing An automatic cradles swing

It is true that there are inventions for everything. To facilitate the task of the parents also they have been invented and he keeps on thinking about how to invent more and more objects that solve problems, which reduce the tasks and simplify the arduous task of being a mom.

The case that I bring to them today is a clear example of it. It is a question of a swing of prams and cradles. If you are thinking that might be a good idea to have something like that, you even more are going to wish it when you know that it is a question only of a simple and small pipe.

His name is Lolaloo and is a device that adheres to the car or to the rail of the cradle by means of Velcro thongs and by means of his movements it rocks the child. Every mother knows how important this movement is so that the child calms down and sleeps. Now the mother will be able to use his hands with other ends, since his child will be rocked only.

The Lolaloo works to rechargeable batteries, and it is possible to assign different types of speeds to him to rock. His load lasts between 2 and 4 hours. He can buy it to some 129€ in his official place. For a pity it still has not gone out of Germany, but of course prompt the same design goes so far as to help parents of other countries of the world.

swing of cunas4 An automatic cradles swing swing of cunas2 An automatic cradles swing swing of cunas5 An automatic cradles swing

Give to the future mom products Hello Kitty

hello kitty Regálale to the future mom products Hello Kitty

If you have some relative or friend who is still to have family, you will have to be thinking what to give him. Whenever the released mom is going to be visited to the sanatorium it is necessary to take a small obsequiousness for the newborn baby. The same happens when a Baby Shower is celebrated, the guests must take some present to the honored one.

If you are lacking in ideas, here I present to you several alternatives, all of them with the mark of the tender one and querible kitten Hello Kitty.

Ideal to give him to mothers who know that sex of his baby is feminine, the products Hello Kitty are useful objects and with the special touch and attractive proper design of the Japanese mark.

If you enter to the shop online of Sanrio you will meet all the products that lead to the kitten. But especially and for a future mom I recommend to you to give him a set of soft towels in 100 % white cotton in colors and pink.

Other options are plush plush with the characteristic figure of Hello Kitty, or a few beautiful pointed shoes like those that you see in the image.

hello kitty31 Give to the future mom products Hello Kitty hello kitty21 Give to the future mom products Hello Kitty hello kitty4 Give to the future mom products Hello Kitty