Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mothers of the world assembled in Twitter

Nowadays the technologies have invaded everything and to all. It is not strange that each of us is part of any social network. And neither it is strange that the moms are updated and surf the internet to be related and to learn some of others.

It was for this that I did not surprise, but if it made me happy that the moms of the entire world have used of one of this Internet hardware for their own benefit. I am speaking precisely about Twitter and about the most influential moms of this social network.

As well as they read it, the mothers of different points of the planet have met in a portal TwitterMoms where they can be related, communicate and share advices, comments and more.

Thousands of mothers are registered and raise his message by means of Twitter and there wait for the answer of others thousands of mothers ready to help or simply to comment.

Every mother can enter, register and arm your own page. Also it can raise advices, links of interesting places, can share photos or invite to visit your own blog. It is the whole mothers' community with instantaneous answers.

A pity is that the place is completely in English, and who take part mostly handle this language. Anyhow if one speaks Spanish it is possible to take part, because every mom is welcome.

Anyhow it looks like to me a project more than interesting, to create a community of this type for the Spanish-speaking population. Proposals?

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