Friday, February 19, 2010

How to stimulate the creativity of the child

to exploit the creativity of the child How to stimulate the creativity of the child

Every child likes playing, doing, singing, acting and realizing any recreational activity. But the true thing is that every time they are more the children who spend hours and hours of his day sat opposite to a computer, playing some computer game, or chatting with amiguitos.

Perhaps the parents find in this a sure and simple form of which the children are entertained in the evening. If it is like that, they must find out about how important the creative tasks are and what these help to the development of the smallest.

According to Charlotte Reznik, educational psychologist of children, he affirms that to exploit the imagination of the child produces many benefits. Some of them, Charlotte describes, they are: parents and children press the ties hard between; it removes them from the boredom; it gives skills to fight fears, low self-esteem, losses and other emotions that do not know how to express otherwise.

Now then, many parents will wonder: what creative activities can my son do? Next some proposals go.

- He invites your child to live through a few imaginary holidays. Do that it closes his eyes and instruct aloud that imagines a beautiful place that he would like visiting. At the end of the trip, he tries that it tells you on his sleep, his worries, what he liked to do, etc.

- It creates a dialogue between hands. This is a brilliant activity for children of 4th grade from now on. It helps to have access to the thoughts of the child and to make work both sides of the brain, the logician and the intuitive one. He tries that a hand rises his questions to other one and other one answers. You will impress yourself with what you discover about your child.

- Offer him crayolas, pencils and chalks of colors and a big quantity of sheets of blank paper. That your child feels free to create.

- A CD of appropriate music can make the child discover his body, his movement and the rhythm running for him.
Activities out of the hearth, in parks and open places allow the child to explore the nature and his relation with the world.

- Finally, it is always good that the child has to hand a box with old clothes, and jewels in desuetude, so that it could recreate histories, disguise itself and acquire new personalities.

Since they can see, without spending a lot of money, they will be able to promote the imagination and creativity of the children, removing from the video games, from the tv and the games of plastic and to remote control.

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