Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to achieve that the children help in the tasks of the hearth

cleanliness of the hearth How to achieve that the children help in the tasks of the hearth

To be a mom commits an outrage, to worry for the buys, the kitchen, the cleanliness of the hearth, the tasks of the children, to work out of house and above to attend to the husband, it is really an arduous task of every day. It is for it essentially that from the moment in which the children are small one teaches them to cooperate in the tasks of cleanliness and order of the hearth, so that between all they could coexist in a harmonious space before the mom of the house gets into a crisis.

How to achieve that the children collaborate with the tasks of the hearth? To achieve it the fact is that next you will find a series of advices and tips that Rafaela of Entire Hearth has brought over to us so that they all in the family cooperate to reach a hearth in order and I clean.

The first advice, it is to give to the children tool cleanliness tools entertaining and adapted for them. Do not give them the enormous broom that you always use or a feather duster bigger than they. Whenever they have a size adapted for his height, it will facilitate his handling and the use on the part of the children.

Another advice is to do of the cleanliness work a game, in which the children want to take part and amuse themselves doing. It uses music, and creates competitions to join the toys in a certain time, or who joins more with only one I run, for example.

It implements a system of rewards that encourages them to order, knowing what they will obtain once they have finished the task. For example, to be able to choose what to have for dinner, or to receive tidbits.

Do not arrange them what tasks to do. It leaves that they choose by which to start and which to end.

Finally, and to my way of seeing, the biggest advice that can happen is: do the tasks along with your child. This way they will see in you the example to be continued, in addition to being an excellent opportunity to spend a good moment together, to converse and to be known moreover.

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