Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How can I remain a pregnant woman

At the time of a baby considers to bring to the world many doubts arise, especially for the inexperienced ones. How can I remain a pregnant woman? will I have to look for the long time?. Although some things can help us, like calculating the fertility period, there is something much more important that we must not lose of sight: our health.

To bring a healthy baby, we must have a body and a healthy way of life. The tobacco, the alcohol, some medicines must be eliminated to make sure that our baby should grow normally. We need a balanced diet and a little of exercise. In addition to avoiding what hurts, nowadays there exist ways of preparing certain congenital evil that only need from us incorporating into our diet some supplement vitamínico and mineral.

It is so there is suggested the called “pregnancy of 12 months” that consists of beginning to take acid fólico and multivitamínicos three months before the date thought to conceive.

Obviously a visit to your doctor is indispensable, doing a general checkup it can determine that your body is prompt. Also he will inform you that how long you must wait from the moment in which you suspend the contraceptive method that you were using. Except the barrier methods, the contraceptive others - oral, patches, injections - need a rest time so that the cycle is regularized.

If you have expired with all these steps, now yes you can devote yourself to the calculations and pay attention to the days of major fertility, when there increase significantly the possibilities of conceiving successfully. It finds out the date of your ovulation and considers that one and the previous days like the stated ones.

Beyond our desire to be mothers, let's not lose of sight that the sex is not an only one way for the reproduction, but also a form of communication and of demonstration of affection towards other. To make love with the calendar in the head of the bed can be little desestimulante, or worse still, can become stressful. Let's leave then that the nature does his work.

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