Friday, February 26, 2010

Advices to teach to read at home

The moment in which the children begin to read is an extremely important stage and his correct development will depend not only on the capacity and proper determination of the child, or on the teacher of his preschool, but more than anything of the dedication and patience of his parents on having taught him.

The fact is that most of the children learn to read in his house, and although in the garden also it does it, the help of his parents is essential, and practising it during the whole day. It is for it that next I will leave 5 tips for parents who want to teach him to his children to be read and do not know how to do it.

To teach the children to read is not a task so simple as to teach him a little to an adult, it needs of concentration and of attractive activities that motivate it to learn and entertain them to do it and to excel itself.

To teach how it is read

So natural things for an adult since it it is the direction of the reading: of above to below, from left to right, there are things that the children still have not assimilated and need to learn. As well as the fact that the books begin to be read from his front forward. This can learn it with picture books, in which the sequence of the images should collaborate to the words sequence.

It labels your house

A very practical way of beginning to associate letters and words with objects, is to assign a tag written to every object of the hearth. This way the child of so much seeing the word written on the object, will begin to associate the name of the object with what it sees on the role.

It creates games using to letters

He thinks about how to organize simple games in which the subject-matter is to learn the letters of the ABC. The idea is that there does not sit this task as one more obligation inside the tasks for the garden. A game can be: before sleeping, the child owes deletrar the name of the person who wants that it takes it to the house, or at least to say the letter by which his name starts.

The letter of the day

If something made the personages of The street famous Sesame was the use of the letters of the street to create games and to teach the ABC. When you are walking along the street with your child, it uses the signs of transit, the names of the street, the patents so that he recognizes a letter per day in different ambiences.

To teach the sound of the letters

It is not the same to teach the phonetics of every letter, after which they recognize his sound in speaking daily. It is good that practise not only every letter separately with his sound, but in his union to form words.

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