Monday, February 15, 2010

Fertility calculator

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Are you gliding to remain a pregnant woman? Nothing better of that time that to report you what it is the date in which your fertile period appears. This happens when the ovary liberates an ovum ready to be fertilized, or, the ovulation takes place. To have relations in these key days increases the possibilities of a successful fertilization.

Although any women are capable of realizing of the day in which they ovulate for changes or sensations in his body, others simply have no idea. If you belong to the last group, here we give you a small contribution: a fertility calculator.

This calculator is not not any more not less than an application to determine the approximate date in which you will ovulate, therefore, what there are your days fertility peak. It is not an exact calculation, but orientativo, because like everything related to the cycle, it can change before the environmental and psychological conditions.

To do the calculation we have to know with certainty the first day of our last menstruation and, if it is possible, of two previous ones in addition to the duration of your cycle. The date of your ovulation will be about 14 days before the end of the cycle and your fertility period spreads from the 12th 16.

Let's see an example: if the first day of your last menstruation was January 1 and your cycle is 28 days, the date is of your next ovulation it will be January 15 and your fertile period will be comprised between January 12 and 16.

Test this calculator of fertility that turns out to be very practical.

Regrettably, if your cycles are irregular it will not be possible to calculate your fertile period this way. But not everything is lost: they exist test of ovulation that is used in a way similar to the home-made test of pregnancy and can inform you exactly if you are ovulating or not.

But: it is not convenient to get obsessed with the dates! The best thing at the time of the sex the spontaneity is, so nothing of chases your couple with the calendar in the hand.

A lot of luck!

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