Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The test of Denver

“The comparisons are odious” it says a popular judgment. And it is clear that they it are. But of course, more than once we have felt touched of comparing the development of our shoot with other children of his age. That if the height, that the weight, that if it walks or it left the nappies. The fact is that his health, his normal development reveals us.

Every child is a different individual from the others, with his own times. The important thing is to think if it is healthy, his evolution, that is to say the grade of ripeness with which it does a set of things.

To appreciate a child without the subjectivity that we load all the parents, the pediatricians use a test called Test of Denver or Scale of Denver. Developed by two pediatricians in the sixties, the test of Denver proposes to evaluate científicamente the development psicomotriz of the children from his birth up to six years. It is not an intelligence test, only it indicates if the development of a child is inside the normal limits.

What evaluates this test? It has four principal categories:

  • social contact
  • language
  • skills motorboats
  • skills thin motorboats

With this test, the pediatrician controls the child according to his age. For example, three months after age: does he smile? does the head support? At the age of twelve months: does it walk resting on the furniture? does “dad“ and “mom“ say knowing to whom does it speak?

As we said earlier, the important thing only one aspect is not, but a set. A child can take a long time to walk solito, but if it is a talkative parrot of course do not have big difficulties.

It is necessary to bear in mind that a test is created to detect quickly important problems, is used like a tool to study a big number of children and to decide who must keep on being studied and who not.

If you have some doubt about the development of your son, without doubting ask the doctor. Perhaps do not be at all, but if there is any problem it is better to detect it as soon as possible.

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