Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manualidades for San Valentín

san valentin Manualidades for San Valentín
A few days are missing for the day of the lovers, and as I mentioned already to them that this one does not have because to be an occasion that there celebrate only those persons who have couple. We can celebrate all!, even the smallest, I believe that they will like to do something with love and their own hands to give a dear being.

Today I propose two very simple crafts to them so that you them are too the house be able to realize solitos.

To the left we see a few beautiful cubes that are only drawings given in a cardboard with form of heart, circle or the form that more they like.

To the right there can be appreciated a few beautiful flowers that like center have a chupetín, chupachús or lolly pop.

To realize the flowers they have to cut four hearts that then they will join for the tops and finally they will place the chupetín in the center.

They can write the name of the person whom they will give this obsequiousness of San Valentín in one of the petals.

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