Friday, February 12, 2010

How to choose the prechildbearing course

comoelegircursodepreparto How to choose the prechildbearing course

Are you anxious because the arrival of your baby approaches and you do not know what the signs are? Do you have more doubts than certainties? Are you afraid that there recurs some negative experience that they have told you? An excellent tool to overcome fears and to face myths is a preparation course for the childbearing.

Many options exist, but your election will be better if you respect what you wish. So we see some advices to know how to choose the course of prechildbearing of a best possible way.

There are women who need that the doctor takes charge of everything, there are others that prefer to take part actively in his childbearing, someone prefer the use of anesthetic and others want to give birth under the water. If the dad will be present, it is good to consider also his opinion, if it is not comfortable it can be difficult for him to support you in this moment.

He looks for the available options in the place where you live. The hospitals, sanatoria or medical organization where you control your pregnancy generally give these courses. But, ask your obstetra or medical gynecologist where you can study them. There are even available ones for Internet!

If you choose for natural methods, look an instructor or organization that agrees with this type of practice. You will know that you can choose the position and the place to give birth, without anesthetic, to induction not episiotomía. Our body is prepared for this. Clear that everything has a limit, before any disadvantage there must be used the necessary resources and practices, which for that were invented.

If your idea is to give birth without pain and you are not opposed to the interventions, he looks for a course where the instructor agrees to use these skills. It anesthetizes epidural, general, Caesarean anesthesia: they will instruct you about the different options, his benefits and his risks. In many countries general rule is already the use of inhibiting of the pain, in other debits to pay so that they give them you.

On all the things, he thinks that a good instruction for the childbearing answers your questions. To have information especially what is going to happen to you will allow to take decisions. This happens to you and not to the doctor who attends to you, therefore, it is important that they consider your desires as the possibilities.

He remembers that the most important thing is that your baby comes to the life of the best way and that it is you who are to receive it.

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