Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He accustoms your child to go to the bath

he accustoms your child to go to the bath Accustoms your child to go to the bath

Sooner or later, the babies must leave his nappies and get accustomed to doing pee in his small chamber pot, then to give the big step of using the toilet. There is no exact formula to teach them to change his habits: every child is only and he will get accustomed to his time.

For it, have patience great and show him little by little what are the new habits that will change his baby's life to transform in a child. Here we present some advices to you.

Buy to him a small chamber pot
The small chamber pot must be in the bath, and not in his room. This way, it will associate what the place is indicated to go to do his needs. Choose a design of small chamber pot that turns out to be attractive for the child and keep her clean, since otherwise it will cause him rejection.

Have patience and attention
Do not discourage you if any day your child forgets to do pee to himself in the small chamber pot, to have already done it, since it is a very common conduct in the babies. Do not scold it and bear in mind that he will get accustomed with the time, which it can take months or even years.

It develops a routine
He tries that the child goes to his small chamber pot after every meal, before going to bed and immediately at once of getting up, so that with the time these practices turn into habits.

It takes store clothes
Although it could already be accustomed, perhaps one day forget that already does not take nappies and do pee where it has not to. After all, the children are not programmed machines and they need to get accustomed. That's why, go out with clothes of store and nappies if they need it.

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