Thursday, February 11, 2010

The children and the bad words

the children and the bad words The children and the bad words

There is no father or mother who does not complain when they hear his child saying any bad word. But as well as they do not like, also they must get accustomed to it, since the dirty vocabulary is completely normal when the children are growing.

Most of the children learn the bad words for listening to them in bigger children or even also if they have seen not so suitable television programs for his age. Once they know this “prohibited language”, the children repeat repeatedly the bad words, obviously, without knowing his meaning.

But, skylight, since they know that bad is, they do it to impress his parents: it is a way of going to the limit and of behaving badly. Or also they say bad words opposite to his friends, to demonstrate that that new that he has learned.

Although the children lose the interest to say cursing as they are growing, here we leave advices to you to moderate the rude language in the smallest:

Do not allow the bad words at home. Let know about him the child who if he says some swearword, will be breaking a rule. Of course, the rule is applied to all, parents and children: if the parents are accustomed to using rude language it is impossible that the child does not imitate his attitude.

Do not react exaggeratedly if you it listen to say some bad word. At most, send it to his room and let him know that this type of language does not correspond.

Never wash his mouth with soap. This it the mothers usually did decades behind so that his son cleans his mouth of the dirty words. In addition to impressing the child, it is an extreme and unnecessary measurement.

If you notice that your child repeats the bad words only to impress you or it was proving to be "strong" before you, ignore it. Soon he will realize that it does not achieve his targets that way.

Reward it when you notice that it has diminished the use of bad words.

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