Monday, February 22, 2010

Give to your child the clock of his sleep

If the birthday of your child approaches and you do not know what to give him, I will present an original idea to you. What child did not see the movie Transformers? What child has not got enthusiastic with these enormous cars and tractors that walk along the city? If your son is one of those, I recommend to you to give him one of these clocks of edition limited owing to Transformers.

All the children will envy this clock, which was designed by Tony Simonetta, and which there preserves the colors, the logo and the format that they identify to the movie. For those mamis who still do not know it, this movie is based on the history of cómics of Marvel, written on 1984.

These clocks are provided with all the toys that every child wants to have. Three discs that they inform on the seconds, minutes and hours, chronometer, it is resistant to the water, and you can choose the logo of the Decepticons or of the Autobots. Also there is the option to choose digital clocks and interchangeable pieces.

A clock that will mark your child, if he is a Transformes fanatic.

If your child is bigger, or you think about how to complete the collection, can choose for these incredible sneakers also with the esthetics and design of the cómic and movie Transformers.

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