Friday, February 12, 2010

Test of home-made pregnancy

testdeembarazofoto Test of home-made pregnancy

“Two streaks, pregnancy. A streak, a simple delay” was saying publicity that, many years ago, he was announcing the arrival of this rapid, intimate and trustworthy method to predict a pregnancy. But: how is it that these famous home-made pregnancy tests work?

Nowadays there are different the marks and presentations that we can find on the market. What it does not change is his diagnosis method: the test indicates the presence in the urine of the hormone gonadotropina coriónica human present (hCG) in the body of the woman when it is pregnant. It takes place from the sixth after the conception, when the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb.

This method of detection of pregnancy is highly effective if we bear in mind certain factors. First, the grade of sensibility that has the test to detect the hormone. You will find this in the specifications of the manufacturer. Second, not always it is possible to find the hCG the first day of delay. In spite of the anxiety of the moment, it can be better to wait one more week or to repeat the exámen.

Before doing it, it verifies the due date. He thinks also if you have it kept long ago, the temperature and the moisture can modify his sensibility. Every manufacturer encloses a clear and simple leaflet where he tells you how to realize the test. It pays entire attention to the indications and do not attack any step. There are some presentations where you must fill a small receptacle with urine and introduce there the strip reactivates: care in spite of introducing it of the reverse!. Others need that the urine takes contact straight a pipe similar to a digital thermometer. Be which it will be the method, it is very easy to do.

As for the reading, they can show lines or signs of positive and negative, in blue colors or roses. Everything depends on the mark that you use. The low concentration of the hormone can give place to a pale color, but that does not doubt the result. On the other hand, the only medicines that could intergesticulate and give like turned out a false positive sound those who contain the hormone, like the used ones in the unfertility treatments.

He remembers that although the result should show a soft coloration, if there appear two streaks or the positive sign, it is positive. It is convenient to consult with your doctor at once. If you are pregnant, there are many things that you have to allow doing, like smoking or taking habitual medications, and some others that you must begin doing, like taking mineral supplements and vitamínicos, quite for your good and that of your baby.

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