Monday, February 15, 2010

Method of the basal temperature

thermometer Method of the basal temperature

If we are looking for contraceptive methods that include neither hormones nor devices, we must think about the called natural contraceptive methods.

Polemic, they doubt more than one woman. The specialists opposed to his use argue that they are of low effectiveness because they need of a regular feminine cycle and of a big attention and planning. For another side, there are those who prefer them for not interfering in the relations nor to make use of substances or strange devices to the human body, in addition to the usual religious motives.

After all, it is necessary to find out to be able to decide. Therefore here we present to them the called method of the basal temperature or basal corporal temperature.

The basal corporal temperature is the temperature of our body to the awakening, after a rest of eight hours. This temperature rises lightly after the ovulation and it is supported over the normal thing in what it remains of the cycle ovulatorio.

To take the record of the temperature, you can use a table or graph.

The temperature must be taken by a special thermometer that you obtain in the drugstore. It must mark up to a grade tenth. The first day of the cycle begins. When you wake up in the morning, before going out of the bed, you take the temperature of yourself in five minutes, without moving nor to speak, because this can modify the record. It is better to do it at the same hour every morning. You note down the record in the table and I list, when it finishes the cycle you will be able to see the finished graph of your temperature.

As the measurements can be affected for example, if you have fever, there is convenient to take this control together with the method Billings (called also method of the cervical snot) to increase the precision.

Speak it with your couple and decide together what the best way is to look after. He remembers that these methods do not prepare of the sexually transmitted diseases, there are an only one way of avoiding to remain a pregnant woman.

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