Saturday, February 20, 2010

To calculate the date of childbearing

Newborn baby Calcular the date of childbearing When I had me firstly daughter, the entire family did a big bet. They all marked in the almanac the day in which they were thinking that he would be born. They filled in March in the calendar with crucecitas and names, all thinking about how to calculate the date of the childbearing. Those who were losing, had to give him a nappies bundle. The one that was right: it was not giving anything!! An uncle was right. The rest, he went to buy the blessed nappies. I had to arrange the top part of a clothes closet to keep the bundles … the fact is that I have a big family.

Bets, prognoses, riddles: the whole family, friends, even the neighbors give his opinion on the date in which finally the new member will come. Because although the doctor marks a date in the gestograma, it is a tentative date. Our wished baby will come when it is prompt. Let's see how the probable date of childbearing is calculated.

The gestogramas or calculators of childbearing are usually stage or wheels. There interferes the date of your last menstruation and they are counted 40 weeks. Your baby will be born to term if it is between the week 38 and 42 of gestation. If you are not sure of the date, with the first ultrasound scans it will be possible to determine with enough accuracy the age of the fetus and therefore, to add the moment of the childbearing.

A way easy to calculate it mentally is to add up seven days to the date of your last menstruation and to reduce him three months. For example, if the first day of your last rule was April 15, the probable date of childbearing will be January 22.

In turn, the gestogramas indicate you in what week of gestation you are. This is very important, as the weeks happen the development of your baby must be controlled to see if everything is fine.

If you wonder why they are counted the weeks from the last menstruation, being that you remained pregnant approximately two or three weeks later, you will surprise to know that it is only a medical convention.

To do accounts, then!

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