Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alarm clock of Hello Kitty that dances and speaks

alarm clock of hello kitty who dances and speaks Alarm clock of Hello Kitty that dances and speaks

There is incredible the quantity of things that have been created by the mark of the graceful kitten of Hello Kitty. For something he is one of the favorite personages of the girls. And in this opportunity a new and modern object has been created for fanatics of this adorable drawing: Kitty's alarm clock.

Since it happens to all to the morning, of course your girl also suffers such a hated alarm of the alarm clock that it indicates him that he must get up to go to the school. That's why, so that the indolence does not win them the fact is that a modern clock came to wake up them in the stated moment.

alarm clock of hello kitty who dances and 2 speaks Alarm clock of Hello Kitty that dances and speaks

But this alarm clock of Hello Kitty is not one more alarm clock. When his alarm sounds, the cat begins to move in all the directions without stopping. And when you think that his movements are finished, he speaks.

“Good morning! It is already an hour! You will come late!” there are some of the phrases that the voice of the alarm clock pronounces. An effective way of waking up up to the most fond of sleeping girls.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cradle ‘Bednest MK2’, to have your baby well close

cradle Cradle ‘Bednest MK2’, to have your baby well close If you want to have your baby well close to yours, but not inside your bed, then I present to you a very suitable cradle that also disarms itself and it is possible to transport very easily.

The MK2 is a cradle ‘co-bed‘ that it is possible to place very close to the bed of the parents and allows the baby to be within reach of your arms, or if you prefer it you can place it a little further, simply have to rise or lower one of the walls lateralesde the cradle that will transform it into a conventional cradle or into a 'sidecar' of your bed.

cuna2 Cradle ‘Bednest MK2’, to have your baby well close And if they want to go of trip and that his baby is comfortable simply they disarm it and keep it in the traveling bag.

cuna3 Cradle ‘Bednest MK2’, to have your baby well close The finished kit that includes cradle, foot, mattress and case has a price of £ 199 and the truth is that it seems very practical.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Typical of the babies born in March

March Typical of the babies born in March We are already in the third month of 2010, the babies who are born in this month will be different from those who are born in another height of the year. The fact is that for the astrology there are great the variants that it can affect in the personality of a person.

The babies who are born in March will have like positive characteristic that in this month begins a new zodiacal year, therefore the children will have the best qualities of Pisces and of Aries and in this year 2010 they will combine his personal beauty with a big decision capacity.

Of course they will be captivating children, babies who will impress all with his smile and demonstrations of fondness.

As negative aspects it is that due to the retrograde position of Mars the first days of the month the children will need help to canalize this big energy entry and to have steadfastness and discipline, to achieve results.

Puzzle carpet for children

puzzle carpet for children Alfombra of puzzle for children

What child has not enjoyed trying to arm a puzzle? We all during our infancy have faced the challenge of finding and of forming the image hidden behind a few accounts pieces of puzzle scattered by the soil.

And this time is the jigsaw puzzle the one that is under the feet, because it is the proper carpet. Really, a very creative design for the room of the children, who will amuse themselves very much arranging and modifying the pieces in the soil of his bedroom.

puzzle carpet for children 1 puzzle Carpet for children

puzzle carpet for children 4 Carpets of puzzle for children

puzzle carpet for children 2 Carpets of puzzle for children

Since you can detach and join the pieces repeatedly, the carpet is the sufficiently flexible thing as to adapt itself to the size of any room, since it will never be demasadio long or too short. Also, there comes with pieces in different colors which will feed the imagination of smaller that they will be able to decorate his room with proper designs.

One day you have a coloring carpet, other a carpet of smooth color. Everything depends the creativity of the children from the forms and combinations of colors who want to drink to his carpet.

If you want to know more about this one and other designs for children it enters the Counterform web.

puzzle carpet for children 3 Carpets of puzzle for children

Torrent The Amazing Race S16E05 I Think We're Fighting the Germans, Right? now

Friday, March 19, 2010

Exercises during the pregnancy

Yoga pregnant women Ejercicios during the pregnancy

Your body is sobreexigido. You have one more liter of blood, have put on weight, as it advances the pregnancy it finds it hard to you to move more. Probably what less you want is of exercising, but he keeps on reading and you will see like a routine of simple exercises during the pregnancy it can get better more than one inconvenience.

If your pregnancy comes in healthy conditions and you do not have the physical activity contra-indicated, there are many options. You can do exercise in your house or with an instructor in the gymnasium, but he remembers whenever there have to be a gymnastics indicated for pregnant women.

For proper experience, the yoga practice is very beneficial. His slow and soft but powerful exercises, they help to stretch the muscles, correct the position and relieve punctual pains. You have to do it with an instructor who dictates courses directed especially for pregnant women, because there are positions that are not advisable in the gestation. If you cheer up, you will see the marvels that you can do with a foot although you load with this enormous abdomen.

It looks at this example:

Puncture here to see the video

The walks outdoors do not need of any preparation and: they are free!. You can ask your couple to accompany you on having returned from the work, having gone for a walk with a friend, or simply the earphones put themselves with your favorite music and to go out to cover your city.

The swimming, the dance and the stationary bicycle (to avoid falls and accidents) are other ways of it exercising that are indicated during the pregnancy. Of course, report it with your doctor, and before any pain, sickness or faint interrupts the activity and consults immediately.

The key of the physical activity during the pregnancy is in the steadfastness and moderation. If the sport is part of your life and your pregnancy is developing normally, there are no motives it for stopping practising. Of l0 opposite, bear in mind that it is not a moment to improvise, do not demand from yourself to do a sport if it is what you were accustoming.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When and how to exercise after the pregnancy

when and like exercising after the pregnancy When and how to exercise after the pregnancy

You have already have turned into mother and your baby is sanito and calmly, as you wanted. Now it is a turn to lower kilos and to recover the figure that so much has been modified during nine months of pregnancy.

Of course feel very anxious for recapturing the physical activity as soon as possible, but first it knows what the year's profits will be I postset off. In addition to helping you to recover your weight, he will return you your force and muscular tone, will improve your fortitude and will give you the sufficient energies as to face the typical depression that comes after giving birth.

What is it the best moment to begin? Earlier the doctors were saying that newly six weeks after the childbearing, but now the things changed and they recommend to do it when you feel ready, any time you have had a normal childbearing and without complications. In case of the Cesarean section, better ask your obstetra.

Anyway, a walk will always come well to treat the wounds and to prepare the blood cuágulos formation. According to the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, the ideal thing is that a woman realizes minimum two hours and a half of aerobic exercise of intense to moderated per week after giving birth.

And for not sobrexigirte when you return to the gymnasium, bear in mind the following thing:

  • Do warming up and stretch your muscles before beginning.
  • It begins slowly then to increase the intensity.
  • Stay hydrated earlier and during the exercise.
  • It interrupts the activity before any pain or inconvenience.
  • It uses sports supports for your bosoms.
  • If you notice bled vaginal, consult immediately with your doctor.

Types of childbearing that exist

Newborn baby Tipos of childbearing that they exist

It seemed that there is ingenious only one of coming to this world, but not. The medicine, for centuries, there has been in charge of developing set of instruments and procedures to help to the nature when a childbearing is complicated.

If everything comes well for natural routes, a baby is born for spontaneous vaginal childbearing. The baby is born across the vagina, without medical interventions. The position for the childbearing can be put to bed (the most common in the institutions), sat, in squatting, of knees, stop … there are several options.

When does a doctor decide to use instruments to assist a natural childbearing? If the mom has been bidding for the long time and is exhausted or the baby is almost out but his beats descend, the doctor can use a cupping glass or a forceps to help the baby to go out.

The vaginal childbearing assisted with cupping glass, it happens when there puts itself an instrument of aspiration, flexible and rounded, adherent at the head of the baby. This device helps to spend his cuerpito for the childbearing channel, while the mom bids the doctor pulls gently the cupping glass.

A haematoma can stay in the cabecita of the baby, who will disappear a weeks. In the mom tears can take place, but in minor measurement than with the forceps.

In case of the vaginal childbearing assisted with forceps, the doctor uses an instrument similar to a fork with the ends in the shape of spoon. It introduces them across the vagina and takes the baby, usually of the cabecita. It extracts it gently from the childbearing channel, finishing this way a difficult childbearing.

Also haematomas or blisters can stay in the baby, but the risk of major complications is quite low. As for the mom, the tears are quite common.

Finally, the Cesarean section or abdominal childbearing is. It is a surgical procedure designed for when the baby cannot go out for the vagina or runs risks if it does it. It is a question of an incision in the abdomen, where they will extract the baby. General anesthesia is used, according to the case, or epidural.

Although they can seem a little impressive, let's bear in mind that these skills are used when it is necessary, when the baby or the mother run life risk.

Here you have two interactive tutors to understand how a natural childbearing and a Cesarean section happens. They are very instructive, take a few minutes to look at them.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Multiple pregnancies

Triplets Embarazos multiple

Nowadays, when a woman is pregnant of several babies, he finds out in the first weeks. Imagine the surprise of our grandmothers when, on having given birth, neither one, nor two was coming, but three or more babies …

Fortunately the possibilities of sobrevida of so many babies it has increased with the advance of the science. The early diagnoses and the treatments that can be offered nowadays to babies who generally are born premature, were unimaginable two generations behind.

The medicine names multiple pregnancy to the gestations that two or more babies include. In case of two fetuses, they can grow from the same fertilized ovum that splits (twins monocigóticos) or of several fertilized ova (dicigóticos).

In case of three babies or more, so much they can be conceived from several ova, of the only one that it splits into three or more, as a combination of both things. What means this? Since that, for example, in case of triplets two little brothers can be identical and another seemed one like any other brother, or three different ones, or three identical ones.

According to the information, the multiple gestations come in ascent for two reasons. The first one is that the women wait more to have his children. It is verified that the possibilities of having more than one baby increase from 30 years. The second one is the use of the skills of fertility. Both the use of medicines and skills of assisted reproduction – for example the fertilization in vitro - give place to pregnancies of more than one embryo.

If in your family there are twins, you have major probabilities of having them. Ésto only happens in case of the fraternal twins, that is to say, of the born from several different ova. Also the possibilities increase for the women of African American origin and they diminish significantly for the Asiatics.

If to have one is a pleasure, imagine so many people.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Delicate cradle with form of flower

delicate cradles with form of flor1 Delicate cradle with form of flower

In EntrePadres we have seen a big cradles quantity for babies, between them the most luxurious cradles, convertible cradles and hanging cradles. But I do not remember so delicate and feminine anyone like which we show you today, that also it does homanaje to the nature.

Purple talks each other of a beautiful cradle for girls designed by Anubhooti Asthana inspired by an orchid. The form of this cunita recreates the petal dorsa of the such flower as if it was rippling for the wind.

And what would come to be the bell of the flower can stretch so that it covers the baby of the cold while he is sleeping. But the design is not the only thing that he emphasizes to this cradle. Also, it has the whole aspect of being very comfortable.

As they say in Gizmodiva, it is the ideal cradle so that the girl feels Pulgarcita and the Beautiful Sleeping one at the same time.

Pregnancy calculator per weeks

pregnancy Calculator sucks echo per weeks

If something reveals us when we are pregnant it is to know how there is our baby, who will do again inside our paunch, if it hears, if it sees, if it yawns. All the information for that we look on the development of the fetus, will bring us over more to our son.

To see how it is growing, first we must find out how many weeks our pregnancy has. You can consult a pregnancy calculator per weeks. You must put there the date of your last period and he will say to you all the weeks and days you go on the day of today.

There are many of these calculator s in Internet, but the best are undoubtedly, those that they include information about the development of the fetus. The first weeks will only speak to you about feet and hands that are appearing, but you will get excited equally. After 4 months, when the general structure of the fetus is finished, they will begin to tell you his new skills.

Some calendars come accompanied from images that illustrate the current aspect of your baby to you. They calculate also the weight and the measurements brought near for this week in particular.

The ultrasounds or ultrasound scans are even more exciting. Of a puntito that beats, it will grow so much that you will see touching him the nose, extracting the language, to stretch and to be wound inside you. When he is born, you will see it doing the same movements.

It is an important knowledge in which week we are for the prenatal control panel. The growth of the baby is so rapid, that the examinations must be done in the stated week, not earlier nor later. The health of the fetus and your health are essential in these 9 months.

He remembers that the doctors begin to count the weeks of pregnancy from the last menstruation, because it is a date that most of the women know, but the conception of your baby was two weeks later. Therefore, of these 40 weeks, the two first ones: you were not pregnant!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Twins pregnancy

Twins I Embarrass of twins

Does a duo come? What I defy! Happiness, nappies and absence of sleep for double entry. The dads who wait for twins also receive the advices double that other dads … And yes, to bring to the world two children simultaneously is not rare, nor the common thing.

When we speak about twins or twins, a distinction fits. The twins, called technically dicigóticos or not identical twins, are conceived from the fertilization of two different ova. This is the most common case, they can look alike greatly but how any other pair of brothers, and they can be male and girl.

The identical twins - called monocigóticos or univitelinos - are gestated from only one fertilized ovum that splits early and generates two fetuses growing in the same bag. These twins share all his genetic information, that's why they are exactly equal even in the fingerprints.

The experts indicate that the symptoms in a multiple pregnancy are more intense than in a pregnancy of only one fetus. The most common are the increase of rapid weight, the size of the womb biggest than the correspondent for the gestacional age and appearance of early fetal movements, also the weariness, the morning sickness and the retention of liquids can be extreme.

The fetal development of the twins has his peculiarities. Notice as a twins pregnancy develops in images. Of course your doctor continues your pregnancy more closely and the control panel is more frequent than if you were pregnant of only one baby.

Generally the twins childbearings tend to be premature babies, that's why in the last trimester the visits to your gynecologist probably are weekly.

Also there is of supreme importance the position in which they are. If the two are head below they can be born for natural childbearing, but if they present before themselves otherwise your doctor will have to decide if a Cesarean section does you.

If you are with doubts and fears, it is logical, any future mom has them and with more reason if he waits two babies simultaneously. How to look for help is always the best option, he thinks that the best advices of course can come from parents who have happened for the same experience.

Between the resources that Internet drinks to us you can find forums where to write yourself with other twins parents and this way to look for support.

Cradle inspired by a flower

I believe that in the world there is no thing more tender than a new-born baby, but if it is inside this cradle I believe that it must still be more tender.

This cradle was designed by Anubhooti Asthana and the concept inspires in an orchid purple and apparently it is so comfortable as beautiful.

cun Cradle inspired by a flower The baby can sleep comfortably and the top part can stretch or gather in accordance with the needs of the parents.

The cradle represents the interior part of the flower, in which the insects stop to rest.

The truth is that this cradle looks like an exit of a fairy tale: would not you like that your baby was sleeping in her?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Method Ogino Knaus

couple Method Ogino Knaus

There are many contraceptive methods between which to choose, you will see which it is the one that more adapts himself to your way of life and to your relation of couple.

If you have a stable couple and need only a method that avoids the pregnancy, it knows this skill incluída inside the natural methods of familiar planning.

The method Ogino-Knaus, also acquaintance like the method of the rhythm or of the calendar, was conceived in 1924 by the Japanese gynecologist Kyusaku Ogino. In 1928 the medical Austrian Hermann Knaus perfected it. It owes his name to them.

And of what does this method consist? It consists of determining the fertile days in the cycle of the woman, so much to avoid to have a pregnancy as to look for it.

By means of a few simple calculations based on the menstrual period of the woman, these doctors determined the fertile and unfertile days.

It is believed that for a woman whose menstrual cycle is of between 25 and 32 days:

  • it is unfertile the first 7 days of his cycle
  • it is fertile between the 8th and 20th
  • the 21st is unfertile again

It is necessary to control the cycle six mese s continued to observe his regularity. It is necessary to clarify that only it serves in case of the women who have regular cycles.

It is considered that if it is used correctly, it has a status of effectiveness near to 80 %, although some specialists do not recommend it because it is based on the previous cycles of the woman and does not consider the normal changes that can happen every month. They suggest that the method of the ovulation or that of the temperature they are better like natural control of the birthrate.

At the time of choosing a contraceptive method it is necessary to bear in mind also the costs, if there are taking medicines that they could to affect and also her f acilidad of use.

The important thing is to find along with our couple a comfortable and effective way of choosing when we want to bring a son to our life, to wait for it with the best health and happiness.

Simple tips to calm the crying of the baby (II)

simple tips to calm the crying of the baby II Simple tips to calm the crying of the baby (II)

The constant crying and uproar of the baby is one of the big fears of the parents. And the worst thing there is the frustration that invades them when it seems that more attempts do to calm the child, less they achieve it.

As we said to you in the first delivery, the important thing is to be supported under control and with the sufficient calmness as for, newly there, to calm the child. After all, nobody is born knowing how to be parents and you must take the matter with the biggest possible calmness.

Conocé more tips to calm the crying of the baby.

To rock in a chair with the baby in arms or to rock it gently in a swing can help to calm it. The movement distracts them and does that they forget the crying.

Take the ropita from him. It is possible that your baby cries because he feels uncomfortable with the clothes or suffers some inconvenience in his skin how, for example, those caused by the very exact nappies. Be useful and do soft massages to him so that it remains asleep.

It bathes to your baby. The heat and water help to relax and if you want you can apply lavender oil in your bath to achieve a special aroma.

Wrap it with a mantita. After a relaxing bath, wrap it in a warm and soft mantita. This sensation of heat and protection is similar to the one that the baby feels in the womb.

I contact skin with skin. Your baby supports in your breast or in the abdomen. This nearby contact will offer to him safety to the child and mother and son presses the tie hard.

Bring the pacifier over. Many babies find consolation in the sucking of his pacifier or thumb. Leave it and you will see that it calms down to the moment.

It reduces the external stimulation. If you have continued all the steps and your child has not calmed down yet, perhaps the problem is in another place. It extinguishes the lights of your house, reduces the volume of the television or the music center and bundle that in your hearth I reigned the calmness, since the tense ambiences and with a lot of noise they disturb the babies.

Go for a walk in car. A brief walk in car will calm your baby more than you think. With the vibrations and the sounds they will be kept silent up to the most persistent crying.

Go for a walk outdoors. If you are not convinced by the idea of going out in motorcar, choose for a pretty walk with the pram for the park. The fresh air will be right both in the child and in his mom.

Control yourself
. Since we have said to you, before trying to calm the baby, they are the parents those who must be calm. Take a few minutes to calm down and if it is necessary call also some relative or the babysitter.

All the drawings of the children in only one I fit

all the drawings of the children in only one I square image All the drawings of the children in only one fit

One of the puzzles preferred by the boys is the drawing. We all when we were children have gone on one evening lit to the pencils of colors and scoreboards drawing all kinds of forms and figures along with the books to color.

But as the boys grow every time there are more the infantile works of art that will accumulate for your house. Have you already no place to keep them? So, then, you must know a big alternative to decorate the walls of his room: a picture with the drawings of your children in miniature.

Not only it will help to support the order in the office of the children but, also, it is an excellent way of filing these memories and of leaving them openly forever. And if you wish it, inside the same picture, group and arrange the different drawings in accordance with the moment in which the children have done them, of way of noticing the evolution of his works.

A very good idea also for the mothers who like the decoration.

all the drawings of the children in only one I square 1 All the drawings of the children in only one fit

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Portfolio for mother and daughter, at the same time

portfolio for mother and daughter at the same time image Portfolio for mother and daughter, at the same time

There are mothers who cannot become alienated from his daughters. They need to be next to you, dependent on what they do and stop doing so that nothing bad could happen to them. And, for another side, also there are the girls who need the safety that offers to him the closeness of his moms.

For mothers and inseparable daughters the fact is that there came the accessory that we present today. It is a question of a common and current portfolio of red color with two handles, with the difference that one finds at a height of the mother and other one very much further down so that the girl could take it.

portfolio for mother and daughter at the same time 2 Portfolio for mother and daughter, at the same time

portfolio for mother and daughter at the same time Portfolio for mother and daughter, at the same time

Dolls or the wallet? Toys or the keys of the motorcar? I do not know who will have the priority at the time of deciding what keep in the portfolio, if the mother or the daughter …

Anyway, the idea of this accessory that will join mothers and daughters is to share.

Simple tips to calm the crying of the baby (I)

simple tips to calm the crying of a baby Sencillos tips to calm the crying of the baby (I)

There must be nothing so stressful for the parents to listen to his baby crying inconsolably. And I imagine the desperation that they will feel when they do not find ways of calming it.

Often the crying of a baby owes to simple reasons. This way, you will know that to calm them in these situations is not so complicated as it seems.

It knows what are the reasons for which the babies cry and it applies the following simple tips to calm it to the moment.

Support the calmness. Do not despair if you feel that the baby weeps for a lot of time. The worst thing that you can do is estresarte, since the baby will recognize this sensation.

It checks the nappy. A wet or dirty nappy is a reason for which a baby can complain, even if you have changed them recently. Check the nappy and if you find it dirty, change it into the clean one.

He verifies his temperature. Another cause of the crying can be due to the fact that it has fever. He feels the nape or the forehead of the baby to see if it is warm and then it measures his temperature. If this one overcomes them 37th C the fact is that the child is feverish, by what you must call the doctor.

Feed it. Most of the babies crying when they are hungry. Offer him the breast or bring the feeding-bottle over to calm it.

Calm the gases to him. If the baby begins to cry after having eaten, possibly he is suffering from gases. It gives soft slaps in his back so that it could liberate them.

Distract it. Bring over a toy or slightly graceful bundle, like a dirty trick. To the moment he will forget why it was crying.

It curl up. Perhaps the baby is very small as to understand the meaning of the feelings and the love of his parents, but it does not mean that it them does not sit. Support it next to you, say to him how much you want and give him kisses and hugs.

He sings and dances. The voice of mom or dad singing softly while they move slowly with the baby in arms, they will do that the child perceives a sensation of calmness that will help to calm it even, even, to remain eaten.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The second pregnancy

mom hijo1 The second pregnancy
You are already an expert mom. You do not have the fantastic fears of the first pregnancy, where quite there were questions. You do not doubt if you will realize the signs of an imminent childbearing. You already know that you will sleep uncomfortable, that you will have the abundant hair and with sheen or that you will not be able to put on your shoes.

Now you will see, also, that every pregnancy is different. Clear that also there affects the age and the difference between each one, but up to the mothers who had his followed children they remember the different experiences in every gestation.

Perhaps, the most important difference is than in your first pregnancy: you did not have another son!

Well, depending on the age that it has, your son or elder daughter will react of different way. The biggest can understand better what it is happening, and even can take the assistants' role when the baby is born. The smallest can do retrogressions, but everything will return to the normality in a time.

You can make use of the second pregnancy he has time and to prepare it for what is going to come. It is wonderful to tell them, as they pass the weeks, as it was their pregnancy. “When it had you in the paunch and the doctor said to me that you were a male …”, “when you were inside mine, you were moving as if you were dancing”: “are we going to make him musical to the paunch, as it was doing when you were inside?”

If the pregnancy comes well, it is possible to make it take part in the ultrasounds or ultrasound scans, for example. I do not forget when I listened to the beats of my sister … and it was some time ago! With the same idea I made to inform my daughter of the growth of his brother, he did not want to be missing to any ultrasound scan.

This way, he will be able to know that he or she came from the same way and with the same love. He will not prevent from feeling that a small intruder steals his mom from him, but of course your patience will help him to adapt itself to the new reality.

Tips for a future mom with excess weight

excess weight Tips for a future mom with excess weight Yesterday we saw that to begin a pregnancy with excess weight is not the best thing, but you must not also get alarmed for having some kilos of more, of course you must have in looking after and avoiding to raise more weight of the necessary one.

I leave some councils of to you so that you have a healthy pregnancy:

• To avoid to be hungry it takes small meals with snacks between them and do not forget to have breakfast, a good breakfast avoids the excesses during the day.
• He looks for healthy ways of satisfying the whims that you have between meals
• It satisfies your famine with healthy meals that they do not fatten, the vegetables must not be missing since they have few calories and are very healthy.
• Stay active during your pregnancy, consult with your doctor so that he recommends to you a plan of suitable exercise.
• A way of knowing what you eat and because it is to note down, if to the length of the day you realize that you eat when you are bored search activities to avoid to get bored.
• Certain drinks like the sodas, the stiff juices of fruit or all those drinks that have sugar have many calories, it tries to replace them with lighter others like:

- Made vegetables fruit drinks at home
- It waters down with ice, with a track of orange and a few sheets of mint - fresh Lemon soda without sugar
- Natural juice without sweetening
- A soda done with sparkling mineral water and juice
- The refreshments without sugar (light) also are a good option, consultation that you can consume artificial sweetener.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excess weight in pregnant women

I weigh Excess weight in pregnant women When a woman is pregnant it is inevitable the fact that his body will change and increase of weight, some women increase the normal and different thing a little more, but when the pregnancy is begun with excess weight the history is different.

A woman who has excess weight should increase between 7 and 11,5 kg in whole, to a rhythm from 1 to 1,5 kg per week, and if it is obese should not increase any more than 7 kilos in the whole pregnancy. Obviously this depends on every woman and the best thing to be calmer is to consult your gynecologist.

A woman has excess weight if your index of corporal mass, before remaining a pregnant woman, was between 25 and 29,9, this index is the relation between the height and the weight and it is doing a division, you must divide your weight by the height to the square, that is to say if you weigh 70 kilos and measure 1,68 you will have to do the following account: 60÷1,68×1,68 (60 divided 1,68 ²) the result is 21, therefore your weight would be normal.

The excess weight of the mother increases the possibilities that complications take place during the pregnancy like the preeclampsia and the diabetes of the pregnancy.

To be on diet during the pregnancy is not an alternative, but what if it can do is to try to feed you on the best possible form.

Tomorrow I will give them some advices that insurance they will allow to them not to commit excesses that could turn out to be harmful to the baby or to your health.

4 simple advices for hard-working mothers

You accompany the children to have lunch but you come late to the office. Or on the first of the smallest it falls ill and you are covered with work. If this was small, there is meeting of parents in the school and you cannot help because you have a business dinner that you cannot cancel …

Situations as that I have just described you they remain in the life of a busy mother. Even more, if you have several children and feel that the schedules do not reach you to be all the time that you would like with them.

To help you to find the calmness and not to feel guilty for your absence in the mom's roll, we present the following simple advices to you.

He shares the responsibilities along with the father

As well as nowadays most of the women work, the parents also assumed an important roll in the upbringing of the children. Do not leave quite the responsibilities for alone you, and bundle that the father of the children you of a hand with the matters of the smallest. Split the tasks and arrange schedules so that the boys do not lack at all.

Flexibiliza your schedules

If you feel very stressed, speak with your chief and ask him for some alternative for flexibilizar your schedule: it reduces the hours quantity or work four days instead of five, especially if you have small children. Obviously, your salary will turn out to be limited, but it is worth while to achieve the balance between the children and your career. Of any way, do work, since it is a way of clearing your mind and of reducing the stress.

It finds your perspective

If in this moment you are in your office possibly you want to come to house to see in what your children walk but, although you do not believe it, the mothers who in this moment are in his hearth would like working again. To be already a mother of for himself is a hard work, but if you focus on yourself in what you do and why you do it (be already to work or to be at home, it depends on the case) you will live with less fault.

Less stress for the children

This is good news for the mothers who work. It has been demonstrated that most of the children who spend more time in the nursery school that in his house they do not present any damage for the maternal absence. Also, the children prefer to have to his calm parents out of house that desperate and stressed inside her.

For it, instead of worrying about being more hours at home, he makes use to the maximum of the time that you have to be with the children.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Original rucksack to draw

original rucksack to draw Original rucksack to draw

All the small children like to do and to draw, but more he likes when they do it undercover in the walls of his house, which remain covered of spot and scrawl throughout. And if instead of doing it in the walls, they do it in his rucksack?

The Notebag is a simple school bag that is provided with the originality of being simultaneously a slate so that the smallest enjoy creating works of art in her. There they can draw with chalk or scoreboards, which then are cleaned easily with a cloth piece.

The novel thing is that, also, you can add a covering of transparent plastic so that the drawings of you should sin do not resign accidentally. And a big idea is that the parents also use this rucksack - slate …

There you will be able to leave notes that you wish your child to remember when it should be in the school, as for example, that does not forget to bring his overcoat or the salver of the lunch. Really, an original idea that entretenerá to the children that they like the art.

You flute in the pregnancy

Estrías joins paunch in the pregnancy

You mark of excellent mother, the stretch marks in the pregnancy worry us earlier, during and later. They are less the women who can affirm that the pregnancy did not leave traces, because to the majority we have had left any mark.

The stretch marks take place when the skin stretches quickly, what sometimes generates itch or itch. He will amaze it to us flexible that can be our skin. But when the normal production of collagen (a protein that makes the conjunctive textile of the skin) falters due to the sudden growth, these scars appear.

Generally they are of reddish - purple color at first, then they happen to a pearly white person. A light subsidence is typical in the skin and a texture different from the normal skin.

In addition to the abdomen, they can appear in the breasts, in the low part of the back, on the bone of the hip, in the thighs and glúteos. Certainly, everything depends on the skin of the woman, there are more fragile skins and others not so much. Also the way affects of sedentary, the feeding, the water quantity that we take and the quantity of pregnancies. Perhaps in the first one few ones go out for us and in the following one more.

Although there is nothing that could prepare them, some women make sure that certain creams or oils have helped them. Between the care during the pregnancy, to prepare the stretch marks there is advised oil of almonds, creams with cocoa butter, creams with suppressed collagen high place and elastina.

Beyond the miraculous creams, it is necessary to remember that the stretch marks are scars. Perhaps there is some product that attenuates them a little, but for the time being, there is no cream that erases them. If they bother you too much, you can consult with a dermatologist. The medical treatments like surgery, dermoabrasión or laser they can improve the aspect of the skin.

But, there stays the consolation that an aunt was saying: there are the drawings that my three kids have given me.

It dances to the rhythm of Mickey Mouse

it dances to mickey's rhythm mouse Dances to the rhythm of Mickey Mouse

There came the toy that will detach us of the couch and will make to dance to big and small. And it is not an any toy but a new version of the plush of Mickey Mouse, the most famous adorable mouse of the world.

The Dance Star Mickey Mouse was presented in the Fair of the Toy of New York 2010 and she caused a real revolution due to his originality and grace. The fact is that the doll really moves very well and even has danced along with the American presenter Donny Osmond.

More that as to a toy, Mickey ballet dancer will be seen like a real personage by the smallest since it moves almost with the same naturalness of a person. The graceful thing is that it dances in time of six musical styles between them the soul, disc and techno and it even does the step moonwalk that singer Michael Jackson popularized.

Dance Star Mickey Mouse is a plush that measures approximately two feet high and works to batteries. If you it want to see in action bundle clic here.

The children cannot lose it!

it dances to mickey's rhythm mouse 2 Dances to the rhythm of Mickey Mouse

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The feeding of the mother can avoid allergies in the baby

food The feeding of the mother can avoid allergies in the baby To take care of your feeding during the pregnancy is very important so that so much you like the baby they are healthy, also according to a new investigation realized in Japan to eat big quantity of fruits and vegetables reduces the possibility of having a baby with certain allergies.

To prevent your baby from having eczema in the skin it is advisable to consume green and yellow, citric vegetables and vegetables and fruits rich in beta caroteno (generally those of red and orange color). On the other hand the food rich in vitamin E diminishes the risk of having a son with respiratory problems.

To realize the study the investigators evaluated 763 women and the early appearance of eczema or sibilancias allergic in his children.

Apparently the women who ate the biggest quantity of green and yellow, citric vegetables or with beta caroteno during the pregnancy they were less inclined to have a baby with eczema.

And the high vitamin consumption E in the pregnancy was associated with a reduction of the possibility of having a baby with sibilancias.

A new test of the importance of the feeding, and you: how do you take care of your baby?

To calculate the days of ovulation

Women 2 to Calculate the days of ovulation
So much to look for a pregnancy as to avoid it, is of supreme utility to know which your fertile days are. It is a simple calculation, but to have certainties it is necessary that your menstrual cycles are regular.

The women we are fertile when we ovulate. Once per month every woman liberates an ovum prompt to be fertilized. If this ovum is not fertilized, to 14 days it will eliminate it together with remains of blood and textile: this is neither more nor less than the menstruation.

Although any women realize when they ovulate, the majority does not have the most minimal idea. There are certain indications that allow us to calculate the days of ovulation, like the flow or small abdominal inconveniences, up to changes of humor, but there are no very clear signs.

What you can do to know with accuracy when you will ovulate is, first of all, to continue for some months your cycles. Note down them in a calendar for major safety, although you rely on your memory one day be able to do the difference.

Now the question is: how to calculate the days of ovulation? Well, the calculation is this one: you must remain 14 days to the date of your next menstruation to calculate your ovulation. If you menstruate every 28 days, it is a very easy calculation, they are 14 days old earlier or after the first day of your rule.

If your cycles are different, you have longer or shorter periods, must pay attention. For example, in a cycle of 30 days you must calculate that day will fall down your next rule and then you deduct 14 days.

Why to count backwards? So because invariably, to 14 days of ovulating the menstruation takes place. The first part of the cycle, before the ovulation this is what changes woman to woman and determines the short or long of the cycle.

Generally if they do not overcome 35 days, the cycles are considered to be normal. If they go on from 35 a specialist is necessary to consult. Sometimes there are anatomical or hormonal problems.

More or less days it is not the important thing, but what is key in this calculation that these periods are constant. If one month your period was 23 days and to the following one of 28, it is almost impossible to predict your future ovulation with this method.

For that there exist some tests of ovulation similar to the test of pregnancy that can assure you if you are in your fertile days or not.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Infantile rooms with Winnie the Pooh

room winnie the pooh 2 infantile Rooms with Winnie the Pooh

There is no child who does not know to this so friendly and tender toy bear that lives his joined honey tarrón. I speak about Winnie the Pooh to you, one of the personages of Disney more wanted by the children.

If you know some small fanatic of this bear, you must not allow seeing the decorations of infantile rooms inspired by Winnie the Pooh. These settings you can see them in Kidsomania, where you will find all the furniture and accessories for children with the carita of this nice yellow toy bear and his friend, the pink puerquito Piglet.

room winnie the pooh 3 infantile Rooms with Winnie the Pooh

room winnie the pooh 4 infantile Rooms with Winnie the Pooh

Winnie invades everything. Cradles in the most varied designs and styles, closets, closets, curtains, armchairs, lamps and even carpets move to Winnie's world the Pooh and his friends to us, in that the green colors reign apple, orange and yellow.

rooms winnie the pooh 7 infantile Rooms with Winnie the Pooh

rooms winnie the pooh 6 infantile Rooms with Winnie the Pooh

The furniture has been created in Italy and demonstrates very good quality. Really, a decoration that all the children and girls will love.

room winnie the pooh 1 infantile Rooms with Winnie the Pooh

The Spanish moms are …

madre1 The Spanish moms are … The times change and the life rhythms also, every epoch has his style, and the mothers are not foreign to the changes. To be a mother in the XXIst century is not the same that it to have been the XXth.

The signature Chicco realized in Spain of the first Country report on the Infancy and the Maternity in which there is analyzed the profile of the mothers of the XXIst century.

Apparently the current mothers keep on choosing for ‘the parejita’ at the time of planning the family, up to 73 per cent of the interviewed women he aspires to have two children, in contrast to a few years ago when the children quantity was top.

The age in which the women choose to be mothers for the first time also changed, at present, the access to the maternity it is more and more late, being located the middle age over 30 years.

Almost half of the women who are mothers between the 39 and 45 years, younger sons of 10 have, and 20 % of them, minors of 5, largely due to the second unions or marriages, more and more frequent, that propitiate the existence of small children at advanced ages.

The care of the baby keeps on being a task essentially feminine, but the role of the men is growing, 44 per cent affirm to share tasks to equal parts, especially the related ones to the most playful character, that is to say: to play, to do caresses to him, to take him in arms, to change nappies, to take him of walk, to attend to him when it cries, between others.

How to communicate to the family that you are pregnant

 How to communicate to the family that you are pregnant

A pregnancy changes the life to him to any woman. Be a wished baby or an unexpected pregnancy, there will be one earlier and one later in the life of the mother-to-be.

That's why, to communicate to your dear beings that you are in the sweet waiting always turns out to be a big event, since the arrival of a new member also will change the life of the whole family. But, skylight, sometimes to communicate the news about a pregnancy can be complicated, especially in the cases in which it has not been looked and you do not meet stable couple.

What must you do when there comes the moment to communicate it to the family? Obviously, when we speak about maternity there are neither recipes nor formulae that indicate you what you have to do: you will do yourself what you create suitably and of the form that you consider depending on your situation. Anyhow, we leave to you some advices that you can bear in mind at the time of facing this moment.

First, he thinks how you believe that they will react. That will depend if you are too young, too much major or if it has been a pregnancy looked for time.

If it is a pregnancy for that they were not waiting, prepare yourself to listen to yourself to his answers.

It gives the news along with your husband and opposite to the whole gathered family. Organize a lunch in family and tell all the innovation.

If you live far, try to communicate with your beings wanted across the phone or videochat and not for mail or messages mobile route. Such an important news you must communicate it achieving a more nearby and intimate contact. It calls first your parents and brothers, and then it continues with the rest of the family.

With the time, you will not need to say anything any more. The paunch will count the history herself.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frequent complications of the pregnancy

paunch hands ringed frequent Complications of the pregnancy

You are pregnant. And although you know that everything is fine, always there appears the fear of that something complicates. You know that there exists the possibility that complications arise during the pregnancy, because the nature presents these challenges. The good thing is it remains calm that is doing everything to himself so that our son grows well.

To speak about the possible complications must not be a tool to be scared, but to admit as soon as possible if there is a problem and, consequently, to act quickly.

Here some of the complications will see in the pregnancy the most common that happen in the future moms.

  • anemia: it is when the quantity or the size of the red globules is minor to the normal thing. Generally it is corrected by the iron ingestion.
  • incompetent neck of the womb: the neck cannot retain to the fetus and is opened. It happens generally after the week 16. It is possible to do a uterine cerclaje to retain to the fetus.
  • illness of the Rh: it happens only when the mother has blood factor negative Rh and the father is positive Rh. It is serious for the baby, generally in the second pregnancy, but there exists a vaccine (Gamma Hyperimmune Globulin Anti D) that prepares this problem.
  • previous afterbirth: the afterbirth remains situated covering the neck of the womb. It is common up to 20 weeks, but if Indian Cesarean section is not corrected. In the most complicated cases it presents hemorrhage dangerous for the baby and his mom if it does not talk each other immediately.
  • diabetes gestacional: it is a type of diabetes that happens during the pregnancy. It is necessary to detect it by means of a glycemia between the weeks 24 and 28 to be able to control it.
  • preenclampsia or hypertension: it happens in hypertense women or in the normotensas it can be provoked by the pregnancy. It needs strict control, because it is dangerous for the two. Sometimes it is provoked by problems of thyroid gland.
  • premature break of bag: when you break waters before the week 32. That would unleash the childbearing, as it is early so that the baby is born they usually treat you to help it to and avoid infections mature.
  • thyroid illnesses: hipertiroidismo and hipotiroidismo, they need to be diagnosed because they generate other complications. Do not forget to warn him your doctor if you suffer any of them.
  • afterbirth detachment: it takes as a symptom a very intense pain and hardening of the womb. Associated with the preenclampsia, it is an internal hemorrhage that is detaching the afterbirth. In serious cases it needs an urgent Cesarean section to save the baby.

Now when you have an idea of what is what you must bear in mind: to look after and to enjoy!

Barbie with new profession: Computer engineer

new profession for barbie engineer in computer Barbie with new profession: Computer engineer

Not long ago he was mentioning to you about Barbie that there brings a camera and breeding animal of videos incorporated in his back. Now you must know a new version of the famous doll, as modern as the one that I mentioned previously: Barbie engineer in computer science.

Of all the professions that Barbie has had, this age one of that it was necessary to him to expire. That's why, thousands of fanatics voted in a contest organized by Mattel across the web by a Barbie dedicated to the matters of the computers. This new version of the beautiful doll was announced last week in the Fair of the Toy of New York.

On having talked each other of a career in which nowadays it produces the prejudice of the boy with glasses sat behind the computer and with difficulties to socialize, Mattel claims that Barbie graduated in computer science is a good way of breaking with this stereotype and that the girls cheer up to this profession.

new profession for barbie engineer in computer science 2 Barbie with new profession: Computer engineer

Also, since it is a vocation preferably carried out by men, the doll demonstrates that the women can devote themselves to her without losing the femininity. For it techno - girl comes with makeup, a tail of horse that supports his fair-haired long hair and all the accessories of one in the pink color that so much characterizes it.

Barbie graduated in computer science will be free next winter.

Depression puerperal

Truth On Cinema isn't known for the "serious" films that Hollywood produces and that's something I'd like to change. I don't just love comic book movies or big blockbusters or even romantic comedies, there are times when a good "thinking man's film" is just what I need. With that in mind, I am proud to bring you the international trailer for 20th Century Fox's upcoming Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

I have never seen the original film starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen that opened in 1987 (I was only 7 years old and money to me was as valuable as Monopoly money), so I can't tell you that what I have seen from the trailer will be a successful sequel, but I can tell you that I am excited about this film. I love me a good money-themed espionage thriller. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think of the sequel. I am going to be counting on my Truth On Cinema readers to help me out with this one.

What do you think? Did you ever see the original? Do you think it'll be a worthy sequel?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I embarrass the 40

I embarrass the 40 Embarrass the 40

Did the youngest child of the family appear when less they were waiting for it? Some time ago that you wanted to be a mother and finally did it happen? Did you programme it for this age for professional or personal motives? Be as it is, welcome to the club of the pregnant women to the 40.

The doctors call to the pregnancy the 40 late pregnancy. For the medicine, biologically speaking, the best age of the woman to conceive is between the 20 and 30 years.

Although the pregnancy to the 40 is not a problems synonymous one, it means that it has his peculiarities. It is a situation that, like any other one, it offers advantages and disadvantages.

Between the favorable aspects there is indicated the ripeness of the woman or of the couple, his economic safety, the fact of having a career and an established employment that favors the return to the work.

Between the disadvantages, they are especially recounted to the biological thing. Some risks increase, but that does not mean that all the moms who are embarrassed at this age have problems. In fact, the majority has a healthy pregnancy and a son.

Mother and Child 40 Embarrassed the 40

First of all, the fertility diminishes from 30 years, what means that it is probable that more time is taken in remaining a pregnant woman or that be necessary to resort to the medical help.

Secondly, it is necessary to think that, in contrast to the men, the ova are so old as we. That implies a major risk of:

  • congenital illnesses, like the syndrome of Down. At the age of 25, the probability is 1 in 1250, a forties it comes to 1 in 100. It is very important in these cases to realize the early tests of detection of congenital defects.
  • miscarriages. This it has direct bearing on the chromosomal anomalies.

In the third place, the pregnant women older than 40 years have more probabilities of facing complications during the pregnancy.

Finally, also there increase to the double the possibilities of having a Cesarean section, compared with a pregnancy at the age of 20.

It is key, of that time, to have a prenatal control and to consume every day acid fólico and multivitamins, as well as to have a good feeding and a healthy weight. The health of the baby depends on the fierceness that the mom is.