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Fertility periods in the woman

almanac fertility Periods in the woman

A curious fact: the women we are born with four hundred thousand ova, which after the puberty we will be liberating in every cycle of 28 days. In contrast to the men who produce new sperms during the whole life, our ova fulfill years together with us. When we are thirty years old, they also have thirty, hence the importance in the age of the woman who is going to conceive.

These cycles of 28 days – with some changes according to the woman - regulate all our activity, our physical yield and up to psychological. And the key days are those that we ovulate: there are the days of fertility, in which there is a mature ovum ready to be fertilized by the sperm of a man. How do we know cúales there are these days?

There exist several ways of knowing if we are in a fertility period. In principle, the ovulation takes place on the 14th before the bled next one and your fertility period spreads from the 12th 16. For that reason, the doctors indicate those who want to conceive that they have relations between the 7th and 20th of the feminine menstrual cycle.

It can sound confused, but a fertility calculator does the simple task to you, if you are a woman with the regular cycles. But, you can help yourself with these other methods to determine the fertility period:

Cervical snot: during the fertile days the vaginal flow changes texture, becomes more slippery, being alike the egg white. This provides a propitious ambience for the trip of the sperms to the meeting with the ovum.

Corporal basal temperature: it is the temperature of our body at the moment of waking up us, a rest of eight hours. After ovulating, the corporal temperature rises and it is supported in this level during the whole cycle ovulatorio. At the end of the cycle it descends again.

These two methods of identification of the period of fertility are used like natural methods of contraception, which generally are not advised for demanding a big planning and care.

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