Saturday, February 13, 2010

An automatic cradles swing

cradles swing An automatic cradles swing

It is true that there are inventions for everything. To facilitate the task of the parents also they have been invented and he keeps on thinking about how to invent more and more objects that solve problems, which reduce the tasks and simplify the arduous task of being a mom.

The case that I bring to them today is a clear example of it. It is a question of a swing of prams and cradles. If you are thinking that might be a good idea to have something like that, you even more are going to wish it when you know that it is a question only of a simple and small pipe.

His name is Lolaloo and is a device that adheres to the car or to the rail of the cradle by means of Velcro thongs and by means of his movements it rocks the child. Every mother knows how important this movement is so that the child calms down and sleeps. Now the mother will be able to use his hands with other ends, since his child will be rocked only.

The Lolaloo works to rechargeable batteries, and it is possible to assign different types of speeds to him to rock. His load lasts between 2 and 4 hours. He can buy it to some 129€ in his official place. For a pity it still has not gone out of Germany, but of course prompt the same design goes so far as to help parents of other countries of the world.

swing of cunas4 An automatic cradles swing swing of cunas2 An automatic cradles swing swing of cunas5 An automatic cradles swing

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