Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teaching the children on the human body

The human body Teaching the children on the human body

To explain to the children how the human body is, what his parts and organs are and why each of them serves, it is a complex task.

No father received any course to know how to teach him to his children of the best way, topics with vocabularies and complex explanations. To simplify this task, and to serve as support to inexperienced parents, writer Pascale Hedelin has published a book that will help the children older than 4 years to understand how the human body works and how it consists.

The book titles “The human body” and really more advisable given his interactive presentation that facilitates the explanatory task and also the attention of the smallest attracts.

The illustrations belong to Robert Barboni, and by means of tongues and revers the children will be able to interact with the book, while the parents expand the knowledge of the book.

The book you are provided with several sections, studying in depth every stage and part of the human body. He starts by explaining what is the fetus inside the pancita of his mom, then he reports the moment in which the mom gives birth to the baby in the hospital.

Next he begins to explain the functions of the muscles and the bones, to then center on the heart, the blood and the whole circulatory system. The respiratory system follows him, studying in depth the function of the lungs. It is continued by the digestive tract, and the trip that realizes what we consume.

Then it centers on the brain and the thoughts, tells the function of five senses, but it concentrates on the mouth and the caries. Finally it deepens topics as the skin, the illnesses and the form in which the human body defends itself from them.

At the end of the book there are games, to be able to relate the knowledge and revise the learned.

A book that in addition to reporting, he thinks about how to make to understand the children of the need to take care of the body and how can it fall ill if one does not take care of it.

It is possible to find it in bookstores or in web sites for his buy to a few 23€ approximately.

The body humano2 Teaching the children on the human body

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