Sunday, February 14, 2010

An infantile furniture was never so entertaining

furniture facebox an infantile furniture was never so entertaining

How many times have we thought that the cars have “expensive“? How many times have we discovered diverse forms in the clouds? Carlos Tíscar discovered them also in the furniture. He did not want that they had life only in his imagination and proposed to take them to the practice.

It was as well as it created Facebox (Boxes with faces), a shop of infantile furniture described by his creator as “a family of small furniture that in addition to very useful will accompany you on his nice presence”. The fact is that each of them for his colors and disposition of buttons and handles create nice faces that seemed to smile, shout or express diverse emotions.

It gives life to your furniture and that your child amuses himself and finds in them a company.

I discovered them in DecoPeques and did not want to allow sharing them with you. The fact is that to my way of seeing it is a question of an idea as simple as brilliant, that does the difference in infantile furniture. Nothing complex, not searched, but 100 % cash.

This is a new project of the company BM, which used of the designer Carlos Tíscar to create a new collection of furniture of sale online. The most interesting thing the words of the designer are, at the time of there explains the porqué of these entertaining designs. He has always thought that the cajoneras with wheels were a personages' species. In his imagination him anyojan like small robots. One day decided to try to humanize these containers and the result was the family Facebox. Furniture that in addition to being useful, serve as company.

You can do with one of them following this linkage. To choose the size and color that you wish or one does to you personalized. 

furniture facebox2 an infantile furniture was never so entertaining furniture facebox3 an infantile furniture was never so entertaining

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