Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the symptoms of the childbearing are

A childbearing in way is something too clear like so that one continues for the life and suddenly it meets his baby between the legs. Very well, since to happen has happened, but it is something very rare. Anyhow, the best thing is to calm the anxiety knowing what the symptoms of the childbearing are, what we will have time to act calmly.

Generally a word collaborates: pain. This is the only one of the signs, and at first it is only how a colic of those that we feel when we are badly of the stomach.

Initially, it appears in the low part of the abdomen, under the bellybutton. It is a pain that comes and goes. Then it becomes more intense and the low part of the back begins to hurt also, as if it was a lumbago. The pain is generated by the contractions that are preparing your womb for the expulsion of the baby. If you touch yourself the paunch in this moment, you will feel how it hardens.

It is important to control the duration of the contractions, his regularity and his permanence. It is not necessary to go out running with the purse scarcely we feel a retwist, but neither to allow to be. Your course of prechildbearing or your doctor will indicate you when exactly you must leave for the institution or call your matron or midwife.

Another symptom is the loss of mucous stopper. Although it can happen up to two weeks earlier, when it comes the moment of the childbearing can that you meet a bloody snot, a species of red jelly. That indicates that the neck of your womb is opened. If it is a liquid blood that runs, urgent flame to your doctor.

Finally, although sometimes it turns out to be first, it is the preferred one by all the movies and soap operas: the membrane break, called also r omper source or bag. It is a sudden loss of liquid for the vagina, which wets the bed or the clothes. It is of clear color, with a smell similar to the semen. If it was red or greenish, it calls immediately your doctor.

He remembers that we are considering a pregnancy to term, that is to say with more than 37 weeks and a mature baby, ready for his birth. If they present some of these symptoms to themselves before the week 37, it calls immediately your doctor.

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