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Types of childbearing that exist

Newborn baby Tipos of childbearing that they exist

It seemed that there is ingenious only one of coming to this world, but not. The medicine, for centuries, there has been in charge of developing set of instruments and procedures to help to the nature when a childbearing is complicated.

If everything comes well for natural routes, a baby is born for spontaneous vaginal childbearing. The baby is born across the vagina, without medical interventions. The position for the childbearing can be put to bed (the most common in the institutions), sat, in squatting, of knees, stop … there are several options.

When does a doctor decide to use instruments to assist a natural childbearing? If the mom has been bidding for the long time and is exhausted or the baby is almost out but his beats descend, the doctor can use a cupping glass or a forceps to help the baby to go out.

The vaginal childbearing assisted with cupping glass, it happens when there puts itself an instrument of aspiration, flexible and rounded, adherent at the head of the baby. This device helps to spend his cuerpito for the childbearing channel, while the mom bids the doctor pulls gently the cupping glass.

A haematoma can stay in the cabecita of the baby, who will disappear a weeks. In the mom tears can take place, but in minor measurement than with the forceps.

In case of the vaginal childbearing assisted with forceps, the doctor uses an instrument similar to a fork with the ends in the shape of spoon. It introduces them across the vagina and takes the baby, usually of the cabecita. It extracts it gently from the childbearing channel, finishing this way a difficult childbearing.

Also haematomas or blisters can stay in the baby, but the risk of major complications is quite low. As for the mom, the tears are quite common.

Finally, the Cesarean section or abdominal childbearing is. It is a surgical procedure designed for when the baby cannot go out for the vagina or runs risks if it does it. It is a question of an incision in the abdomen, where they will extract the baby. General anesthesia is used, according to the case, or epidural.

Although they can seem a little impressive, let's bear in mind that these skills are used when it is necessary, when the baby or the mother run life risk.

Here you have two interactive tutors to understand how a natural childbearing and a Cesarean section happens. They are very instructive, take a few minutes to look at them.

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