Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 simple advices for hard-working mothers

You accompany the children to have lunch but you come late to the office. Or on the first of the smallest it falls ill and you are covered with work. If this was small, there is meeting of parents in the school and you cannot help because you have a business dinner that you cannot cancel …

Situations as that I have just described you they remain in the life of a busy mother. Even more, if you have several children and feel that the schedules do not reach you to be all the time that you would like with them.

To help you to find the calmness and not to feel guilty for your absence in the mom's roll, we present the following simple advices to you.

He shares the responsibilities along with the father

As well as nowadays most of the women work, the parents also assumed an important roll in the upbringing of the children. Do not leave quite the responsibilities for alone you, and bundle that the father of the children you of a hand with the matters of the smallest. Split the tasks and arrange schedules so that the boys do not lack at all.

Flexibiliza your schedules

If you feel very stressed, speak with your chief and ask him for some alternative for flexibilizar your schedule: it reduces the hours quantity or work four days instead of five, especially if you have small children. Obviously, your salary will turn out to be limited, but it is worth while to achieve the balance between the children and your career. Of any way, do work, since it is a way of clearing your mind and of reducing the stress.

It finds your perspective

If in this moment you are in your office possibly you want to come to house to see in what your children walk but, although you do not believe it, the mothers who in this moment are in his hearth would like working again. To be already a mother of for himself is a hard work, but if you focus on yourself in what you do and why you do it (be already to work or to be at home, it depends on the case) you will live with less fault.

Less stress for the children

This is good news for the mothers who work. It has been demonstrated that most of the children who spend more time in the nursery school that in his house they do not present any damage for the maternal absence. Also, the children prefer to have to his calm parents out of house that desperate and stressed inside her.

For it, instead of worrying about being more hours at home, he makes use to the maximum of the time that you have to be with the children.

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