Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Multiple pregnancies

Triplets Embarazos multiple

Nowadays, when a woman is pregnant of several babies, he finds out in the first weeks. Imagine the surprise of our grandmothers when, on having given birth, neither one, nor two was coming, but three or more babies …

Fortunately the possibilities of sobrevida of so many babies it has increased with the advance of the science. The early diagnoses and the treatments that can be offered nowadays to babies who generally are born premature, were unimaginable two generations behind.

The medicine names multiple pregnancy to the gestations that two or more babies include. In case of two fetuses, they can grow from the same fertilized ovum that splits (twins monocigóticos) or of several fertilized ova (dicigóticos).

In case of three babies or more, so much they can be conceived from several ova, of the only one that it splits into three or more, as a combination of both things. What means this? Since that, for example, in case of triplets two little brothers can be identical and another seemed one like any other brother, or three different ones, or three identical ones.

According to the information, the multiple gestations come in ascent for two reasons. The first one is that the women wait more to have his children. It is verified that the possibilities of having more than one baby increase from 30 years. The second one is the use of the skills of fertility. Both the use of medicines and skills of assisted reproduction – for example the fertilization in vitro - give place to pregnancies of more than one embryo.

If in your family there are twins, you have major probabilities of having them. Ésto only happens in case of the fraternal twins, that is to say, of the born from several different ova. Also the possibilities increase for the women of African American origin and they diminish significantly for the Asiatics.

If to have one is a pleasure, imagine so many people.

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