Monday, March 15, 2010

Twins pregnancy

Twins I Embarrass of twins

Does a duo come? What I defy! Happiness, nappies and absence of sleep for double entry. The dads who wait for twins also receive the advices double that other dads … And yes, to bring to the world two children simultaneously is not rare, nor the common thing.

When we speak about twins or twins, a distinction fits. The twins, called technically dicigóticos or not identical twins, are conceived from the fertilization of two different ova. This is the most common case, they can look alike greatly but how any other pair of brothers, and they can be male and girl.

The identical twins - called monocigóticos or univitelinos - are gestated from only one fertilized ovum that splits early and generates two fetuses growing in the same bag. These twins share all his genetic information, that's why they are exactly equal even in the fingerprints.

The experts indicate that the symptoms in a multiple pregnancy are more intense than in a pregnancy of only one fetus. The most common are the increase of rapid weight, the size of the womb biggest than the correspondent for the gestacional age and appearance of early fetal movements, also the weariness, the morning sickness and the retention of liquids can be extreme.

The fetal development of the twins has his peculiarities. Notice as a twins pregnancy develops in images. Of course your doctor continues your pregnancy more closely and the control panel is more frequent than if you were pregnant of only one baby.

Generally the twins childbearings tend to be premature babies, that's why in the last trimester the visits to your gynecologist probably are weekly.

Also there is of supreme importance the position in which they are. If the two are head below they can be born for natural childbearing, but if they present before themselves otherwise your doctor will have to decide if a Cesarean section does you.

If you are with doubts and fears, it is logical, any future mom has them and with more reason if he waits two babies simultaneously. How to look for help is always the best option, he thinks that the best advices of course can come from parents who have happened for the same experience.

Between the resources that Internet drinks to us you can find forums where to write yourself with other twins parents and this way to look for support.

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