Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cerclaje of the pregnancy

woman getting ultrasound Cerclaje of the pregnancy

For most of the women the fact of having a son does not present any complication. They remain pregnant women without problem, have his son in time and healthily. Regrettably, some women do not have this privilege and face painful losses before being able to turn into mothers.

To be able to help these women the medicine continuously he studies, investigates and uses the available technology in the moment, creating methods and skills that allow to take a pregnancy to term.

This way there has been created the skill of the cerclaje of the pregnancy, an intervention minor that closes the high part of the neck of the womb with a special suture to avoid his dilation and power like that to retain to the fetus in the maternal womb the necessary time.

Approximately in the week 37 the suture comes out and the neck remains free to initiate the dilation when the childbearing work begins.

The cerclaje can be done by vaginal route or by an abdominal incision, with anesthesia epidural or general.

This skill offers to them a hope to those who have lost pregnancies or had premature childbearings immediately after an ailment known as cervical insufficiency, also called incompetent neck of the womb or ítsmico-cervical incompetence.

In these women the abortions recur almost always in the second trimester, many begin without contractions and later the membrane break appears. 25 % of the miscarriages produced after the week 16 (the fourth month of pregnancy) is provoked by this anomaly.

The illness provokes that the neck is opened and one slims before time. The neck must be opened when the pregnancy comes to term to allow the exit of the baby, who happens for the neck of the womb and goes out for the vagina.

Some specialists think that in the congenital cases, the women who suffer this cervical insufficiency have the shortest neck of the womb of the normal thing. When it is not a problem of birth, the shortcoming could be provoked by a traumatic childbearing, the use of forceps, the surgical dilation before a scrape or raspaje.

After the cerclaje gradual increase of the activity indicates itself rest with one, although limited. The state of the neck owes monitorear, if changes take place generally strict rest is recommended. It works in 85 to 90 % of the cases.

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