Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tips to return to your weight after the childbearing

mom Tips to return to your weight after the childbearing At present one of the things that worry the future moms is that of recovering his appearance after giving birth, although for some women it is a little that he has not greatly sense, for others it is very important to be seen again well after the increase of weight that a son means to have.

After giving birth to the body he needs to recover, therefore it is not advisable to begin a diet of slimming of one day for other, according to it is advisable to wait up to the postnatal control of the sixth week, and if you are nursing waiting approximately approximately two months.

To begin a diet too soon can affect the milk production and cause a major weariness to you because it is in this moment of your life when you need a lot of energy to be able to attend to your baby.

Without doing any type of diet, and more if you are nursing, you will begin to lose weight naturally.

The physical activity also is very important, a healthy diet combined with regular physical activity is the best way of putting yourself in form and of without putting on weight again. To have physical activity is much more important that to take a strict diet.

A good idea you to begin to take care is to choose healthy food that are low in fat and high places in fibre, such as fruits (for example apples, oranges and strawberries) and raw vegetables (for example carrots, edible tuber or Mexican turnip and strips of colored peppers).

It is important to keep you hydrated, but careful, the juices, refreshments and the coffee with cream and sugar have many calories, therefore it is better to avoid them.

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