Friday, March 5, 2010

Tips to take pictures during the pregnancy

tips to take pictures during the pregnancy Tips to take pictures during the pregnancy

The pregnancy is one of the happiest stages in the life of a woman. Although it does not have his baby in his arms yet, it longs to meet the child who goes in his belly and, along with the future dad, they tell the days that are missing for his arrival.

As well as all the parents enjoy of taking theirs pictures to his children when they are small, also he is useful to photograph you when you are in the sweet waiting. There will re-live through the photos the best memories of this so dreamed stage.

So that you enjoy the photos during the pregnancy, I present the following ideas to you. Do that it turns in the only moment for you and the whole family.

The ideal moment to photograph your pregnancy is two months before giving birth. You already will have a paunch to this height enough crecidita that you cannot allow capturing in an image.

A good lighting. If you are outdoors, avoid the direct exhibition to the solar light. According to Kristin Rachelle, a professional photographer of San Diego, the best moment to photograph you is one hour before the evening, because the light turns out to be really magic. If you are inside your house, bundle you change attempts trying with the artificial lights, which sometimes can play in against.

Dress comfortably. It is not a question of a photos meeting for a fashionable magazine, of that time do not worry too much for the clothes that you wear. The idea is to represent this pretty stage of your life. It uses what more you like and of course: do not hide your paunch!

It photographs the whole family. The pregnant woman are it is you who but all the members of your family are part of this moment and are so anxious as you for the arrival of the new member. He takes pictures along with your husband and of other children of the house. The photos in family are indelible memories.

Photograph outdoors. The nature is the best stage for any image. He makes use of your garden and captures several photos outdoors and surrounded with flowers.

A confidence photographer chooses. Not necessary you must hire a professional, it can be someone of your family. But he tries that it is a question of a person in whom you trust and opened to listen to your ideas.

It captures so much black and white images as to color. Do not remain only with the images to color. It plays with the tricks that the photo offers us and tries also with the black and white snapshots, which remain very pretty.

Once you have the photos in your hands, assemble the whole family and show them to all.

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