Friday, March 19, 2010

Exercises during the pregnancy

Yoga pregnant women Ejercicios during the pregnancy

Your body is sobreexigido. You have one more liter of blood, have put on weight, as it advances the pregnancy it finds it hard to you to move more. Probably what less you want is of exercising, but he keeps on reading and you will see like a routine of simple exercises during the pregnancy it can get better more than one inconvenience.

If your pregnancy comes in healthy conditions and you do not have the physical activity contra-indicated, there are many options. You can do exercise in your house or with an instructor in the gymnasium, but he remembers whenever there have to be a gymnastics indicated for pregnant women.

For proper experience, the yoga practice is very beneficial. His slow and soft but powerful exercises, they help to stretch the muscles, correct the position and relieve punctual pains. You have to do it with an instructor who dictates courses directed especially for pregnant women, because there are positions that are not advisable in the gestation. If you cheer up, you will see the marvels that you can do with a foot although you load with this enormous abdomen.

It looks at this example:

Puncture here to see the video

The walks outdoors do not need of any preparation and: they are free!. You can ask your couple to accompany you on having returned from the work, having gone for a walk with a friend, or simply the earphones put themselves with your favorite music and to go out to cover your city.

The swimming, the dance and the stationary bicycle (to avoid falls and accidents) are other ways of it exercising that are indicated during the pregnancy. Of course, report it with your doctor, and before any pain, sickness or faint interrupts the activity and consults immediately.

The key of the physical activity during the pregnancy is in the steadfastness and moderation. If the sport is part of your life and your pregnancy is developing normally, there are no motives it for stopping practising. Of l0 opposite, bear in mind that it is not a moment to improvise, do not demand from yourself to do a sport if it is what you were accustoming.

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